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A truly hardened criminal

A pharmacist from Wayland, MA is in a bit of a jam. He's facing charges that he stole Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, other drugs, condoms, lubricants, magazines and other merchandise from the Brooks Pharmacy where he used to work. And this was no impulse theft -- over time, he pocketed about $49,000 worth of stuff.

He's blaming a "mental breakdown" after the dissolution of his marriage, and is facing serious jail time. But I bet he had a hell of a good time for a while there...

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No, it's just sad. <... (Below threshold)

No, it's just sad.

When it comes to theft, the rule of thumbis that you have to either steal so little that you won't be noticed ... or steal so much that it's worth going to jail for.

Fifty grand in merchandise over the period of a year doesn't quite qualify as "worth going to jail for."


"A truly hardened crimi... (Below threshold)

"A truly hardened criminal"

Dude! That's so wrong! I'm still chuckling.

Yeah, but will it stand up ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but will it stand up in court?

The cops were lucky to catc... (Below threshold)

The cops were lucky to catch him -- he could have been one slippery customer.

Hmmm...(shaking head). I ju... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...(shaking head). I just cannot fathom the depths of this guy's "Stupitude".

I guess now, he'll be doin' "Hard Time" for his crime?!?!?!

And to think that only yest... (Below threshold)

And to think that only yesterday MY pharmacy gave me $0.21 too much and I gave it back. I guess it was, ahem, ~the drugs~.


And if he's convicted, he'l... (Below threshold)

And if he's convicted, he'll probably get a *stiff* sentence.

Ye gods. The puns! THE PU... (Below threshold)

Ye gods. The puns! THE PUNS!

*keels over*

Can't resist...I'm... (Below threshold)

Can't resist...

I'm sure the Criminal Justice system will "rise to the occasion" and punish him accordingly.

It sounds like he had some ... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

It sounds like he had some hard times!...Now he will have to serve some hard time... What are the odds?

maybe he'll beat the wrap</... (Below threshold)

maybe he'll beat the wrap







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