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Oh, the humanity...

This morning I read the tragic tale of a woman in Canada, about to be tossed from the place she has called home for 12 years and forced to fend for herself. What's worse, she's going out to face numerous people who have threatened her life, and the government isn't offering her any protection whatsoever.

And her only crime? 15 years ago, she helped her then-husband kidnap, rape, and murder two teenage girls. She also helped him kill her own 15-year-old sister after they raped her, too.

At the time, she claimed she only cooperated with her husband out of fear for her own life. She testified against him in return for a lesser sentence. Then, later, some videotapes surfaced where it became clear that she had been a quite-willing participant. Prosecutors tried to get her sentence set aside in light of this new evidence, but her lawyers said "a deal's a deal," and got a judge to agree.

So today Karla Homolka is being released from prison. Her lawyers don't want journalists to discuss where she goes, what she does, or anything. To them, she's served her debt to society, and she should be a free woman.

I'm absolutely no fan of vigilante justice, but sometimes I wonder if it's better than no justice at all. And while I would prefer to see her punished by the government, I wouldn't be terribly upset if something bad were to happen to her.

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I got the itch to make a tr... (Below threshold)

I got the itch to make a trip to Montreal all of the sudden

Shotgun!... (Below threshold)


The established media is fe... (Below threshold)

The established media is feeling the heat more each day. Did you notice this in the story?

She faces numerous threats against her life, "mostly from Internet bloggers."

We're such a sordid lot, are we not? (Chuckle)

"I don't support vigilante ... (Below threshold)

"I don't support vigilante justice but I would support vigilante justice in this case."

"I don't support torture but I do in the case of terrorists."

Your unwavering faith in and allegiance to your principles is truly inspiring.

O.K., frameone, YOU offer h... (Below threshold)

O.K., frameone, YOU offer her a stay on your sofa. And your comfy chairs, if you have them, to Al Quaeda. Hopefully, you'll survive to share the dee-tales with us afterward.

When you join a society you... (Below threshold)

When you join a society you give up vigilante justice in the promise that the government will 'protect and serve'. When the government no longer can or will protect and serve you have a RIGHT to resort to vigilante justice. Justice abhors a vacuum.

Allow me to enact Miss Dais... (Below threshold)

Allow me to enact Miss Daisy here:

To frameone --> "Is this YOUR (blog)? Do you pay for the (webhosting and other site management necessities)?"

I can understand not respecting a host of a website but why continue to comment/even read it if it's so unacceptable? I can't stand KOS and DU but I don't read them, and the last place I'd be commenting would be either or both.

So, if Wizbang is so reprehensible to your view, why the insistent presence here? I mean, if you like reading and using the site, at least respect the hosts of the place.

"When you join a society yo... (Below threshold)
Josh Davenport:

"When you join a society you give up vigilante justice in the promise that the government will 'protect and serve'. When the government no longer can or will protect and serve you have a RIGHT to resort to vigilante justice. Justice abhors a vacuum.

Posted by: Tim McFall at July 4, 2005 03:46 PM"

I would change RIGHT to DUTY, but would argue that we are not there yet.

frameoneIsn't ther... (Below threshold)


Isn't there a Giant Puppet somewhere waiting for you to animate it in a Bu$Hitler and Zionists Must be Eliminated parade somewhere?

I think one of the Autopsy ... (Below threshold)

I think one of the Autopsy shows on HBO highlighted this case. The wife was very pretty, and the tapes showed her role playing as her dead sister, while her husband filmed it. Extremely disturbing, and I hope she is genuinely terrified, instead of faking it. What her and her husband did to those girls was vile. I wish I remembered which Autopsy showed this.

It really seems that the le... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

It really seems that the legal system protects criminals instead of the victims ...

Whoa ...For a seco... (Below threshold)

Whoa ...

For a second there I thought Liberal Larry was guest posting.

'Time wounds all heels' Jay Tea.

She'll get hers.

In time.

Not unless someone steps up... (Below threshold)

Not unless someone steps up to the plate. There are plenty of guilty folks out there whooping it up. But vigilante justice is not necessary. Nor blog justice, as her case is notorious enough it will follow her around and some wacko will undobtedly
"step up to the plate." It might be fun to have her locked in a room with BTK fellow for a few days... ...be interesting to see if either survived.

-S-, re: frameone,... (Below threshold)

-S-, re: frameone,

Can you say troll?

nuf' said.

Geez, I found <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Geez, I found article on Karla, with this choice quote:

""People are always going to interpret what I do as bad. They'll pick out one bad thing from a sea of good and I'll be judged on that"


Oh, Canaduh!... (Below threshold)

Oh, Canaduh!

When you join a society ... (Below threshold)

When you join a society you give up vigilante justice in the promise that the government will 'protect and serve'. When the government no longer can or will protect and serve you have a RIGHT to resort to vigilante justice. Justice abhors a vacuum.

Warren v District of Colombia, and other cases, one from the latest session. SCOTUS has ruled repeatedly that government protection is not an individual right. QED.

Frameone,Please, d... (Below threshold)


Please, do us all a favor and yank your head out of your ass long enough to re-read what Jay Tea wrote.

First off, this particular post has nothing to do with terrorism/torture/Gitmo/the war in Iraq. If you want to argue about these issues, find an appropriate post.

Secondly, Jay did not say "I don't support vigilante justice but I would support vigilante justice in this case." He is merely questioning where the right/wrong line is and which side of the line this case falls on. He is "wondering", not "recommending" or "attempting". Get it straight or go home.

Lastly, why do you even bother spilling your mental bile here? Everything you say is merely vapid arguements against anything the writers at Wizbang say. I'm sure you'd fit in much better at the Kos or DU. I can understand respectful disagreement upon occasion, but you take it way over the top. I'm almost inclined to believe you are so desperate for attention that you pour energy into this in the hopes that somebody will notice you.

'3-time Canadian child kill... (Below threshold)

'3-time Canadian child killer, rapist to be free after 12 years' so she got about 2-3 years per crime?

'"She is paralyzed with fear, completely panicked," '

Her victims are paralyzed with rigor mortis.

'In return for her relatively light sentence'

relatively as compared to lethal injection which she should have received.

All Canadians should be hap... (Below threshold)

All Canadians should be happy that "enlightened" Canada is not like evil "Amerikkka" where ol' Karla would have died in prison. Either through old age or from "riding the lightning".

As long as she stays north of 49 it is no concern of mine.

Actually, her sister's deat... (Below threshold)

Actually, her sister's death appears to have been an accident--she died from the effects of the drugs they gave her in preparation for the rape. The other murders were on purpose, though.

I've actually argued that Karla is a true female serial killer, and there aren't many.

Nahanni, your faith in U.S. justice is touching, but let's not forget O.J. (just for starters).

It may have been an acciden... (Below threshold)

It may have been an accident, but her sister is just as dead as if she had done it on purpose.

Attila, Fatman: it was no a... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Attila, Fatman: it was no accident. It may have been unintentional, but there was no "accident." An accident is "I tripped and knocked over the ladder she was standing on." They intended to do her great harm; it was their own ineptitude that led to the girl's death. There was NOTHING "accidental" about it.

The law recognizes the distinction, and calls it "felony murder" to differentiate it from negligent homicide.







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