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It almost makes me wish I wasn't born an American...

...so I could have done this.

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That's our Jay Tea - King o... (Below threshold)

That's our Jay Tea - King of the Provocative Title :)

But you're right, often naturalized citizens are strongly patriotic because it was a hard-earned, self-determined choice.

There is nothing I hate mor... (Below threshold)

There is nothing I hate more than the birth-right American who feels no need to support or defend this country.

As an American, there is a ... (Below threshold)

As an American, there is a way to participate. My father's Navy retirement ceremony was done onboard the Constitution. (after 20 years as a Navy officer). And on top of that, they gave him a flag that had been flown on her. (You wonder what they do with the flags aboard the USS Constitution, now you know).

I don't know about anyone e... (Below threshold)

I don't know about anyone else but I sang aloud our national anthem in my kitchen while cooking supper on July 4th. Born here, as were my ancestors way back to the first decade of the sixteenth century -- at least known to me.






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