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Left-Wing Death Cult

On today's Carnival of Classiness, commenter Hoodlumman from File It Under blog asked how much flame mail I get at WILLisms.com.

Answer: I typically get one truly vile hate mail per week, with occasional hate fests following a particularly controversial or widely-read post.

Below are some examples of the gems I get from time to time. Typically I would include IP and email addresses for the comments, but since I am only a guest here at Wizbang, I won't do that. If you want to read a sampling of the most recent flurry (WARNING: some excessive language), click on "There's More! Read The Rest Of The Story" down at the bottom of the post.

In the meantime, behold, Denmark's anti-Bush brain trust:


The caption for this next one was particularly interesting:

The demonstrators, some shouting 'Death to Bush, death to imperialism" ...

Death to Bush?

Outrageous, right?

But not all that shocking, given the intellectual poverty of the far-left around the world, including right here in the United States.

Then, of course, there were the protests in Scotland:


Is it just me, or does this guy look like a toddler throwing a tantrum? And, moreover, whom do these people think they are going to convince? These folks know they have lost the battle of ideas, so they resort to throwing trash cans, burning American flags, and sending anonymous hate messages to bloggers.

Will Franklin battles back the angry leftist hordes at WILLisms.com.

Left-wing frustration with their futility in the world is getting more angry, more violent, and more out-of-touch with reality.

Here are some hate messages I received recently:

06/29/05 02:59 PM

I can almost see you now. Bowtie, khaki pants, short, greasy hair and all the frustration in the world from never getting laid.

You're a pussy.

06/29/05 03:54 PM

Cowardly, chickenhawk, pussy. The fact is, I'm a lawyer who makes more money than you'll ever see, intellectually and academically I've gone further than you'll ever go, and I have a life that extends beyond a pathetic blog. You're a cowardly pussy whose trying to cover up for the FACT that you're scared to meet me.

The truth is, you'd be lucky to meet me, or at least your wife would.

06/29/05 04:26 PM

You're a scared little pussy who hides behind anything you can. I'm sure you've been doing it your whole life. Your only comfort is convincing yourself you're better than everyone else.

The reality is, you're a pussy ass nerd. I've seen it a million times. You find refuge in the caustic and bitter rhetoric of the right. The truth is, if you fell off the face of the earth tomorrow no one would know.

I've wasted enough time on you. You're my bitch and the best part is, you know it.

06/29/05 04:40 PM

Pussy ass nerd

Go play some video games with your ugly wife.

06/29/05 05:46 PM

You're so pathetic. Go play some video games, nerd. You bore me.

06/29/05 06:07 PM

Go back to your blog pussy ass loser.

Just pray that you never meet me, if so your wife won't be able to recognize you.

These were just a few. There were several more in the same vein over a two day period. So, yeah, Hoodlumman, those are the kinds of hate comments I occasionally receive.


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Comments (21)

Are those all from the same... (Below threshold)

Are those all from the same individual? The similar language is striking. The 'Herd of Independent Thinkers' indeed.


99.99% sure they are from t... (Below threshold)

99.99% sure they are from the same individual. Very strange.

It must be nice to get hate... (Below threshold)

It must be nice to get hate mail, lol.

Not that I'm jealous or anything.

I've NEVER gotten hate mail... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I've NEVER gotten hate mail.

Hate comments, hate trackbacks, but never hate mail.

I feel so left out...


Hatemail can be fun, althou... (Below threshold)

Hatemail can be fun, although my blogging has yet to generate the level of antipathy that Will's has, apparently.


What's with all of the cat ... (Below threshold)

What's with all of the cat references? In truth, I'll bet Will is a dog person... er, likes dogs... er, has a dog but likes cats too. Nevermind.

As the saying goes, you kno... (Below threshold)

As the saying goes, you know you've found the target when they start shooting back.

I am much more of a dog per... (Below threshold)

I am much more of a dog person, no offense to cats.

Will is definately a DOG pe... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Will is definately a DOG person! He has a beautiful Golden Retriever! ... He acts like he is allergic to Cats...
I can't believe what a dip thong that idiot"Danny" is? He is definately cyberstalker material! Yikes... Between the Iranian agents and that Danny guy it is just down right creepy! I wrote Hoodlumman at FIU a Hate mail! ... Only because he had never had it before! I just love the File it under guys! I love Jay Tea at Wizbang and WILLisms.com of course! Who doesn't?...except for Danny (the dip thong)

Actually, (and totally off ... (Below threshold)

Actually, (and totally off topic) I love cats myself. They taste delicious. (ESPECIALLY stuffed and roasted)

Incidentally, right around ... (Below threshold)

Incidentally, right around the time I got all those hate mails, I had just posted some dissenting thoughts on some left-wing blogs...

That explains it, Will.... (Below threshold)

That explains it, Will.

Also, I like the idea of a high-powered lawyer who has plenty of time not only to surf the Internet reading blogs, but also to write multiple hate emails in response to comments he doesn't like. The lawyers I know barely have time for their own families.

I'm far more fond of dogs, ... (Below threshold)

I'm far more fond of dogs, also (while I don't dislike cats, however, I dislike boxes of cat shii'te in a house, any house, and find a certain obsession by mostly human females about cats and those boxes to be very offputting, and, I'm allergic to cats' fur and saliva such that to my view, all things considered, the best cats are the out-of-door kind), but I don't think that cats/felines are this guy's problem.

I think what's offensive to the guy (and I agree that the hatemail stream seems appears to have been uttered by the same author, at least, if not the same person, some sort of "hate mail circle" who issue form-hate-mail), what's offensive to the hatemailer is the feminine.

I mean, he's obviously got some obsession there. And about which he's not very fond, to put it mildly.

I think a lot of this hate and protest thing is based in that, anyway. I'm being intentionally non specific, and it has nothing -- nothing at all -- to do with the masculine. Just that some humans are quite disdaining about the feminine and I think it's the motivation behind most of the most aggressive behavior by the Left. And that includes some who are female, just saying, ranting that someone is "a pussy" is a pretty good giveaway that their fondness is elsewhere.

I get hatemail. And when I allow it, hate commenting on my site (and about my site), but mostly, I am finding it to be not worthy of much remark. I realize it helps to vent, just saying, the hate throws tantrums because, at the heart of it, I think that people like that are aware that no one respects what they're promoting. So, they throw tantrums, call people names, write gossipy nastiness, all that.

Look for the silver lining...pay attention to the good people and good mail you get and, um, keep a list of the IPAs of those who aren't, is my motto.

Seriously, have you conside... (Below threshold)

Seriously, have you considered complaining to his/her/its ISP, or done so? You might also file a complaint with the police (either in your jurisdiction or his/her/its, if you can figure out where this psychotic lives), though I don't know how much good that will do. You'd probably need a more specific threat for them to take action.

In the meantime, take two Great Danes, a 12 gauge pump shotgun and a .357 Magnum and call me in the morning.

And no, I'm not joking this time.

Back when e-mail addresses ... (Below threshold)

Back when e-mail addresses showed in the comments here I got several threats because of comments I made. One person ( I'm using the term loosely, stretching it to the breaking point point) threatened to kill me. I've never been one to rely on government to take care of me, unlike all those nanny-staters, I paid him a visit. He was standing in a puddle of piss about three seconds after I told him who i was. I didn't threaten, harm, or even say boo to him, I just asked why he thought it was necessary to threaten to kill me. If you ask me what most of them need to be stopped from threatening people in such a cowardly fashion I'd have to answer, "Depends, on the individual". He also needed to have his welcome mat drycleaned, but I doubt if he did it.

Okay. I want to meet the a... (Below threshold)

Okay. I want to meet the attorney.

Any place...any time.

Oh. To whip an attorney's ass again.

I will whip his ass too!...... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I will whip his ass too!... I am not very tuff! BUT I know some people who could!... Heck! ... Will could whip his ass! ... What a big sissy guy...

Why do blogs who receive su... (Below threshold)

Why do blogs who receive such hate mail (Malkin, WILLisms, etc.) not reveal the sender?

I'm sorry, but anyone who sends mail wishing you violence or a dalliance with your spouse has no right or entitlement to privacy.

Put the guy's e-mail address, the name and the IP address on your blog for any potential future employer to see. Would you want a lawyer who becomes that unhinged to represent you? I think his clients, present and potential, are entitled to know.

Would you want a lawyer ... (Below threshold)

Would you want a lawyer who becomes that unhinged to represent you?

That guy's a lawyer like I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Boy these people look like ... (Below threshold)
TJ Jackson:

Boy these people look like they all have been recently released from Happy Dales. I'd say they're in such a wondserful mood because the postie didn't deliver their welfare checks.

That guy's a lawyer like... (Below threshold)

That guy's a lawyer like I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In fact, I'm betting his idea of "filing briefs" is to reorganize his underwear drawer.






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