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O'Donnell Has Three Questions For Rove

That's all well and good, but I've got one question for Mr. O'Donnell:

Aside from the fact that Rove was interviewed by Matt Cooper for his article and thus could have been the source of the leak, do you have any evidence that unequivocally points to Rove as the leaker of Plame identity?

What's that? No?

Yeah, didn't think so. I guess that renders his "three questions" sort of...moot.

Seriously though, go read O'Donnell's post. He begins every post on this subject by pointing us all to the fact that he "broke the story" and then goes on to tell us how Rove's lawyer has been scrambling to put out the fire "started on Friday."

For a guy dealing in unsubstantiated rumors he sure is full of himself.

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.


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Comments (13)

So, since O'Donnell doesn't... (Below threshold)

So, since O'Donnell doesn't have anything to substantiate the rumor that Rove leaked Plame's name, but does know for a fact that he talked to Time, questions about whether Rove is being investigated or is merely a witness are irrelevant? How so?

After Enron I couldn't prove that Ken Lay knew everything that went on, but I sure was curious if he was being investigated, indicted, etc. Were those questions moot?

Btw you're right, O'Donnell sure is full of himself.

I figure O'Donnell is tryin... (Below threshold)

I figure O'Donnell is trying to test the media waters again. Having disappeared from the political scene (been muted?) after his "Swift Boat Vet" meltdown during the '04 Presdential, I've not seen hide-nor-hair of him. Perhaps enough time has transpired and the political heat been toned down so that he feels comfortable getting back into the kitchen. This (Rove hunting) is his new recipe for success.

May his souffle taste of sour grapes.

Beyond my previous post RE:... (Below threshold)

Beyond my previous post RE: breadman

Everyone needs a chance to decompress: People of the WRIGHT...sorry. We f-up just like everyone else. You need to assure yourself that everyone makes mistakes, sometimes even JC.

Seriously...getting on that cross was such a bad move.

Back to republican mortality...ouch...please stop the pain.

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight, because Rove COULD have leaked Plame's identity but his lawyer uses very slippery language to allude to the possibility that he didn't do it "knowingly", O'Donnell has no right to press the matter as a journalist himself? Are we also supposed to ask Fitzgerald to stop his investigation and leave poor Karl Rove alone?

Imagine that. Lunchbox Larr... (Below threshold)

Imagine that. Lunchbox Larry breaks another big story. I remember the last one he broke...that John O'Neill was a filthy LIAR!

Hope he likes being a blogger as much as I do.

Larry, when your ego sends you back here to read what others say about you, read this:

"So....how cold ARE the steps outside MSNBC's studios?"

(Larry knows that's a trick question...don't ya Larry?) [There are no steps outside MSNBC's studios.]

FYI: Trackback URL needs to be corrected for this post.


(And 3 Cheers for Bloggin' Larry!)

"So let me get this straigh... (Below threshold)
Angus Jung:

"So let me get this straight, because Rove COULD have leaked Plame's identity but his lawyer uses very slippery language to allude to the possibility that he didn't do it 'knowingly', O'Donnell has no right to press the matter as a journalist himself?"

I might see your point if he was actually "pressing the matter," instead of declaring victory because his conspiracy theory hasn't been disproven yet. (Shades of Rather's "yeah, well, prove the memos are fake!") The onus is on O'Donnell to back up his accusation. So far, for his sake I hope we're not really seeing his "A" game.

Statement from Karl Rove's ... (Below threshold)

Statement from Karl Rove's Spokesperson:

"We are aware of the allegations made by Mister Lawrence regarding Mister Rove and his role in the Valerie Plame matter. To date, we have not really figured out who Mister Lawrence is in the grand scheme of things and, frankly, don't very much care what Mister Lawrence has to say.

Though, in passing, we think 'West Wing' has gone downhill in a major way."

Don't care for O'Donnell my... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

Don't care for O'Donnell myself. Seems kinda unstable.

That said, his 3 quesions are good and there's no reason they shouldn't be asked. And if Rove's in the right, clear answers 'll go a long way to shutting up the speculation.

Gotta love a "blog" that fi... (Below threshold)

Gotta love a "blog" that filters the comment section. Tried to leave a comment after O'Donnell's post and then saw the "we read all comments" thingy. I didn't agree, so it didn't show.

Karl Rove is guilty opf tre... (Below threshold)
Paul D, Louisiana:

Karl Rove is guilty opf treason and perjury. The media must explore this story in full.

"Karl Rove is guilty opf tr... (Below threshold)

"Karl Rove is guilty opf treason and perjury"

Ah yes, based on what?

The fact that he signed a waiver to let any press members disclose anything he told them doesn't kind of, you know, clear him?

I guess not when you are too busy foaming at the mouth.

"Gotta love a 'blog' that f... (Below threshold)
Angus Jung:

"Gotta love a 'blog' that filters the comment section. Tried to leave a comment after O'Donnell's post and then saw the 'we read all comments' thingy. I didn't agree, so it didn't show."

What an outrage! That's just... Wait a minute, then how did that comment get through?

I think mesablue was talkin... (Below threshold)

I think mesablue was talking about trying to leave a comment to O'Donnell's post at Huffington's site, not here.






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