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Trackback/Comment Issues

There's an issue with hosting companies using cPanel and Movable Type that generates spurious page errors. I think that this issue is causing trackback errors here at Wizbang. I'm looking into it. as is Hosting Matters and Movable Type makers - SixApart (article).

The issue is not unique to Wizbang.

Update: The issue with trackbacks was unrelated to the cPanel/MT issue (which is Hosting Matters has implemented a workaround for), rather it was a case of a corrupt script. I'm back to vacationing, but do let me know if any comment or trackback issues arise...

Update 2: Movable Type Product Manager Jay Allen reports,

A new version of the DBD::MySQL driver has been released which the developer, Patrick Galbraith, assures us fixes the problem. He was able to reproduce it with the help of Six Apart/MT engineer Brad Choate. Thanks goes out to the both of them for their work.

For those of you using Cpanel with auto-updates, you should see the fix within the next 24 hours.

Bloggers experiencing errors should get relief soon.


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Comments (6)

IMO, if you have t... (Below threshold)

IMO, if you have to decide between digging into the track back issue, or enjoying your vacation, I hope you lean toward enjoying your vacation.

But if you find the blog stuff more interesting than your vacation, well, that's another story all together. I'll not pass judgemnt on that (geek).

Hear hear, jmaster.I... (Below threshold)

Hear hear, jmaster.
I was just going to mention how commendable it is that Kevin takes the time to inform us of these tiny, seemingly inconsequential things. I mean, come on, that's pretty cool.
"Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that we noticed a little problem over here, but we're looking into it and it ought to be corrected shortly. I know how important comments are to everybody so I just wanted to keep you all up to speed on what's happening."
Not all bloggers show a similar interest in the concerns of their readership. Don't think it goes unnoticed.

P.S. Get back to not working!!

Yeah, we've been kind of wa... (Below threshold)

Yeah, we've been kind of watching that issue, even though it bears no relation to our own blog, as an intriguing tech/product support/customer relations matter. I had decided that was probably what ailed your trackbacks, and those of random others.

Well, I am a geek myself. A... (Below threshold)

Well, I am a geek myself. And because of the associated lack of social skills, I didn’t even think to thank Kevin (or Jay) for his concern.

I understand the concern.

But because I understand, I worry …

And here I thought it was j... (Below threshold)

And here I thought it was just me. My server uses cPanel and I use MT. But I only noticed the page errors recently, like within the past week or so. Most of the time a reload will take care of it, but earlier this week I spent an hour trying to publish one single post. I finally had to divide it up into several and post them individually.

I'll be interested to know of a cure for the ailment.

Was looking at some headers... (Below threshold)

Was looking at some headers and client response logs and noticed this among the GETS:

GET http://wizbangblog.com//images/icons/trackback.gif HTTP/1.1

Surprisingly, I get a "200 OK" response to this seemingly improper request. Each page request returns more than one of these malformed headers... or at least malformed to my perception since I've never seen one of these go through my proxy before. It certainly isn't proper "headiquette" since the URL path looks munged.

Do you observe this on your end as well? Or is my proxy playing games with me... Just thought I'd drop a line for when you return from vacationing. Of course I know you won't read this until you return... so, welcome back!






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