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43 Is 59

Happy birthday Mr. President.

49 is 53. Happy birthday Mr. President

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.

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Maybe we could turn comment... (Below threshold)

Maybe we could turn comments off this post?

Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Yeah, Happy Birthday, Mr. P... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Live long and prosper. Thank you for your service to our country, and for the courage to work toward bringing peace to the world -- a huge and isolating task, indeed.

So I share my b-day with Du... (Below threshold)
mark m:

So I share my b-day with Dubya. Happy b-day G.W..

Everyting went to hell wen ... (Below threshold)

Everyting went to hell wen the usurperator Chimpy McBushitlr Corp was selekted in 2000. He lide abot his birthday he's actaully olderest than sin, he is the fallen angle Satann and he lide about my pal Sadam and Lyndy English carries his lve child and he is as dumb as a box of rox and he is the leader of the eeeeeeeevil empire and he traded Sammy Sosa he lide about WMD and used his superhynotic powers to meke UBL tralvel back in time to palm the embazy bombings becusze they knowed he was coming to set up the slave laybor camps that we al have to live in now and my cat diyd becuzse he put mercary in the shark fint that was mixed in the twuna and somebody wrote a memo about it that is being covvered up and I read an aricl that said he killed more people in Irlaq than Sadam because Shadzam didn't kill anybuddy and he and his fadfher are leaders of the Zebrist cable channl that controls the world and he wants to ban guy marrimges becuzse he is the Talban and buckfush....take that!

wow, the height of intellig... (Below threshold)

wow, the height of intelligence

Heh. Good parody, DUNUT. ... (Below threshold)

Heh. Good parody, DUNUT. (I get that. DU NUT - Democratic Underground nut.) It's actually almost scary how accurate that is. You should post it over on Conservative Underground.

I'm surprised at how well h... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised at how well he's aging.

Most Presidents show a LOT of wear & tear after even one term.

Thanks DUNUT...i've finally... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Thanks DUNUT...i've finally come across someone who has worser spelling than I do. It makes me kind of warm and fuzzy inside knowing you are out there.


Perhaps the President's app... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the President's apparent good health is his lack of dalliances with other cigar aficionados.

Actually, he has aged a bit... (Below threshold)

Actually, he has aged a bit. Compare photos from his first and second inaugeration (spelling does not count!). You'll see a difference.

Where is Rodney Dill when y... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

Where is Rodney Dill when you need him? ... He could really help Dunut with his spelling and perhaps vocabulary?...OH! RODNEY DILL!...WHERE ARE YOU?...






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