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Don't Tread on Me

Tom Carroll of MuD and PhuD attended a rally yesterday in New London, Conn. Folks gathered in front of New London's City Hall during a council meeting to support Susette Kelo and the others who will lose their homes as a result of the Kelo decision. He's got pictures and commentary:

Ms. Kelo gave a very nice, concise speech thanking everyone for their support and restating that she and the other home/property owners are not against development, they just want to be part of it...and not have their land stolen in the process. During her speech she was visibly overcome with emotion, during which time the crowd had no problem filling the momentary void with shouts of encouragement.

Ted Whittenkraus also has photos. Susette Kelo is the one in the straw sunhat. You can read more about the families involved in this takings case, here.

On the bright side, the coalition coordinator for the Institute for Justice (they defended Kelo and the other homeowners) told me today that legislators in 14 states have introduced legislation since Kelo that would prevent the use of eminent domain for economic development. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a press release or story to that effect, but I'll post a link if I find one. Until then, here's a good place to look for eminent domain news in all the states.

Update: I was saying the other day that Kelo seems to have made more of an impact on regular Americans than most Supreme Court decisions do. A phone call Saturday from my best friend from college confirmed that for me.

Mary Katharine blogs at the Townhall C-Log, and is glad that her only significant asset cannot be taken through eminent domain. Unless, of course, a Range Rover in that parking spot could bring in more tax revenue than her Civic...


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I've been wondering what ki... (Below threshold)

I've been wondering what kind of local political ramifications this will have...

Will the bums be thrown out? Do people even care? Are the positions of those making the decisions so insignificant that they may just leave office unceremoniously regardless?






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