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Sometimes breeding shows

I've often thought that, for the most part, the Bush family is kind of a mirror image of the Kennedys. I mentioned that when the current President Bush reacted to the tsunami by recruiting his father (a former president) and his brother (a governor of a state who withstood four hurricanes last year) to lead the first American delegation to the site of the disaster, and then getting his father and Bill Clinton (his two immediate predecessors in the Oval Office) to lead the fund-raising for the disaster.

Now, the Bush twins have been a great source of amusement for most people as they repeatedly get photographed partying and doing other sorts of things healthy people of their age are wont to do. In fact, a few liberal bloggers have demanded to know why they haven't enlisted in the military and gone off to fight Daddy's war. "I guess they have more important things to do," is the sniffed followup.

Well, according to this story, in Barbara's case it just might be true...

And in a true sign of classiness, one notes from the article that the family and the White House had absolutely no comment on the story.


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Comments (12)

If this was a child of a de... (Below threshold)

If this was a child of a democrat president, you would be seeing photos on the front page of every paper across the country.

Ont the other side of the m... (Below threshold)

Ont the other side of the mirror the Kennedys leave their mother face down in the gutter, drunk. My guess is she was looking for Teddy, but I can't say for sure whether she had a snorkel or not.

Wow - and this nice article... (Below threshold)

Wow - and this nice article from the Boston Globe!

Just more proof of the <... (Below threshold)

Just more proof of the RightwingFascistMedia providing propaganda for Mr.SmirkyChimpHitlerBurton.

Good for Barbara Bush! And... (Below threshold)

Good for Barbara Bush! And for her family for respecting her -- and their -- privacy.

But like the Kennedys? I don't see the resemblance, other than one with each family surname was elected to the Presidency.

A lot of people volunteer and do very great things each and every day and they aren't in the news, either. Perhaps that's the issue, not what their family surnames are or aren't.

I enjoyed this story, thanks!

I think the opposite side o... (Below threshold)

I think the opposite side of the coin would have been more appropriate than mirror image.

It's starting to get tiring... (Below threshold)

It's starting to get tiring with the leftists trotting out the "if you support the war, why don't you go or send your kids" fallacy every other sentence.

Sometimes breeding shows li... (Below threshold)

Sometimes breeding shows lik at dog shows

bullwinkle:I agree... (Below threshold)


I agree that the Kennedys are classless scum, and left Ted's ex in the gutter, literally. But, she only married into that family, probably somewhat innocently. It's taken a terrible toll on her, including the divorce -- I mean annulment. No need to be snarky about her.

"It's starting to get tirin... (Below threshold)

"It's starting to get tiring with the leftists trotting out the "if you support the war, why don't you go or send your kids" fallacy every other sentence."

You could always counter with, 'If you oppose the war, then why don't you go or send your kids as human shields?'

That has always worked for ... (Below threshold)

That has always worked for me, Brandon.

But I am now just going to refer them to this article. http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2005/07/stop_comparing_.html

So Ted and Joan got an annu... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

So Ted and Joan got an annulment? Does that mean that their children are? ...Are?...are?...Gulp ! ! You know the "B" word???? Bastards?






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