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Breaking news: bombs set off in London

I just heard: at least six four* bombs have exploded in London, apparently on public-transportation systems. Subways and at lesat one double-decker bus were targeted. Early reports say at least two killed, almost one hundred injured.

The bombs went off during London's rush hour.

For more information:

Fox News

Sky News


* British Officials now confirm 4. (developing obviously)

Al Qeada is claiming responsibility.


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Comments (13)

The numbers we've been hear... (Below threshold)

The numbers we've been hearing are *very* low. Minimally, you can bet on four or five hundred injured, 20 to 50 dead, with a top number of a thousand injured and a hundred dead.

There were probably a dozen killed on that one double-decker bus.

There's some severe underreporting going on.

I've been monitoring the si... (Below threshold)
Matthew Sheffield:

I've been monitoring the situation on my blog since about 5:00 this morning.

I don't think it's worthwhi... (Below threshold)

I don't think it's worthwhile to focus on the number of casualties involved, but on the fact that terrorism has occured, and by whom and how.

And that it's likely it's going to happen again. Like roaches, terrorists are. We need some effective extermination.

I've been trying to follow ... (Below threshold)

I've been trying to follow this since I got to work @ 5. Nasty business. I wonder who will take responsibility, and who will see this as a wake up call.

Enuf PCIslam=Satan, ... (Below threshold)

Enuf PC
Islam=Satan, End of Story
If ur offended, find a non-violent religion

Ths incident shows exactly ... (Below threshold)

Ths incident shows exactly how terror works. No need for massive casualities. Just shut down a transportation system for a day, make people afraid to leave their homes, send the markets plummeting...
These guys will have their day in front of Allah, but not before spending some time in prison. I wonder how the Brits feel about GITMO now?
I guess it's time to cracking down on illegal immigration, profiling your neighborhoods, start kicking some doors in, you know, all those terribly politically incorrect things...
...things that tend to prevent this sort of nonsense.

I liked Katie Couric on Tod... (Below threshold)

I liked Katie Couric on Today when she asked some reporter, "Well, aren't there a lot of Americans there? They could be the target". Thanks Katie.

RE: Mark at July 7, 2005 08... (Below threshold)

RE: Mark at July 7, 2005 08:40 AM

I liked Katie Couric on Today...

Don't you know you're supposed to be watching FOXNEWS? Didn't you get the memo?

Don´t forget that Tony put ... (Below threshold)
Joe Prairies:

Don´t forget that Tony put us in this war. The blood was far away, now, we´re paying for the cheap oil that americans are using for their "way of life".

I live in Argentina, a sout... (Below threshold)
Ricardo Armocida:

I live in Argentina, a southern and peripherical country which knows in a partial way, the beauty and comfortable life of developed world. In 1992 and 1994 We suffered two awfull terrorist acts, and the first world looked in other direction. The people of Great Britain must to aks for responsability to their governants. They have to answer WHY invaded Afganistan, Irak and bombing Yugoeslavia. They (Blair, Cook, Straw, and your cousins in America) promotes the suffers in their own countries.
Violence brings violence; You have to learn to live with this or will begin to push to yours "leaders" to change their looks about the third and poor world. In last case, if you want to "support" and aid Africa (please, don´t forget Latin America and Asia), promote peace and equality development and not promote bussiness to media entreprise, covered under the face of Live 8.

BLAIR =MURDERERIf it... (Below threshold)

If it wasnt for him no attack would have happened.
HE is the terrorist

En Iran e Irak estan murien... (Below threshold)

En Iran e Irak estan muriendo gente inocente, aca tambien... es para pensar no? quienes estan haciedo el bien y quienes el mal?

Pija... (Below threshold)







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