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Sky News: Evdence of Sucide Bomber on London Bus

Sky News is reporting that a firefighter say there is evidence on the bus that exploded near Russell Square consistent with a suicide bomber.

That does seem the most plausible explanation. I've wondered how long it would take for suicide bombers to target western countries. It looks like sadly, that day has arrived.

Past coverage of the London bombing, is here.

Update: Reuters says 50 dead


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Comments (6)

<a href="http://www.homelan... (Below threshold)


Claims one UK homicide bomber was a GITMO release. If so, Al Quackpot really shot themselves in
the foot today, twice.

Be sure to thank Arafat, fo... (Below threshold)

Be sure to thank Arafat, folks.

grendel...zowie, <a href="h... (Below threshold)

grendel...zowie, that link...it would be really great if that's so. Not that it's great what's taken place, but that if one responsible is a GITMO release, it sure emphasizes the program, so to speak.

I saw this on Fox News. Th... (Below threshold)

I saw this on Fox News. They, of course, reported that one of the attacks was the result of a "homocide bomber." WTF do they think the other ones were?

May I suggest that we hence... (Below threshold)

May I suggest that we henceforth adopt the convention that we subtract the suicide bombers from any count of the dead? Because it doesn't seem sensible to count them as casualties when they aren't worth the protoplasm their skin holds in.

Tony B,I confused,... (Below threshold)

Tony B,

I confused, at whom you are directing your anger. Fox is merely using a new convention of refering to Suicide bombers as Homicide bombers to connote a more appropriate negativity to those bombers who kill themselves for their cause. This is more than a mere gammatical redundancy that you point out and I honestly don't mind the less than artful use of the English language. The meaning is clear enough and the convention is well known. Learn to cannel your energy Grasshopper.






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