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Two More Bombs?

ABC News is reporting that timing devices were found in the London wreckage, and that officials may have found two unexploded bombs.

Update: Fox has the same story.

U.S. authorities confirmed a report that British police found two unexploded bombs in London after the morning attacks. Authorities investigating the blasts also recovered parts of explosive timing devices from some of the wreckage sites, FOX News has confirmed. The evidence should help in the search for who was behind the bombings.

Earlier reports suggested a homicide bomber may have been involved in the bus attack, though authorities later indicated they believed all four explosions were detonated by timing devices. But police were still investigating the possible involvement of homicide bombers.

H/t Dagney.

Charmaine Yoest has flown from Edinburgh to London, and filed another report via her husband and PowerLine:

A young British black woman told me, "The bombings are Tony Blair's fault - they killed a 100 thousand Iraqis - and it's like a boomerang [coming back at the British]." Most everyone I talked to believed that the British caused the bombing or had it coming.

Of the dozen or so people I interviewed only white males in business attire expressed surprise that anyone would think the British were at fault in anyway. But these gentlemen were the minority. Most felt that the Brits were complicit. The people at London's ground zero were sounding like the "wobbly" Spanish after their train bombings.

That doesn't sound encouraging. Charmaine's site is back up, so she may have updates up later.

Update 2: Indepundit has more developments. (permalink not working right now)

Update 3: Looks like Paul beat me on the unexploded bombs story by about 4 hours. Hee hee, sorry 'bout that everyone. Man, I'll be on Kitchen Patrol in the Wizbang blogger dormitory for the rest of the week just to earn my spot back as a guest-blogger.


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Comments (15)

Yeah, this'll help, encoura... (Below threshold)

Yeah, this'll help, encourage the doubt, emphasize the wobbly...

People are certainly experiencing shock, horror, grief and pain, not to mention loss of limbs and even lives. Give them a day or two to reconcile what's occured and I'm betting on the Brits to bypass the pitfalls of self flaglaration.

I didn't intend to encourag... (Below threshold)

I didn't intend to encourage anything; just thought Charmaine's first-hand reporting was interesting. I'm guessing there are many more people all over England who feel differently than the folks Charmaine met.

Loose lips sink ships.... (Below threshold)

Loose lips sink ships.

they killed a 100 thousa... (Below threshold)

they killed a 100 thousand Iraqis

When people begin with gross factual errors, it sure does color the rest of their statement.

Sorry, but innocent bystand... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but innocent bystanders never "have it coming". That's a huge load of BS and it vindicates the terrorists who did the attack. Scum like that don't deserve excuses; they deserve to be de-balled, coated in pig blood, and shot.

Hehehe. "Homicide bomber". ... (Below threshold)

Hehehe. "Homicide bomber". How quaint thy propaganda is.

Nice to see the brits get on with the job instead of running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They know how to deal with terror and live with it, unlike some.

Ken Livingstone is a tower of strength right now. Proud to be a londoner.

Hmmm.Frankly I ful... (Below threshold)


Frankly I fully expect the British public opinion on this to turn towards placing the blame on America, Bush, Iraq and the UK's participation in Iraq. There is a serious element of guilt on the part of liberals. If anything happens it's because they deserved it. If only they were more humble. If only they were more helpful. If only they were human and kind enough to sacrifice to cure disease, eliminate hunger and poverty and then nothing like this would happen. Because then they wouldn't be greedy blood-sucking capitalist pig-dogs.

Frankly the UK was already wobbly, this will push them over the edge. I expect the UK to withdraw from Iraq in 6 months, or less, or Blair will be removed from office.

I would not be to quick to ... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I would not be to quick to go on the earliest responses coming from the "other side", those that oppose the U.S./British/allied war on terror. Using my simplistic us/them view, those that support the terriorists were neither shocked, surprised, nor emotionally distraught, because "their guys" won this one. Those that oppose the terriorists were, understandably, slower to speak. In the U.S., the leftests were almost immediate in their blame Bush, blame Blair, blame everyone that isn't on their side. Which is why they didn't blame the terriorists because they are "their guys".
With time to absorb what happened, the majority of Brits, like the majority of Americans (the ones we don't see on the left leaning MSM) will strengthen their resolve to destroy these demons.

Just another point. I've h... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Just another point. I've heard no one saying what a splendid job of security the British have done. They have thwarted a number of such attempts. And although 37/40 innocent lives and hundreds injured is terrible, I heard on the news that 7 million people ride the London underground every day. 7 million targets and 37 hits is not a glowing success for the terriorists.

Of course they will now rely on their ever-present allies in the media to maximize the effect.

Oh yeah. It was Britain's ... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah. It was Britain's fault for going to war
in Iraq.

But wait a second. These are the same people who
are telling us that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism.

Which is it?

c'mon folks. These ain't t... (Below threshold)

c'mon folks. These ain't the fist bombs to hit Britain's London in this generation, and certainly their have been many more nasty bombings in London in the past 100 years. The strategy to foul the mass transit system is effective, but really, this isn't near the same scale of mortality of the Madrid bombings. Taken in perspective, a pretty sad showing if that's the best AQ can do. Fortunately sad.

And as ridiculously sad as the responses of some of the non WASP's interviewed, I wouldn't begin to think these responses reflect a majority of Brits.

Whatever you do, don't watc... (Below threshold)

Whatever you do, don't watch any of the histerical mianstream US media about this. I've only seen crazy talk and scare mongering from what I've watched. Watch BBC to get the real facts right now.

My cousin missed the bombings by about 15 minutes.

I know it's like talking to a brick wall with people who don't understand the root causes of terror, but ask yourself one question:

Are the motivations behind this latest bombing lesser or greater than at the time of Sepember 11?

That'll give you an answer as to who's winning the "war on terror".

The UK will either boot out Blair with his unpopular Iraqi war no one asked for, of rally behind him and press on.

I'm English and live near L... (Below threshold)

I'm English and live near London - I don't know why anyone would be wanting to talk down the British response to this and suggest we might go the 'Spanish' route - but I can assure you our response will simply be a metaphorical two-fingers at the terrorists, and just get on with things as normal.

London, for example is pretty much back to normal already. Nothing to see here, business as usual!

Also close to London, and a... (Below threshold)

Also close to London, and an acquaintance of mine sustained bad facial injuries in the Edgware Road station bomb yesterday.

I haven't heard any "we deserved it" nonsense from anyone I know - believing we had it coming, that it was inevitable, is very different from blaming ourselves. We are targets for these creatures simply because we are Western, and we stand for everything they loathe.

On the whole, people are sad and angry but we've seen it all before. (The IRA sustained a long and bloody campaign against Britons on the mainland, and our stoic attitude has been years in the making.)

Also - realitycheck, looks like you're the one who needs a reality check: Blair just won an election two months ago. If this had happened on May 4th then maybe he could be "booted out" but not right now! If an election was held tomorrow, I actually believe he'd get a higher percentage of the vote just as a two-fingers-up at the bombers. I'd vote for him because of this, and I've never voted Labour in my life. And as for recommending somebody turn to the BBC for "the real facts", well, that just shows how out of touch you are.

Ah! The <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

Ah! The 100,000 myth rears its ugly head again!

Misinformation rules again... :(






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