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What didn't happen in Denmark

Yesterday the President was out bike riding in Denmark when he collided with a Danish police officer. The President was treated at the scene for minor scrapes, while the officer was taken to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure.

At the scene of the accident, the President was angry. "I don't fall down. The son-of-a-bitch knocked me over."

Whoops, my mistake. That guy didn't win last November, Bush did.

And it was Bush who visited with the officer after the crash, and was expected to call him later.

Jay Tea currently writes for no other blog besides this one, but is willing to hear offers. Incentives involving money and redheads will be given priority.


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Comments (9)

Hi, Jay Tea. I understand ... (Below threshold)

Hi, Jay Tea. I understand you're showing the difference between Kerry and Bush, but at first glance and if one didn't click on your second link, the words the President was angry really look like you mean Bush said those subsequent two sentences in quotes: "I don't fall down. The son-of-a-bitch knocked me over."

I dunno, maybe you're troll fishing - marvelous bait :)

Denmark? Danish police off... (Below threshold)

Denmark? Danish police officer? Filed under: Politics? (or is it Satire?)

I agree that a category ("H... (Below threshold)

I agree that a category ("Humor", perhaps) would be a good addition to the thread here but I got the point without any stress.

I think Kerry is still at home trying to drum up interest in typing.

Seriously, I cannot imagine the horror that would be our world and country today had the horrible Kerry and Teresa Heinz managed their purchase of the Executive. Kerry would have been on the first private Lear Jet available this morning out of the U.K., no doubt...probably for Paris.

Bettern' a cup of tea to ge... (Below threshold)

Bettern' a cup of tea to get my mind going this AM JT.

Didn't realize Denark was i... (Below threshold)

Didn't realize Denark was in Scotland.


Redheads? How very Heinlei... (Below threshold)

Redheads? How very Heinlein of you.

The episode did not happen ... (Below threshold)

The episode did not happen en denmark, but after he left for the G8 meeting. Get the facts right, mister..

N...I think Jay Tea was pre... (Below threshold)

N...I think Jay Tea was preoccupied with the red head aspects to his story, ha.

Presidential bike? Bike On... (Below threshold)

Presidential bike? Bike One? Does it come with the seal on it?






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