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Captain, But No Tenille

Capt. Ed was at The Heritage Foundation today to discuss the topic, "Bloggers and Journalists: Friends or Enemies?" which you can watch on the web, here (top right).

It was a pleasure to meet him and the other speakers-- Jim Hill of the Washington Post Writers Group and Daniel Glover of National Journal.

I blogged the gist of all of their comments over at Townhall. Lots of good stuff on the role of bloggers, citizen journalism, journalism as a profession, bloggers and legal issues, and the future of the relationship between bloggers and MSM.

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne was in the audience. Me, I was hoping for a knock-down drag-out between Capt. Ed and E.J. to see, once and for all, who came out on top-- MSM or blogs. You know, since they were already in the same room together. Alas, Ed and E.J. were more interested in a polite question-and-answer.

Dionne asked whether there was room for moderate bloggers on the blogosphere. Capt. Ed pointed to Joe Gandelman, but noted that part of the draw of blogs is the passion of their writers.

"It's hard to be a passionate moderate sometimes," he said.

I asked a question about the future of newspaper editorial pages in the era of blogs, and Dionne addressed it after the event ended, telling me that he believes bloggers are good for opinion writers. They increase audience and traffic for opinion writers, even when they're bashing them, he said. And, more competition from web opinion writers can help newspaper opinion writers get better and keeps op-eds lively.

Hope for MoDo?

More from the Captain himself, here.

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