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This ain't good.

Not at all. This would be the second evacuation in 10 months and the 4th or 5th in about as many years. This is getting old.

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Its bushs falt becuzs he st... (Below threshold)

Its bushs falt becuzs he stold FLORIDA when he stold the eletin parrty.

How did the affected counti... (Below threshold)

How did the affected counties vote in 2000 and 2004?

(Remember that hurricane damage map that purported to show that all of last year's hurricanes in Florida were hitting "red" counties?)

Living in a "red" part of F... (Below threshold)

Living in a "red" part of Florida, I note that the entire state--thanks to the Electoral College--went "red", as did the entire south, where, miraculously enough, most hurricanes in the Gulf hit. (HT to Sister Margaret's 5th Grade Geography class!)

Like most states, the highly urban areas tend blue... if Miami gets hit, or Tampa, or Orlando, then maybe it's just a righteous God still drilling the lesson into the clueless. If it's rural or small town, then maybe it's wrath.

But I thought the New Testament did away with that rath thing....

>(HT to Sister Margaret's 5... (Below threshold)

>(HT to Sister Margaret's 5th Grade Geography class!)


I think we're getting used ... (Below threshold)

I think we're getting used to it. Hurricane forms, go to Home Depot for plywood, hit grocery store for water, beer and supplies, then make pacts with friends and relatives that whoever gets the power on first hosts the slumber party. After last year, its a routine.

Just save the FloraBama!</p... (Below threshold)

Just save the FloraBama!

Living in Orlando (blue), t... (Below threshold)

Living in Orlando (blue), that whole "hurricanes only hitting red" idiocy was false (and annoying) on the face of it. We got directly hit by *three* hurricanes last year, and the worst-hit areas around here were mostly Democrat.

Jeez, cirby, lighten up. No... (Below threshold)

Jeez, cirby, lighten up. Not trying to belittle the very real problems here, but haven't you ever heard of gallows humor?

...gallows humor?</p... (Below threshold)

...gallows humor?

LIke, for example, this.

Hey, just so long as this t... (Below threshold)

Hey, just so long as this thing stays to the east, I'm happy. Sucks to be Pensicola or Mobile, but y'all will still exist after a Cat-4 hurricane. Not so much with New Orleans if we were to.

Look on the bright side.</p... (Below threshold)

Look on the bright side.

God will stop punishing America once it repents of its liberalism. Then, the frequency of hurricane strikes will return to its historical normality. Consider Dennis a friendly reminder from the Creator of All Things that there is no time like the present to repent.

McGehee:Now THAT'S... (Below threshold)


Now THAT'S gallows humor.

s9:Hallelujah, Bro... (Below threshold)


Hallelujah, Brother!

(I know, I know, Please Don't Feed The Trolls and all that, but the Devil made me do it.)

Yer right in the x-ring, ar... (Below threshold)

Yer right in the x-ring, aren't you. Just getting the first taste of Denise here in Collier. Good luck!

(I refuse to use male names for hurricanes, starting, oh, now.)






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