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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Knut Foppe, left, Darin Oestmann, center, with the National Park Service and Thorsten Mowes, right, rappel a sculpture of Thomas Jefferson's face to begin power washing Mount Rushmore National Monument, Thursday, July 7, 2005, near Keystone, S.D. (AP Photo/Doug Dreyer)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced (click link to read the winning entries). Comments are now closed.


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Comments (79)

The addition of George W. B... (Below threshold)

The addition of George W. Bush to Mount Rushmore was the last straw...liberals began to fulfill their promises to leave the country in droves.

"Final touches were done to... (Below threshold)

"Final touches were done today on the Edward Kennedy addition to Mt. Rushm... Mr. Kennedy...Mr. Kennedy ..time to wake up sir...

Members of the Vast Right-W... (Below threshold)

Members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy secretly plot to remove the face of the only Democrat from Mount Rushmore.

Hey!! Who's this alien dude... (Below threshold)

Hey!! Who's this alien dude, over my shoulder? When was he President? Just how long have these faces been up here?

Park workers begin converti... (Below threshold)

Park workers begin converting Thomas Jefferson's face to Bill Clinton's by adding 42 feet of stone to the nose.

Ever since the Howard Dean ... (Below threshold)

Ever since the Howard Dean was elected DNC chairman the crews have to come every day to wipe the tears from Jefferson's eyes. The same crew also tries to wipe the smiles off the other three faces but it's no use.

Uncontent to slander only c... (Below threshold)

Uncontent to slander only contemporary Republican Presidents, left-wing guerillas go to great lengths to poke Thomas Jefferson in the eye.

No, YOU clean out his nose!... (Below threshold)

No, YOU clean out his nose! I ain't going in there!

Three members from the Demo... (Below threshold)

Three members from the Democratic Underground try to topple "symbols of oppression"...

DRUDGEBREAKING: Today most ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

DRUDGEBREAKING: Today most Americans take the freedoms established by our forefathers for granite.

"Damn! How come I always h... (Below threshold)

"Damn! How come I always have to pick his nose?"

Team America's support crew... (Below threshold)

Team America's support crews adjust Gary's tangled lines.

"Hey guys?... I gotta take ... (Below threshold)

"Hey guys?... I gotta take a leak."

If Jefferson hadn't made th... (Below threshold)

If Jefferson hadn't made that Louisana Purchase, I wouldn't have to trim his nose hairs each year!

"We've run out of Botox and... (Below threshold)

"We've run out of Botox and this guy's still not looking like Kerry."

"Trim a little here, add a ... (Below threshold)

"Trim a little here, add a little there and ... Yes we can change Jefferson into George W. Bush."

Damn it, I wish Spiderman w... (Below threshold)

Damn it, I wish Spiderman would do his webslinging elsewhere.

I wish spiderman would take... (Below threshold)

I wish spiderman would take his webslinging elsewhere.

Glenn Reynolds' latest blog... (Below threshold)

Glenn Reynolds' latest blog: "History of Nanotechnology" includes pictures of the lilipution's attempt to kidnap Jefferson in 1803.

Realizing that they have no... (Below threshold)

Realizing that they have no other chance of winning elections, the DNC retrieves their secret weapon hidden for centuries in Mount Rushmore.

Soon the Necronomicon will be unleashed.

The dead shall rise... and VOTE DEMOCRAT!

Bill pauses below his colle... (Below threshold)

Bill pauses below his collegues, trying to remember if the Mummy was the President directly before or after Polk.

1-2-3. Uh, hey guys, we lo... (Below threshold)

1-2-3. Uh, hey guys, we lost our sherpa.

[BEGIN SMURF THEME SONG] L... (Below threshold)


The two guys on the forehea... (Below threshold)

The two guys on the forehead are democrats. One says to the other “No it’s ok with me, he’s a Republican, so go head an cut his line. People watching will just think Jefferson sneezed.”

No, really! Michael Moore ... (Below threshold)

No, really! Michael Moore exploded just about here!

DRUDGE EXCLUSIVE!!: Picture... (Below threshold)

DRUDGE EXCLUSIVE!!: Pictures of the real Team America in training.

Justice Ginsberg attempting... (Below threshold)

Justice Ginsberg attempting to form an originalist opinion; sends a team of clerks to research Thomas Jefferson's thoughts on Roe V. Wade and McCain-Feingold.

Leahy, Kennedy and Schumer ... (Below threshold)

Leahy, Kennedy and Schumer compared to their predecessors (all figures shown actual size).

Scientologists objected to ... (Below threshold)

Scientologists objected to the routine Park Service maintenance of the monument, saying there were no such things as cracks and wear and that all the monument's problems could be solved with vitamins and expensive auditing.

We're in position; winch do... (Below threshold)

We're in position; winch down the giant hankie!

Once again, liberal revisio... (Below threshold)

Once again, liberal revisionists try to change the face of history.

The latest in an elite team... (Below threshold)

The latest in an elite team of the booger patrol show off their skills.

NBC's Brian Williams<... (Below threshold)

NBC's Brian Williams

Andrea here we have park emloyees working on monuments to Americas founding terrorists.

indeed Brian.

Workers provide critical ma... (Below threshold)

Workers provide critical maintenance to Dr. Evil's newest lair.

Shortly after rendering the... (Below threshold)

Shortly after rendering their decision in the Kelo v. New London case, Supreme Court Justices Stevens, Ginsburg and Bryer, in an impressive display of both agility and consistency, begin to cut off Jefferson's nose to spite his face. Justices Kennedy and Souter (not pictured) shout encouragement from below.

Bullwinkle wins. Right of ... (Below threshold)

Bullwinkle wins. Right of Center gets second.

"Hey, this mountain kinda l... (Below threshold)

"Hey, this mountain kinda looks like a face. Neat."

relax guys, the nose is the... (Below threshold)

relax guys, the nose is the easy - climbing over the penis was the hard part...

National Park Service emplo... (Below threshold)

National Park Service employee Kenneth prepares to remove boulders from Thomas Jefferson's nose and put them on E-Bay.

Doctors inspect Thomas Jeff... (Below threshold)

Doctors inspect Thomas Jefferson's face as he prepares to be the next patient on Dr.90210

"Hell, this one's easy. Wai... (Below threshold)

"Hell, this one's easy. Wait 'til you have to wax the eyebrows over on Roosevelt."

"Man, when they said they w... (Below threshold)

"Man, when they said they were going to change the nickle, I didn't think they would make them this difficult to carry around! "

Ted Kennedy: "Look over the... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy: "Look over there. It's Bin Laden under Roosevelt's nose."

Howard Dean: "You're right. Look at him. Quiet with a big stick. Under our very nose."

George Galloway: (he shouts from the tip of Jefferson's nose): "Let's leave him there. Like Roosevelt said: 'A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.' "

An "ear, nose and throat" s... (Below threshold)

An "ear, nose and throat" specialist's worst nightmare.


Who are those guys?<... (Below threshold)

Who are those guys?

"It's bad enough that we ha... (Below threshold)

"It's bad enough that we have to trim their eyebrows, but Lincoln gets a backwax next week!"

"Look lady. No is no. I'm s... (Below threshold)

"Look lady. No is no. I'm simply not going to roll up in a ball and get inside the nose hole and try to look like a booger so you can take your funny picture. And that's final."

What sort of bug is that on... (Below threshold)

What sort of bug is that on my nose?

After extensive lobbying fr... (Below threshold)

After extensive lobbying from the NAACP, workers begin to transform the monument into busts of Washintgon, Roosevelt, Lincoln and GEORGE Jefferson.

Guy on Top (Left): "Johnso... (Below threshold)

Guy on Top (Left): "Johnson, you jump off the nose one more time and go "wheeeeee", Conners here will cut your rope."

Guy on Top (Right) (Conners): "I swear to God Johnson, once I grab this rope your ass is gone."

Everybody must get stoned.<... (Below threshold)

Everybody must get stoned.

"Hey, if SCOTUS says the... (Below threshold)

"Hey, if SCOTUS says the Law of the Land ain't carved in stone, why should these guys be? Now let's place these charges and blow this thing up."

The MSM hit squad misunders... (Below threshold)

The MSM hit squad misunderstood their instructions -- they were supposed to be looking for bloggers.

I thought you tied Senator ... (Below threshold)

I thought you tied Senator Durbin's line.

(lowest guy) "Bob. Jim. 4... (Below threshold)

(lowest guy) "Bob. Jim. 4 words. Say no to crack."

"Dandruff!"(When y... (Below threshold)


(When you're hiking or climbing and you let loose a rock you yell out "rock!")

Seconds after being sworn i... (Below threshold)

Seconds after being sworn into office, President Hillary Clinton pulls off her moderate’s mask, laughs a deep, evil laugh, and orders all monuments to male oppression be destroyed.

After many years of visitor... (Below threshold)

After many years of visitors to the monument unsuccessfully using the casual, quick nostril swipe, to bring polite attention to the problem, a crew is dispatched to "Take care of the Dangler"

The latest group of Jeffers... (Below threshold)

The latest group of Jefferson biographers try to get inside his head to gain new insight into this key founding father.

Reid, Pelosi, and Durbin st... (Below threshold)

Reid, Pelosi, and Durbin stand tall among the giants of history.

Ha, Ha, Joey's got to clean... (Below threshold)

Ha, Ha, Joey's got to clean the boogers! That'll teach him to go scabbing around!

Drunk aliens attempt a curi... (Below threshold)

Drunk aliens attempt a curious abduction.

You can pick your friends..... (Below threshold)
Madfish Willie:

You can pick your friends... and you can pick your nose... but you can't pick your friend's nose.

"Last one down has to pick ... (Below threshold)

"Last one down has to pick the big nos!"

(I haven't read all 63 entries so my apologies if mine is not an original).

"Last one down has to pick ... (Below threshold)

"Last one down has to pick the big nose!"

(I haven't read all 63 entries so my apologies if mine is not an original).

Gulliver: "you fuck... (Below threshold)

"you fuckin' Lilliputins are gonna pay for this!"

They say that big men love ... (Below threshold)

They say that big men love bondage.

With the left distracted by... (Below threshold)

With the left distracted by a Supreme Court nomination, Dick Cheney dispatches an elite team of Haliburton prospectors to drill for oil on federal lands.


Christo's workers begin to install his latest artistic vision of multi-colored pirate eye patches on our Founding Fathers.

Holy Shit...... OK SO DID Y... (Below threshold)
I`m Batman:


"So, what happens when you ... (Below threshold)

"So, what happens when you pop a granite zit?"

"We're about to find out."

How many park rangers does ... (Below threshold)

How many park rangers does it take to pick a President's nose?

Answer 3

Park rangers try to remove ... (Below threshold)

Park rangers try to remove the obscene grafitti left by Eva Marie Saint and Martin Landau at a drunken wrap party nearly half a century before.


South Dakota teens relieve the extreme boredom of their lives by presidentail face rappelling after bong hits.

Interns from Congresswomen ... (Below threshold)

Interns from Congresswomen Pelosi's office attempt to uncover the mystery of the Botox-free fountain of youth.

All hope is lost when it's uncovered that principled leadership is at its core.

"Simon Says, make like Al G... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Simon Says, make like Al Gore."
"Sorry George, you're out, you don't look stiff enough."

LIncoln, Jefferson, and Roo... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

LIncoln, Jefferson, and Roosevelt stifle their laughter as Washington erects a monument, due to the appearance of Paris Hilton.

"Hey Fred, hand me the feat... (Below threshold)

"Hey Fred, hand me the feather", "No way Joe, the last guy who tried that died a horrible death after being blasted by 50 lb. granite boggers and launched over a half a mile."

The “Queer Eye for the Stra... (Below threshold)

The “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” team takes on their biggest makeover project ever.

ha jmaster, that is a worth... (Below threshold)

ha jmaster, that is a worthy entry.

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced (click link to read the winning entries). Comments are now closed.






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