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Profiling Is Good Police Work

Mark Jaquith:

In the wake of the bombings in London, the dialog about how we can prevent such attacks is again being moved to the front burner. One major component of the answer is on the tip of everyone's tongue, but they dare not say it outright for fear of the Political Correctness Policemen Policepersons.

We should look to profiling.

"Oh no!" I hear you say. "We can't treat certain people to increased scrutiny. That's just not fair!" I agree. It's not fair to law-abiding Muslims that the vast majority of terror attacks are carried out by their religious and ethnic brethren. It's also not fair to law-abiding citizens for governments to ignore that fact.

Read the whole thing.

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.


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Comments (4)

What do you think the resul... (Below threshold)

What do you think the results would be if stress level recording devices were installed on airliner seats and several Middle Eastern looking men boarded the plane after other Muslims were already seated? Everybody profiles. I know if a spot a liberal in my vicinity I make sure my wallet is shoved as deep as it can go in my pocket, they consider a half-inch of it peeking out an invitation to help themselves just like with wifi signals. They've admitted it.

It's sad to see the level o... (Below threshold)
Joe Mama:

It's sad to see the level of racism in this country. Try cracking the bible once in a while and maybe you will learn something. Or maybe just ask yourself, what would Jesus do. I will pray for your souls.

RE: Joe Mama's post (July 1... (Below threshold)

RE: Joe Mama's post (July 10, 2005 12:42 PM)

Try cracking the bible once in a while...

Whew! Good thing you didn't type "cracking the Quran". You might've gotten fatwahed.

Furthermore, it's not racism... it's creedism and that is a very different animal. One is born a certain race and dies the same race (well, there are exceptions but Neverland is a truly Magic Kingdom that escapes Natural Law). One may be born into a creed and will die within or without that creed. The behavior is learned and there is little wrong with profiling a behavior when certain behaviors threaten, in a very real sense, lives. "Racism" is the Red Herring of profiling.

Finally, this was not a wholesale mandate to profile all Muslims under all conditions, and to insinuate such is foolish.

Terrorists: Mcveigh, Rudolp... (Below threshold)

Terrorists: Mcveigh, Rudolph, Kaczinski, etc

I see no racism in profiling right-wing white guys.






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