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Anarchy, the San Francisco Treat.

The anti-capitalists (it is not really accurate to label them all "anarchists") are at it again, protesting the meeting of the Group of 8 leaders in Scotland...

...by destroying property and assaulting police officers IN SAN FRANCISCO.


What do they have against Betsy Ross, anyway?


Destroy! Maim! Harm!

San Francisco Chronicle

A San Francisco police officer was in serious condition with a head injury and three suspects were in custody Saturday following a demonstration by anarchists who broke windows in the Mission District to protest the gathering of the Group of 8 leaders in Scotland.

Police did not release the name of the officer who was hurt in Friday night's melee. Deputy Police Chief Greg Suhr said Saturday that the officer was in serious but stable condition with brain swelling at San Francisco General Hospital. He has developed a blood clot, which doctors hope to dissolve before he is released, Suhr said.

The department's spokeswoman, Maria Oropeza, said the officer and his partner were driving on 23rd Street in response to a vandalism call when protesters threw a mattress underneath their patrol car.

Here is the Indy Media version of events:

Tonight in San Francisco, anti-G8 protesters attacked a police officer who was violently coming after them with a nightstick.

Ah, yes, the old "he was violently coming after me" defense.

More from Indy Media:

Here's the story: the cop was driving in his cruiser after a group of splinter protesters who were shooting off fireworks, putting barricades in the street and breaking windows. He then ran over one of the large styrofoam banners people were carrying. Somehow, this affected the forward movement of his car as the wheels spun. Then, some kind of projectile (maybe a firework) shot at his windshield. Infuriated, the cop leaped out of the car and started swinging. Unfortunately for him, this aggression was a bad move and he was physically beaten.

Also, read down to the comments. MOST of the comments are justifying this nonsense and blaming the officer.

WARNING: Graphic (bloody) image of beaten police officer beyond the click.

Will Franklin globalization-izes and capitalism-izes at WILLisms.com.


These people are not patriots. They are worthless thugs. This is organized crime.


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Comments (47)

These guys are just disgust... (Below threshold)

These guys are just disgusting, yet they never get any bad press.

These anarchists/anti-capit... (Below threshold)

These anarchists/anti-capitalists are such borderline-domestic-terrorist a**holes.

The have no respect for anything or anyone. They offer no solutions to any of their perceived "problems." All they know how to do is break things and hurt people.

The cops deserve medals for not killing anyone when one of their own gets hurt in one of these riots. The restraint they show is incredible.

Communist organizations lik... (Below threshold)

Communist organizations like Answer use violence to further their cause. They hire thugs to create violence and property destruction during a demonstration hoping the police will over react. There have been a number of such violent acts during Answer’s demonstrations in the last three years.

Hmmm.Every "anarch... (Below threshold)


Every "anarchist" I've ever known was a pillock. The last time I was introduced to an "anarchist" I reached back and hammered my fist right into his nose. He then spent the rest of the evening complaining about it.

I've known precious few "anarchists" who really either were in favor of anarchy or knew what exactly it was. Mostly it's a bunch of pillocks who think that they'd somehow, like the divine right of kings, would end up on top of the heap due to their magical charismatic power or some such nonsense.

Pillocks the lot of them.

They just look for things t... (Below threshold)

They just look for things to protest. In this case they are protesting a meeting by those greedy capitalist nations to help the poor Africans. Can't be helping poor people and getting away with it under the watchful eyes of these caring, compassionate people who are on the side of the poor.

As an eighth generation Cal... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

As an eighth generation Californian let me enlighten you Right Coasters. Frisco has been AntiCapitalist for 100 years. 63 years ago a world famous Socialist ,Dashiell Hammett lead an anti war rally at which he said ( among other things) that We (America) should not be fighting alongside the Capitalists (UK) we should be fighting with the Socialists( Socialist Labor Party or Germans). FDR took a dim view of his demonstration and had him thrown in jail. But the point is Frisco has a long history of Socialist or antiCapitaiist activity. Remember Johnny Walker?

Rod, Not to questi... (Below threshold)


Not to question your basic point, but I have to dispute the Dashiel Hammett story. Hammett enlisted in the Army in 1942 and spent 3 years in the Aleutians. He was a communist and did spend 6 months in jail for refusing to testify before congress about communist infiltration of the civil rights congress.

I'd spit on these "proteste... (Below threshold)

I'd spit on these "protesters" but it'd be a terrible waste of spit.

Jim Rose writes (aga... (Below threshold)

Jim Rose writes (again and again): These guys are just disgusting, yet they never get any bad press.

You should probably stop buying your newspapers exclusively from Anubis Warpus then.

They seem to get hideously bad press everywhere else they turn up. What's your problem?

>These guys are just disgus... (Below threshold)

>These guys are just disgusting,
>yet they never get any bad press.

Work to discredit the S.F. Chronical and other papers, and there coverage will either improve or their impact will be blunted.

>Communist organizations like Answer
>use violence to further their cause.

For recent examples, see Baldwin Park and Garden Grove.

The press hushed up the first incident but had less luck with the second. And, very few bloggers covered either, despite the LAT's coverage of the first being a lesson in lies.

Pillocks? I've got a prett... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Pillocks? I've got a pretty big dictionary, but that one ain't in there. If it means misanthropic Luddites I think you are right on the money though. I also thought it was hilarious that the "anarchists" were screaming for legal representation and their rights being violated, and the idiot media was reporting it with a perfectly straight face. I try to be optimistic, but I fear this country is just too damned stupid to survive.

Ever notice that it seems t... (Below threshold)

Ever notice that it seems to take a lot of organizing skills to be an effective anarchist.

B Moe -I fear you ... (Below threshold)

B Moe -

I fear you are right. And I wonder is this country deserves to survive. Evil is paraded by the media as good, while good is denigrated and depicted as evil. Ah, for the good old days of Tombstone and Deadwood when punks like these would be intoduced to a barage of lead.

I thought he was using the ... (Below threshold)

I thought he was using the word pillocks to describe them because he just wasn't comfortable calling them flaming hemorrhoids in mixed company. Mixed as in some of the posters in here are nothing more than enormous pains in the ass that just won't go away, in other words, moonbats who got lost lost looking for Daily Kos and Oilver Willis's blogs.

RE: Porkopolis's post (July... (Below threshold)

RE: Porkopolis's post (July 10, 2005 11:11 PM)

Ever notice that it seems to take a lot of organizing skills to be an effective anarchist[?]

Indeed. But not to gloss over clever irony, the effectiveness of that SFxG8ers' exhibition might explain their "organization".

According to the MSN Encart... (Below threshold)

According to the MSN Encarta dictionary: pillock (pillocks is plural) is, in the U.K., "an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's intelligence or consideration for others (slang offensive insult)

[Mid-16th century. Contraction of archaic pillicock "penis," origin ? + cock]

There is a "potentially offensive language" warning on the entry.

Anarchists and organized cr... (Below threshold)

Anarchists and organized crime?
Isn't that an oxy-moron?

Yeah, pretty much. Which is... (Below threshold)

Yeah, pretty much. Which is one reason why it's difficult to label these people "anarchists." Then there's the ones marching with communist slogans and pamphlets and such.

More "anarchists" at work, ... (Below threshold)

More "anarchists" at work, and as mcu as the other one was a display of violence this one highlights the intelligence of cows. Worth watching, I give it two antlers up!
For real player
Or Quicktime
Just gotta admire large hoofed animals.

So, Toby, do you realize ho... (Below threshold)

So, Toby, do you realize how stupid your comments reveal you to be? Perhps illiterate due to no fault of your own (in which case, perhaps not stupid as just limited in cognitive abilities):

You wrote:

"-S- I see how this kind of thing could really bug you. The whole meme nonsense I mean. This report, prepared by the US Senate, available online in PDF, Zip, and HTML form, eagerly awaited at the time, has just been dropped down the memory hole by the MSM so that many posters here and elsewhere seem to be unaware of its existance even thouh it is totally on point regarding anything to do with the Plame/Wilson affair. Toby -- Posted by: Toby928 at July 10, 2005 08:29 PM"

The "meme thing" is liberal trolls with nothing better to do writing on total strangers' websites and forums otherwise, the two words in relationship to one another (and particularly on threads on those sites that mention the name, "Karl Rove" in another context than what the trolls would like to see cached without trollage): "Rove" and "treason" and/or "traitor."

I don't regard the information -- now repeated ad nauseum on most credible sites as to what Karl Rove said and did not say, about what Joe Wilson said and said again and the reporters from TIME and Newsweek, nor any reports about any of that -- as a meme.

I was probably writing over your head, however, given your ongoing attempts to lower the informational level here to sub-troll.

I've yet to read anything, ANYthing, that even remotely suggests, much less substantiates, anything approaching "treason" done by Karl Rove, and yet liberals and liberal trolls trolling liberally are insisting that the public record be modified to include their trolling. Just because they want it to be so.

Imagining ruining an ethical person's reputation (Karl Rove's, specifically, this 'issue') is the ACTUAL treason: treason to ethics, truth, the country itself. I'd love to read liberals tear into the character of Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Hillary, for Heaven's sake (please try), and more, but so far, all you can do is imagine the worst you can imagine and then try to see it evidenced afterward depending upon how many times you can type random I.D.s with fake email addresses all over the internet.

And, to another faker here, writing under the pretense of respecting democracy, it isn't that conservatives "hate democrats," but that democrats repeatedly prove to the rest of the world that they are not reality based, and that whoever refuses to join in their big revolution of nonreality is to be destroyed.

I don't hate the incapacitated. But I do challenge their inequities, even when those responsible can't help themselves. Reading Hillary Clinton's recent comments before her hand holders in Aspen/The Brookings Institute/The Aspen Institute, comes to mind here.

No, most conservatives don't "hate democrats," we just wonder how you can breathe and talk at the same time.

Apologies...those last comm... (Below threshold)

Apologies...those last comments were intended for another thread...I don't know how they ended up here, my error, obviously.

Whew! I thought my mind was... (Below threshold)

Whew! I thought my mind was fimnally shot!

They're lucky I don't live ... (Below threshold)

They're lucky I don't live in Frisco. There would have been a few dead protesters... My wife and I pray for the poor officer who puts his life on the line daily just to keep the city safe. Imagine how unappreciated he must feel right now. Death to anarchists...


Death to anarchists...</... (Below threshold)

Death to anarchists...

Don't look now, but you sound just like them.

Does anyone have an update ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone have an update on the cop? Brain swelling and blood clots seem pretty serious to me.

We shouldn't kill them, we ... (Below threshold)

We shouldn't kill them, we could export the majority of them to France, just keep a few around to make American Tourister luggage ads.

RE: mantis's post (July 11,... (Below threshold)

RE: mantis's post (July 11, 2005 02:05 PM)

Don't look now, but you sound just like them.

I take it then that you are of the "Life for Anarchists" persuasion? I could live with that.

I'm not keen on subsidizing their confined lifestyle should such a condition be imposed, but I relish the irony of regimenting an anarchist's life... even more delicious is that it's "the man" that gets to do the regimenting. And from the appearance of these typically Goth-looking miscreants, they'll be begging of their hosts for protection from their new, invariably even more hostile, cellmates. Maybe cosmic karma does exist.

RE: bullwinkle's post (July... (Below threshold)

RE: bullwinkle's post (July 11, 2005 02:10 PM)

...just keep a few around to make American Tourister luggage ads.

Now that got me laughing.

"Apologies...those last com... (Below threshold)

"Apologies...those last comments were intended for another thread...I don't know how they ended up here, my error, obviously.
Posted by: -S- at July 11, 2005 11:16 AM "

Ya! minus ess minus defames me on multiple threads! Is there no end to your bad manners?


Actually, the vast majority... (Below threshold)

Actually, the vast majority of anarchist (or Anti-Capitalist) protesters are pacifist by nature. It is one of the core principals of modern Anarchism.

With every protest, there are always undesirable elements (a minority) that don't reflect the main body of people. I think all of you already know this, but you would prefer to convince yourselves that all anarchists are idiotic, violence mongering cretins.

In reality, incidences like what happened to the cop above are rare, and it is much more common for the protesters to be harmed by the cops than the other way. Of course, this would never be shown in the mass media that controls the unquestioning minds of most Americans.

The reason people were protesting about the G8 is because the American and British leaders have absolutely no intensions of dealing with the real issues that affect third world debt, because they profit from the corruption that takes place in these countries.

If my understanding is corr... (Below threshold)

If my understanding is correct, anarchy is a political philosophy that rejects the capitalist economic system as well as the Nation-State.

Anarchy does not mean disorganized chaos, but a preference for small cooperative groups as the basis for social organization.

Those so-called anarchists, really just a small number of angry kids, probably don't get what anarchism is about. And even if they did their numbers are miniscule compared to the vast majority of protestors, whether anti-war or anti-G8, who are just average Americans seeking social justice.

I agree completely. Many y... (Below threshold)

I agree completely. Many young people are angry and bitter for whatever reason, and ideas like Anarchism can be used (abused) to vent their feelings be included in a group. On the other hand, the philosophy itself is one which is totally opposed to violence, and among other things promotes self-control over the punishment/reward system used to discipline children and control adults.

I believe that it arose in ... (Below threshold)

I believe that it arose in the 19th century, particularly in Europe, as a response to the inequalities of industrialism and laissez-faire capitalism.

Yep, just checked it on the... (Below threshold)

Yep, just checked it on the web, I think you're right.

So if someone wants social ... (Below threshold)

So if someone wants social justice they should protest it when the capitalist nations of the world, who you might have noticed, are the only ones with the means to help, meet to try to help the impoverished people of Africa? If that's your idea of good ways to bring about social justice you are kind of, um, let's see, goofy, yeah, that's it. Capitol G.

It is unfortunate that 99% ... (Below threshold)

It is unfortunate that 99% of the anarchists ruin it for the other 1%

Piko writes: They... (Below threshold)

Piko writes: They're lucky I don't live in Frisco. There would have been a few dead protesters...

No. You're the one lucky to be living elsewhere. Talk like that is likely to make you an enemy on both sides of the police line.

RE: moneyrunner's post (Jul... (Below threshold)

RE: moneyrunner's post (July 11, 2005 09:37 PM)

It is unfortunate that 99% of the anarchists ruin it for the other 1%

Ah, the democracy of anarchists... Maybe the 1% could filibuster. Is that allowed? or is that an open invitation to a good thrashing and head-stomping? I suspect an old-fashioned filibuster would just create internal chaos, and anarchists can't have any of that. What was I thinking, sheesh.

Thugs? No, let's call them... (Below threshold)

Thugs? No, let's call them what they are - Terrorists. Thay have no real agenda, only to destroy, harm and given a little more time, more of them will develop the desire to move right on to out and out killing. Prayers and best wishes to the police officers and to his comrades who are on the front line against these bastards.

bullwinkle,You hav... (Below threshold)


You have misrepresented my position.

I did not say that if someone wants social justice for impoverished people in Africa they should protest the G8. I made no such recommendation. I merely pointed out that the people who protest do so out of a commitment to social justice. I made no statement as to either the effectiveness or desirability of this method.

And let’s not forget the U.... (Below threshold)

And let’s not forget the U.S. was founded by protestors and rebels. The Sons of Liberty were a violent gang of protestors who burned down the home of Massachusetts governor Thomas Hutchinson in 1773.

And for the record, no, I am NOT comparing the G8 protestors to the founders of this country. I am saying, however, that active protest is within the finest American tradition of dissent.

And, yes, I too am sorry about the murder of that police officer.

I live in SF, have for 29 y... (Below threshold)

I live in SF, have for 29 years. The "small number of bad people fucking it up for the good and peaceful anarchists of the world" argument is total bullshit. There has not been a SINGLE protest in this city that hasn't degenerated into this kind of crap in my entire life, except, funnily enough, the recent anti-gay marriage and anti-abortion rallies that are dominated by Asian Christians with jobs and families, instead of by smelly white college kids with neither.

This has been going on for years, and years, and years, but usually it's just windows getting smashed and some other vandalism. Every so often something really serious like this happens, and the party line gets trotted out - "1% violent assholes ruining it for 99%." PLEASE. You 99% are RESPONSIBLE for creating the conditions that allow the 1% to feel like they can do whatever they want and all their friends are going to think they're cool. I have never, not once, heard or seen a call to repudiate the violence and the property damage. But I've heard Verneda's line approximately a zillion times.

Karmafish, you have misrepr... (Below threshold)

Karmafish, you have misrepresented my opinion of you. You aren't significant enough to rate an opinion from me. That was a broad generalization you, not a "you" in particular. I'm sure this may come a major shock to you, but the rest of the world doesn't share your high opinion of yourself that you do. You're a lefty, so full of self-importance that you consider anything said a personal attack. Try reading what I wrote with an open mind, should plenty of room for that. I'll write it for you again to help YOU along.

So if someone wants social justice they should protest it when the capitalist nations of the world, who you might have noticed, are the only ones with the means to help, meet to try to help the impoverished people of Africa? IF that's your idea of good ways to bring about social justice you are kind of, um, let's see, goofy, yeah, that's it. Capitol G.

That isn't even accusing you, (the Karmafish you) of believing it. It was saying that if you happen to be among the goofy people that do think they way you are goofy. I have no trouble at all calling an idiot an idiot, when I want to call an idiot like you an idiot you'll know, you idiot. Hope that clears things up for you. Have a nice day, or at least as nice a day as a self-important idiot is capable of having.

Uh oh,bullwinkle h... (Below threshold)

Uh oh,

bullwinkle has his knickers in a twist.

It'll be alright. Take a few deep breaths and lie down for awhile. I'm sure that you'll feel better after you get some sleep.

I think what upsets me the ... (Below threshold)
Captain Dave:

I think what upsets me the most about these "activists" or "anarchists" or whatever we call them is their complete hypocrisy. Trying to gain social justice through rampant social injustice (malice towards your fellow man - be he friend or enemy) is not a thoughtful citizen taking action to secure a better future, it's an ignorant child throwing a tantrum because he or she doesn't like something. But isn't that the way of things with most 'protestors'? A good 80% of the protests that make any sort of news involve idiots that don't have the brain power to debate or achieve any sort of change through passive, intelligent means, so they cause riots and lash out at whatever authority figure they can get they're hands on. Our founding fathers protested things they thought were unjust, very true. However, the system under which their protest was lodged was not a capitalist government where their leaders were elected by the people, it was a monarchy. That meant words would not do the trick. And when it came time to stand up and fight a war for their beliefs, they did.

Punks like these in SF are nothing more than rats; they scurry at the first sign of opposition. They are a vulgar effigy of the founding fathers and should be shot on sight, no questions asked. Call it social Darwinism if you like, or weeding out the chaff. Either way they don't belong in civilized society.

I don't understand how hold... (Below threshold)

I don't understand how holding a protest in the Mission District and destroying proprty that is largely minority owned is beneficial to the cause? Do the protestors really think that this sort of action is going to destroy capitalism? They have even lost the symbolism that these actions are suppose to uphold. I don't understand how becoming violent (not with people but with property) is helping forward the movement away from capitalism and this police state we live in? It seems to me that if you directed your negative energies towards educating the youth of tomorrow, real change could be made. Take pride in yourself and what you do. It may get you laid in some activist circles but ask yourself, are these actions really productive?

What did this cop do to the... (Below threshold)

What did this cop do to them? The people who beat him are just plain Mean!






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