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Florida Storm Victims Tortured


Florida residents who flocked to Pensacola area storm shelters to escape hurricane Dennis were treated to physical and mental torture, Tempus Fugit has learned. The conditions endured by shelter patrons closely mirrored the torture that has been occurring at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In addition, the food served at the storm shelter was not tailored for each person's ethnic and religious requirements, a perk that even the Guantanamo Bay torture facilities manage to provide. One elderly man died in a Florida storm shelter. Guantanamo Bay has had no such fatalities. According to the New York Times, patrons of the storm shelter were forced to sleep on concrete floors and were subjected to frigid temperatures brought on by air conditioning units that were set intentionally low.


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Comments (6)

Priceless.I've cha... (Below threshold)


I've changed my mind - sometimes attack is not the best defense :) Humorous ridicule is. Now if we can just get the moonbats and all Islamic fanatics to watch some Victor Borge videos, and lighten up, everyone can get on with life.

Ah, the Great Dane. That do... (Below threshold)

Ah, the Great Dane. That does bring back memories.

who else would put a seatbe... (Below threshold)

who else would put a seatbelt on his piano bench?

How long before someone com... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

How long before someone complains that if we hadn't wasted all that money in Iraq we could have better facilities for these people?

Heh, yeah, the hurricane wa... (Below threshold)

Heh, yeah, the hurricane was urinating on their Korans, heheh.

I can't lighten up as much as BR'd like though; I'm still laying awake at night.

- What's wrong, dear?
- It's the stem cells. I hear their cries.

Some people have not been a... (Below threshold)

Some people have not been able to build back after Ivan and these shelters are truly makeshift at best. Gitmo would look good to some of those in shelters right now for at least they will not wake up with the floor flooded and have water for flushing the Koran. No water is bad.






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