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Headline Of The Day

Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims March in London to Denounce Terrorist Attacks


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Comments (6)

I can't help it, my first t... (Below threshold)

I can't help it, my first thought was, "waaa, waaaaa..."

Seriously, the problem is their ideology. Unless they confront their own, they only have themselves to blame. As will everyone else who is sick of Islama terrorism.

911, Beslan, Madrid, now Lo... (Below threshold)

911, Beslan, Madrid, now London........just what atrocity would it take for these slugs to take to the streets in mass and renounce the carnage done in the name of their religion? I mean just as a show of solidarity and sympathy for the victims. Oh, and have you seen any world council of immams convened to publically denounce the violence either? Any fatwa issued against Bin Laden?

The silence is deafening.

There are two reasons for t... (Below threshold)

There are two reasons for the overwhelming silence.

Greater fear of the terrorist than us. Remember these terrorists aren't exactly fighting to establish a free and open society.

They want to see the same ends that the terrorist are seeking, despite rejecting their methods.

Well, John, Muslim populati... (Below threshold)

Well, John, Muslim populations in America,Spain, France, Germany and England are free any day to organize a Muslim Million Man march to denounce the terrorism in Allah's name with little fear of reprisals. And this is an easy task in the age of the internet. They can take out a full page newspaper ad for starters.

I'll repeat again, their silence is deafening.

Could it be that the adherents of this Death Cult haven't anything better to substitute it with? Is it a refusal to ask some hard painful questions about your religion's basic tenents? Are Islam's victims lesser humans to most of them? Are Muslims so brainwashed reformation is impossible?

Answers to these questions are going to become increasingly obligatory as the carnage increases if we are going to protect ourselves and children.

Wow, it is amazing that som... (Below threshold)
Joe Mama:

Wow, it is amazing that some people find the subject funny. I see nothing funny about killing innocent people.

I musta' missed the funny c... (Below threshold)

I musta' missed the funny comments, Joe Mama. I don't read anyone finding "fun" in the issue...just having a hard time understanding why Muslims (anywhere, everywhere) aren't taking steps to identify among their numbers those people who are murdering madmen/women, and then doing something to penalize or at least encourage them to stop their murdering mad acts (that'd be a place to start, in my estimation).

We hear/read about many comments by Muslims that attempt to chastise others as to not being judgemental about their religion, their behaviors, but it seems that they are targeting and concerned about entirely the wrong people, when they should be at least working with others to locate and stop murdering madness by some of their own.

I agree with Paul and that is, the silence is deafening.






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