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Trivia Tidbit Of The Day -- MEDIA BIAS.

Over at WILLisms.com, I have a daily feature I call the "Trivia Tidbit Of The Day (today's: stock ownership)." It's not the best name for the series, as most are not exactly trivial, and many are not even tidbits at all.

But I digress.

In past trivia tidbits, I've noted the studies conducted by the non-partisan Center for Media and Public Affairs (CMPA) on media bias ["Presidential Campaign Coverage Since 1984"; "Media Coverage Of Reagan vs. Gorbachev"; "Media Bias On Social Security"].

Well, the CMPA has analyzed the media coverage of President Bush's first 100 days of his second term. Unsurprisingly, network media coverage of the Commander-in-Chief was overwhelmingly negative (.pdf):


Other findings from the study (.pdf):

* Overall, 67% of network coverage of the President was negative.
* Four years ago, Bush's negative coverage was 71%.
* In Clinton's first 100 days in 1993, negative coverage was 59%.

There was also less coverage of President Bush than before:

* 619 stories about President Bush in 2001.
* 250 stories about President Bush in 2005 (a decline of 40%).

On the issues:

* Foreign policy coverage = 58% negative.
* Domestic policy coverage = 77% negative.
* Social Security reform coverage = 78% negative.
* Iraq coverage = 71% negative.

Inevitably, this kind of exercise has a degree of error and subjectivity, but read the methodology of the CMPA before dismissing their findings. They use a research tool called "reliability," which simply means that individuals must come to the same conclusions, independently, based on an objective set of criteria. It's actually far less subjective than you might imagine.

The Washington Times has more on the network negativity.

Will Franklin biases the media at WILLisms.com.


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Comments (8)

Re:There was also less cove... (Below threshold)

Re:There was also less coverage of President Bush than before:
* 619 stories about President Bush in 2001.
* 250 stories about President Bush in 2005 (a decline of 40%).

Never satisfied. The positive part of this story is that Bush had less negative stories written about him.

Also, if he wants less negative stories he should:
1. Improve his approach to solving the SS issue.
2. Change the Generals in charge in Iraq.
It's obvious to most everyone else that they're not up to the task...ie "improving the situation.
3. Shut down the internet.
Without all the bloggers giving attention to DSM and
and how the admin used WMD as a pretext to attack Iraq the conservative MSM never would have picked up the stories.
4. Give Bush's brain a vacation until the investigation over the Plame leak is complete.

...the conservative MSM.... (Below threshold)

...the conservative MSM...

How's the weather on your planet, Fran?

Fran wrote: "3. Sh... (Below threshold)

Fran wrote:

"3. Shut down the internet."

Ah, now there's that classic open-mindedness we've come to know and love from our liberal friends. She sounds like one of the bad guys from Scooby-Doo, "if it weren't for those meddling kids..." But it's more like this:

"If they hadn't exposed the emtpiness of the DSM, we would have gotten away with it...."

We are the Thelma and Fred to their Mr. (insert Scooby-Doo villan name here).

Fran is an fine example of ... (Below threshold)

Fran is an fine example of the average Democrat/moveon.org supporter nowdays. You know, the ones they told to hide all their BDS t-shirts because they want average people to think that they are "just like them". The thing is that they are so deranged that they can not see that it isn't going to work. They can not hide their BDS any more then a rabid dog can hide the foam at the mouth. They like to claim that they are the "reality based" ones. Well, a guy having a bad acid trip thinks that all the stuff he is seeing is "reality based", too. Guess we know where all the people who took the brown acid at Woodstock ended up-at moveon.org, the DNC and places like DU and Kos.

Most of the sane people left the Democratic party about 4 years ago. The few that are left are the ones who were trying to stem the tide of the insanity, but I suspect that they have just about given up and will be "moving on" themselves. Then the inmates will truly be running the asylum. At the rate the Democrats and their supporters are going the Democratic party will be as dead as the Whig party is in about 10 years.

No need to guess why ABC, C... (Below threshold)

No need to guess why ABC, CBS, and NBC are never watched (other than some local news) in my home. Also cancelled all papers that involve Media General. The local paper can't understand why i cancelled and talked several others into doing the same. Guess they really don't read their own propaganda, just pass the garbage on down the line.

Forgot about USA Today. I n... (Below threshold)

Forgot about USA Today. I notified them i would never buy another one of their rags months ago. Today's news was another good reason to disregard anything they print. Seems some nutty columnist said on a TV program that the President was a terrorist, and the U.S. was a terrorists country. It's east to figure out Julianne Malveaux is a creapy liar. If the President was a terrorist she would be sleeping with Jimmy Hoffa today. Maybe she should be but i've never heard of the nut before. If you buy/read USA Today you should notify them to "never" print another of her columns. If the President is really a terrorist she may not be the only one to wake up sleeping with the sea turtles. LMAO at these nuts.

It's not just the news eith... (Below threshold)

It's not just the news either, as Govindini Murty points out:

Hollywood's box office has hit the skids, and the entertainment media are in overdrive trying to explain why. The most obvious explanation for box office malaise is consistently overlooked: Hollywood's ruling liberal elites keep going out of their way to offend half their audience.

Constant gibes about Republicans, Christians, conservatives and the military litter today's movies and award show presentations like so many pieces of trash on theater floors. ...

Hollywood could turn things around, but that might mean tolerating films with pro-conservative themes. Hollywood liberals are so consumed with hatred for George W. Bush and the right, they would rather go down with the ship than allow a conservative message. The result is a creative paralysis in which liberals are out of ideas and have to resort to endless sequels and remakes — while conservatives who have new ideas aren't allowed into the mix. ...

A conservative writer/director friend was developing a script last year about the Iraq war and the capture of Saddam Hussein. My friend says that after $500,000 was spent developing the project, the studio head pulled the plug because, as he put it, any movie depicting the capture of Hussein might help Bush.

Another writer/producer friend, a former president of a major industry association, said that immediately after Sept. 11 he wanted to do a pro-American project that denounced Islamic terrorism — but none of his colleagues would support it.

And my husband, Jason Apuzzo, and I wanted to make a film that depicted the realities of Islamo-fascism. Our script featured positive and negative Muslim characters (I was to play the lead positive Muslim character), and did the rounds of various independent production companies.

The script received great feedback but encountered a stumbling block when creative executives expressed concern that our Muslim terrorists "weren't sympathetic enough." They wanted us to "explain the terrorists' motivations more."

Re: Darleen's entire post (... (Below threshold)

Re: Darleen's entire post (July 11, 2005 10:59 PM)

Calling Rupert Murdoch. I'm sensing business venture here since Hollywon't cannot muster the fortitutde to steer away from the iceberg.

I usually assume that money trumps everything, especially hypocritical stars and their sycophants. (Not all, just a disproportionate many.) To hear of a "studio head pull[ing] the plug because ... any movie depicting the capture of Hussein might help Bush" in such an open manner (no PC semantics there) makes me reconsider such an assumption even if anecdotal.

The traditional (heh, what a misapplied term) media is decidedly biased, has been for ages, and gets more exposed at an increasing rate. Conversely, alternative media continues to soak up every leaking demographic. There is a momentum and I wonder if traditional media in all of its forms will be able to staunch the flow. I have my doubts.

I understand that some land may open up in New Hampshire, so maybe Hollywould NorthEast will develope.

I've migrated from the big-three traditionals to cable and am much better informed. The internet picks up any slack and it is always at the fingertips for research. AB|NB|CBS are now dinosaurs. Hollywood may join in the extinction though it might be rather (no pun intended) drawn out.






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