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I Have The Golden Ticket

This doesn't quite measure up to some of the pictures Kevin has posted in recent months, but here ya go anyway:


What, exactly, is the point of Britney Spears' shirt, there?


Incidentally, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is getting decent reviews thus far.

Will Franklin owns and operates WILLisms.com.

Comments (17)

That shirt reminds me of Ja... (Below threshold)

That shirt reminds me of Japanese t-shirts that have badly translated English on them.

I was thinking the same thi... (Below threshold)

I was thinking the same thing. Or one of those shirts you could buy at the mall in 1995.

The ones that say "Free Rides" or "My Better Half" or whatever.

I was thinking her husband ... (Below threshold)

I was thinking her husband Cletus there should have been wearing the shirt with the arrow pointing over at her. It would have been an improvement over that "last night's pajamas" ensemble he's sporting.

The more I look at it (and ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

The more I look at it (and that's NOT an easy thing to do), the more I'm convinced that it actually says "I HATE the Golden Ticket."


Congratulations to the happ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Congratulations to the happy couple. They have the hardest part of starting a family behind them. They had to to fuck each other.

I was going to say what TC ... (Below threshold)

I was going to say what TC said already. What a pair.

Perhaps she is referring to... (Below threshold)

Perhaps she is referring to a lower area... is she really a blonde all the way?

It's my understanding that ... (Below threshold)

It's my understanding that she wore the shirt to the opening of the Willy Wonka remake. Given that the Golden Ticket, in the end, represented Charlie's obtaining of dream fulfillment, one might conclude that Britney, particularly in light of her many remarks about wanting to be a mother, feels that her unborn child represents the same.

Of course, whether she would put that much thought into it is beyond me.

Andy:Don't you mea... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:


Don't you mean "whether she COULD put that much thought ..."

I are a native Texan and pr... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I are a native Texan and proud of it. But I've always been able to laugh at some of our strange ways. Although it's grown a bit old, I really got a kick out of Jeff Foxworthy's "If.........., you may be a redneck". Lately, every time I see a picture of this lovely couple, I envision a caption "If you are either of the people in this picture, you may be a redneck."

You guys who are implying t... (Below threshold)

You guys who are implying that you wouldn't fall down on your knees in front of that "golden ticket" are full of shit.

Well, I already knew I was ... (Below threshold)

Well, I already knew I was full of it but nope, ain't touching it (knocked up or not) with a 10 foot pole.

That 'shirt' is only a shir... (Below threshold)

That 'shirt' is only a shirt because she's pregant, and has gotten a fair bit bigger around the bust and waist.

In fact, previously, she used to wear it as a dress, in which case, the inscription made more sense.

Remember...deep down britta... (Below threshold)

Remember...deep down brittany is still Louisianna trailor trash and the shirt motto is often true....babies bring in more welfare handouts. She's trash to the bone.

BTW: What happened to her titties....

You guys who are implyin... (Below threshold)

You guys who are implying that you wouldn't fall down on your knees in front of that "golden ticket" are full of shit.

You've got it backwards, Craig. Not being full of it makes me want to stay away from her "golden ticket." If I were full of it, one more stain wouldn't make a difference.

I found that Britney Spears... (Below threshold)

I found that Britney Spears I have the golden ticket t-shirt here: http://www.graffitiusa.com/

Ha ha ha.. As it turned out... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha.. As it turned out, the baby was KEVIN'S golden ticket...






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