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Relativism On The Left

Oh wow...

Semi-regular USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux said Monday that President Bush is "a terrorist" and that America is "a terrorist nation."

In an interview that began with Malveaux accusing U.S. troops of "beating" terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, the controversial author and economist told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity: "Terrorism in the United States is as old as we are. You want me to give you a litany of terrorism? You want me to start with what's happened to the Indian population? You want to go on to what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921?"

"C'mon now, Sean," Malveaux told Hannity. "We are terrorists."

Asked point-blank if the U.S. was a "terrorist nation," Malveaux shot back: "Oh, Absolutely."


"You know they weren't there. I know they weren't there," she told Hannity. "George W. Bush is evil. He is a terrorist. He is evil. He is arrogant. And he is out of control."

Meanwhile the politically correct BBC can't bring itself to call the bombings in london terror attacks nor refer to their perpatrators as terrorists.

What a crazy world we live in, no?


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Comments (11)

Hey, Julianne! There's a b... (Below threshold)

Hey, Julianne! There's a bit of a difference between nations that look at there pasts and try not to repeat the bad (USA, UK, etc.) and those, like Saudi Arabia and North Korea, that actively practice evil with enthusiasm and have no regard for any history that differs from what they want people to hear.

Whoops. Used the "evil" word. I'll have to go to moral-equivalency reeducation camp now......

Please tell me Hannity didn... (Below threshold)

Please tell me Hannity didn't pay her. Scroll down and check out her fee schedule at the bottom.


Thanks to the Internets, th... (Below threshold)

Thanks to the Internets, this interview will be the most memorable thing, that this retard has ever done.

The highlight of her career.

I wouldn't trust her to tell me the time anymore.

History will judge all the liberals turned moonbats after 9/11+2 weeks harshly.

Hey someone had to take up ... (Below threshold)

Hey someone had to take up the reigns for that other arrogant blowhard Susan Sontag

<a href="http://thinkingwom... (Below threshold)
Here's that Iraqi's blog. Y... (Below threshold)

Here's that Iraqi's blog. Yep. He's a creep. A real slap in the face to us. My guess is that he is an unrepentant Baathist.


I heard this exchange. It m... (Below threshold)

I heard this exchange. It made my blood boil.

Any American, irrepective of your opinion of the War in Iraq, would call this woman a crackpot wacko. She would not even admit to America being a great country. Certified nutjob.

What's relative about hatin... (Below threshold)

What's relative about hating the US? The Left hates America. It isn't a question of relativsim.

"Somebody needs to get Mr. ... (Below threshold)
Improbulus Maximus:

"Somebody needs to get Mr. X a teddy bear. What's wrong hunny, did a big bad lefty take your lunch money and you've never gotten over it. Or are you upset because you're sexually repressed and that we get laid so often? I love America. I do my best fucking here.
Posted by: whocares"

Yeah keep it up moron, you and your kind are on the endangered species list. You won't feel so smug with your guts hanging out, will you?

Yeah keep it up moron, y... (Below threshold)

Yeah keep it up moron, you and your kind are on the endangered species list. You won't feel so smug with your guts hanging out, will you?



whocares mentions...... (Below threshold)
Mark Flacy:

whocares mentions...

"I do my best fucking here."

Really? Where do you get your goats?






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