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A little slice of history

Whenever a new business opens, it seems a tradition to frame the first dollar (or whatever bill is handed over first) by the register. And when that new business is something like a pizza place, the in-fighting for that first pie can be ugly.

Toss 'N Sauce of Hampstead, NH decided to avoid the problems of determining who would get that first pizza in a rather novel way. They're putting it up on EBay.

The bidding started at the menu list price of $7.70, but it's already up to $46.00 as of tonight. And they've decided that whatever they win to the Jimmy Fund.

They're out the cost of the pizza and the shipping, but they've already made tons more in free publicity and good will. I don't get over to Hampstead too often, but I might have to swing by and have a slice or two some time. Ingenuity like theirs ought to be rewarded.


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