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Well folks, I'm calling it quits with this guest blogging gig. Its a bit premature, I know, but I'm leaving town until Friday which also happens to be the day that Kevin is returning and will no longer be needing my services.

I've very much enjoyed my time here. Kevin has built a wonderful site here, with a large readership and a solid core group of interesting commenters. I can only hope that you all have enjoyed my posts as much as I've enjoyed reading your feedback to them.

If you did enjoy my posts here you should consider stopping by my blog, Say Anything, and adding it to your reading list or blogroll. Because I have no social life and don't sleep I post there pretty much all the time, seven days a week. I also have a fairly decent sized commenting community and we get into some good discussions. If you enjoy Wizbang you'll probably enjoy Say Anything.

Anyway, I'd like to thank Kevin for the opportunity to post my writings to his audience. Like I said, its been fun. I'm just sorry I have to duck out early.

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.

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Thank YOU, Rob, for your ex... (Below threshold)

Thank YOU, Rob, for your excellent contributions to this site, and thanks to Kevin for having you guest-post. I'm a regular reader, but not a regular commenter. You guys say it so much better than I.

Blogrolled it is. Thanks f... (Below threshold)

Blogrolled it is. Thanks for the time and effort.

Enjoyed your work here, Rob... (Below threshold)

Enjoyed your work here, Rob.

You're super!I've ... (Below threshold)

You're super!

I've bookmarked your site.

It's not adieu, the 24-hour party simply expands :)

Hey I know you!!! Ain't you... (Below threshold)

Hey I know you!!! Ain't you that guy who owns and operates "say anything" ?

And many thanks for your wise and fatherly reflections upon our young planet and its hopeful inhabitants.

Sorry to see you go. But I... (Below threshold)

Sorry to see you go. But I'll keep reading your blog (It's already in my aggregator).


Nice contributions, Rob. Be... (Below threshold)

Nice contributions, Rob. Been to your site before, will return. It's a shame you can't do anything while you "Say Anything". See you around.

Rob, you've done yeoman's w... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Rob, you've done yeoman's work here at Wizbang. I'd doff my hat to you, but it's too damned sunny and my head's too un-hirsute that I'd risk sunburn.

I can't speak for Kevin, but personally, if we ever need another guest to cover a shortcoming, I'd cheerfully recommend you again.


Hee, I hope Kevin's vacatio... (Below threshold)

Hee, I hope Kevin's vacation was more than a short coming.

It's been a pleasure bloggi... (Below threshold)

It's been a pleasure blogging with ya.

It's been great reading wha... (Below threshold)

It's been great reading what you have to say. I hope they ask you back someday and I will continue reading you on your blog. Thanks.

grat job wngngut!... (Below threshold)

grat job wngngut!

Hmmm.You did a gre... (Below threshold)


You did a great job. Good luck man!






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