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Screw Abortion

The Washington chapter of NARAL has a message for you:

Screw Abstinence

The American Princess responds:

Yes, I understand that eventually "I'm waiting" beccomes "What the hell for?" if you aren't in the minority of people who enter into marriage upon your high school graduation, and in reality, telling children to "just say no" without a little explanation, and a little "working knowledge," in a world that innundates them with sex from the moment that they wake up in the morning is a pretty archaic way of viewing society. But this constant attempt to divorce sex from any kind of meaning is growing ever more crude.

After all, that's what it is. Once you separate sex from love, or even feeling substituting the idea that sex is power, you've finally achieved equality with men. Never mind that its with the chauvanists.

Ah, well, what did abstinence ever do anyway? The only way to not have a baby is, of course, have an abortion.

My question is this: If we aren't teaching kids abstinence, what are we teaching them?


Of course, "Screw Abstinence" parties would be a great place for to pick up chicks.

Rob Port is the owner and operator of Say Anything.


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Comments (10)

Good post. When yo... (Below threshold)

Good post.

When you have Beyonce shaking her arse, banging out Jay-Z and talking about she needs a 'Solja' IE street hustla, and she is supposed to be one of the 'good girls'...

Christina Aguilara, singing songs like dirt, in panties and leather chaps, sticking her arse on any guy that moves, then doing an interview saying, "she is empowering women"...

And libs talking about, "we don't need abstinence education" just sex education, stick a condom on banana, and make sure you don't get an STD, but if you get pregnant just get it sucked out of you.

We are doomed!

This has gotten comp... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

This has gotten completely absurd, first the Democrats come out against a Social Security plan that hasn't been written, now they are opposed to justices that haven't been nominated...

How in the Hell can anyone take them seriously?

They really depraved part i... (Below threshold)

They really depraved part is that their defiance campaign is really directed at the 12 to 18 year old crowd.

Face it, adults over age 21 don't need a slogan of defiance.

For a full report on "skank... (Below threshold)

For a full report on "skankiness", "pop tarts" and "how to become a public whore", I suggest reading this book: Porn Generation. Explains and exposes today's sex-obsessed society.

Yet another embarrassment t... (Below threshold)

Yet another embarrassment to this Seattlelite and Washingtonian. I feel the overwhelming need to apologize for the following:

1.) Our gubernatorial race
2.) "Baghdad" Jim McDermott
3.) Screw Abstinence
4.) Sen. Patty "Osama's a good guy" Murray
5.) Judges ruling against free speech by talk show radio hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson
6.) The Sonics uniforms
7.) New "Monorail" math. In short: "..the (monorail) agency would pay more than $9 billion in interest over 45 years on $2.26 billion project in short- and long-term debt, for a total cost of $11.4 billion." OK, this doesn't affect you all. But car tabs went from $70 2 years ago to $313 that I paid last Saturday. Have sympathy.

I can only take solace in knowing that things are worse in San Francisco.

The Left is using sex to se... (Below threshold)

The Left is using sex to sell itself. The media, has always projected the Left as permissive and the Right as restrictive. Just watch MTV. It's a healthy mix of exploitation and liberalism.

Why? Because for people in the early teens and well into their twenties, the most powerful force in their life is SEX. With sex you can grab young teanagers' attention just as they've started to become aware of the world and politics. Now you can tell them about all the virtues of being the Left side and all the evils of being on the Right side. Not only that, but you can reinforce it be telling them that the Left wants them to have as much sex as they can find and the Right wants to take free sex away from them.

To have as much sex as you can find requires abortion as a safety net against pregnancy. Pregnancy puts a real damper on having casual sex for those girls with a brain.

So basically abortion is integral in the Left's recruiting practices.

Whoa- just like to point ou... (Below threshold)

Whoa- just like to point out for the logic-challenged people, abortion doesn't make you "not have a baby"- abortion just makes you have one of the dead types of babies out there- as opposed to a living one.

Having an abortion isn't like waving a magical fairy wand over your belly and *poof!* the baby is gone! No- it's more like shoving the wand up your hoo-ha, and then pulling out sliced up baby parts. Not pretty.

To have as much sex as y... (Below threshold)

To have as much sex as you can find requires abortion as a safety net against pregnancy.

I think there may be some other methods available.

Mantis, there are indeed ot... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

Mantis, there are indeed other methods available. The absolute BEST method is abstinence from all sexual activity until you are married, and only then with the person to whom you are married.

Screw NARAL and the horses they rode in on.

Abstinence is the method to... (Below threshold)

Abstinence is the method to use if you want to have lots of sex without getting pregnant? That would be a neat trick.






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