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A migrant worker story with a happy ending

Earlier this week, I wrote about two stories of aliens seeking work in New Hampshire -- one of them illegally, who was living high on the hog until he was caught, and the other a group of three who came here legally, but found their jobs had disappeared.

As I had hoped at the time, the news of the three Romanian medical students' plight did not fall on deaf ears. After the story broke, they were deluged with job offers. And now they are up in Pittsburg, NH, working at the Mountain View Cabins & Campground.

I don't think I've been to Pittsburg specifically -- I grew up in the North Country, but about 100 miles south of there, and Pittsburg is near the corner where New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada meet -- but I've been up in that general area before. It's truly beautiful country, very woodsy and mountainous and quiet. I think they'll enjoy their time as guests of the Granite State, and hope they'll come back.

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...hope they'll come bac... (Below threshold)

...hope they'll come back.

Heh, they may not leave.

The happy campground employ... (Below threshold)

The happy campground employee and that second article (your link, second one) does not mention any illegality to any of the Romanians.

Such that, by reading that second article, it sounds like a happy fun time was had by all.

That one is illegal ought to be publicized in association with that employer, because it's people who employ illegal immigrants who are also to blame in this issue.

What was the name of that employer again?

Oh, yeah: MOUNTAIN VIEW CABINS AND CAMPGROUNDS in Pittsburgh, New Hampshire, who is employing an illegal immigrant.

At least, that's what I got from your first comments. We Americans always try to help out and think the best of everyone but it's the cost to others that these happy fun time employers denigrate and insult: the huge costs to the country caused by illegal immigration.

All of us can understand on a humane level the plight and problems of anyone wanting a better life or general residence improvements. But, the illegal immigration issue abuses those understandings. Not to mention costs the country billions of dollars.

An odd coincidence, however... (Below threshold)

An odd coincidence, however:

The first story of the illegal immigrant...the guy was living in Waltham, Massachusetts.

The second story of the students pending legitimacy...they are from Romania.

Coincidentally: the worst spamming via trackback and referral spam originates in Waltham, Massachusetts and Romania.

Just something to think about.

Jay writes to me how I have... (Below threshold)

Jay writes to me how I have misunderstood the facts here...guy from Mexico was illegal immigrant, people from Romania were not...

Sorry, my fault from reading too much in too little time.

However, I think that most of us get sidetracked about illegal immigration issues by responding to humane pleas for helps and other human-interest stories, wanting to help and aid other in need and thus, we get often taken for granted about the entire issue that is often exploited by illegal immigration accordingly.

As I wrote to Jay Tea, I was trusting about a certain level of public presentation until I realized that the moving company called "Starving Students" represents neither students nor starving humanity. And who charge highly for their deeds.

Just saying, not everything related to today's immigration area is happy fun times...and that I'm no longer quick to feel sympathetic for the "I just want a better life" response. I mean, so do I but I'm not out robbing banks or moving in without "papers" into people's houses because I want to live well.






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