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Quote of the Day II - Tortured Logic Edition

Another summation of the crumbling Rove-Novak story:

Hmmm. So let me get this straight: Karl Rove sought to retaliate against American patriot Joe Wilson by illegally and unethically "outing" his covert CIA "operative" wife (and to hear Democrats like Harry Reid tell it, AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR NATION'S VERY SECURITY!)--and he did all this by... waiting for both Robert Novak and Matt Cooper to contact him...?

Man. The Force is strong with this one.

Jeff Goldstien providing move prospective at Protein Wisdom


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Comments (14)

Or as we on Conservative Un... (Below threshold)

Or as we on Conservative Underground are fond of saying about liberals who are still desperately hanging on to this latest non-scandal:

"The stupid is strong in this one."

You forgot about the mind m... (Below threshold)

You forgot about the mind meld thing he musta used to make them contact him.

Come on...this isn't hard.


Yeah, and I bet Karl Rove e... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and I bet Karl Rove even has one of those big, plastic "chin holder" thingies on his phone receiver in his office. And uses it!

I quoted Capt. Ed in <a hre... (Below threshold)

I quoted Capt. Ed in my post this morning, "Unless Rove wanted to set records for the laziest but most efficient character assassination in political history, waiting around for two different journalists to call him on unrelated matters and hoping that they mentioned Wilson doesn’t sound like a very effective way to wreak revenge on a political opponent."

This is a trumped-up scanda... (Below threshold)

This is a trumped-up scandal which is falling apart rapidly. In fact, Joe Wilson told Wolf Blitzer that his wife was NOT a covert operation. A real former CIA covert operative will be on "Hannity & Colmes" to say there's nothing covert about Valerie Plame.

Also -- and here's how stupid elected Democrats are -- some Democrats went to the Library of Congress to see if there was anything existing that they could use to impeach Rove. What a bunch of morons. You can impeach a president. A judge. But impeach a deputy chief of staff? Are they on drugs or just plain stupid?

The country must be told the truth: Democrats on the whole are too stupid to have political power. Heck, some of them are too stupid to live.

Also -- by the way -- National Review Online reports that there's a good chance the original leaker is Joe Wilson through The Nation's lunatic leftie David Corn.

Look for another way defeat... (Below threshold)

Look for another way defeat the Evil Rove, you must.

Jim...I've been thinking it... (Below threshold)

Jim...I've been thinking it was Wilson who is involved in espionage all along...thanks for that link suggestion (which I'll go look for).

Gee, someone else said a wh... (Below threshold)

Gee, someone else said a while back that it was more likely Wilson that leaked Plame to bolster his own credibility. That guy must have been a genius.

-S-,The author was... (Below threshold)


The author was just on the Mark Levin Show on WABC talking about Wilson and Corn. The author is Cliff May.


It might have been me, bull... (Below threshold)

It might have been me, bullwinkle, becasue I've been opining that about Wilson consistently -- for as long as I've been reading his ongoing statemetns and watching him deliver some of them (since about summer 2004, as to my suspicions about Wilson).

Although I'm no genius and I'm not a guy.

-S-, it was me. In the comm... (Below threshold)

-S-, it was me. In the comments here just a while back I speculated that Wilson outed her to make it look like he inside info. It's the only thing that ever made sense. For someone looking to say Wilson lacked ability or credibility to point out that his wife was CIA and working in the WMD section wouldn't be scoring any points. My money is still on Wilson telling a reporter he was "connected" to make his case.

Well, bullwinkle, great min... (Below threshold)

Well, bullwinkle, great minds think alike.


I know! Valerie Plame is a... (Below threshold)

I know! Valerie Plame is actually Lucy Ramirez -- the mysterious informant who passed Bill Burkett the forged Killian memos!

It all makes perfect sense!

Phinn, be careful, you are ... (Below threshold)

Phinn, be careful, you are threatening National Security...






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