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So long ... farewell ...

I was going to close with a long, drawn-out au revoir, complete with musings on the state of politics, but I think I'll make it short.

I'm taking my leave as well ... I hope that all of you enjoyed our little encounter. It's been fun for me, too, getting to know the individuals who populate the ecosystem called "Wizbang." You'll likely see me hanging around in comments occasionally, but if you just can't get enough of my blogging, I am always at Pennywit.com.


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Don’t let the door hit your... (Below threshold)

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, comrade.

Ha! It was fun….

Geeeez, jmaster. Chill. P... (Below threshold)

Geeeez, jmaster. Chill. Pennywit's cool.

My comment was a joke, and ... (Below threshold)

My comment was a joke, and I am sure PW knew that. We have chatted a few times.

For the record, I actually enjoyed some of his posts here.

But cool? I wouldn’t go THAT far….

Naw, Joe's right -- Pennywi... (Below threshold)

Naw, Joe's right -- Pennywit is cool -- for an America-hating leftie.

(I kid. I'm a kidder. PW, it's always a pleasure -- especially in contrast to some of the lefty commenters here.)

Penny, it's been great havi... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Penny, it's been great having you posting you here. I was hoping that having someone who is so out of step with the routine around here would shake things up, revitalize things, and you certainly did that quite nicely. When one's positions are not regularly challenged (in a REASONABLE manner), it's easy to grow complacent and lazy. It's people like you that keep me on my toes.


Yep, fer a pinko-n-yella' c... (Below threshold)

Yep, fer a pinko-n-yella' commie subversive lying liar, he don't make me wretch uncontrollably.

See ya' at your node of propaganda, er, blog, comrade. It's been fun. Hopefully some extra rubles and kopecks will flow into your piggie - you hypocritical capitalist pig.


Your friend and loyal nemesis,
A. Driveler

PS - And thanks for bringing some sanity from the Left side of the aisle. May your tone and insight infiltrate their collective positions.

Thanks for the compliments ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the compliments and the memories. Meanwhile, I return to the Pennycave to plot the downfall of American civilization.


Well, at least _I_ got the ... (Below threshold)

Well, at least _I_ got the Family Guy reference... :)






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