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Oh, well, it was a lovely idea...

A while ago, all the world was abuzz about a developer's idea to apply the Supreme Court's ruling in the Kelo case and take Justice David Souter's home for a planned Lost Liberties Hotel.

There was a tremendous surge of enthusiasm for this idea when it was first proposed, but now it appears that it might have all been just a cheap PR ploy. Today the Union Leader of Manchester, NH decided to follow up on the story, and it turns out that Mr. Clements hasn't done anything beyond his initial press release. Weare officials responded to him, outlining just what steps he would have to take (along with expressing their own initial distaste for the it), but they haven't heard back from him in a couple of weeks.

What a shame. I think I would have scraped up a few pennies and spent a night there myself, had it actually been built.

(Update: OK, I think I know where I screwed up the page. It seems OK now.)

(Thanks to Will Franklin for inspiring me to use Google Earth to obtain the above image, and repeated thanks for his helping classy up this place over the last few weeks)


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ahhhhh the sidebar is all m... (Below threshold)

ahhhhh the sidebar is all messed up! My eyes!

(I'm on Safari on a Mac... I believe this has happened before, but I can't remember when)

It's screwy in Opera on my ... (Below threshold)

It's screwy in Opera on my Wintel as well...

Bad on Firefox as well, but... (Below threshold)

Bad on Firefox as well, but skillfull use of the 'remove this object' extension will redender it readable.


Firefox, the only way to fly!

Although even firefox will ... (Below threshold)

Although even firefox will not correct fat-fingered spelling: "but skillfull use of the 'remove this object' extension will render it readable."


Digitally challenged and proud of it!

Anyone still having problem... (Below threshold)

Anyone still having problems.

No, it looks fine now.... (Below threshold)

No, it looks fine now.

Actually, he was interviewe... (Below threshold)
Dave S:

Actually, he was interviewed on 540 AM (local here in Orlando) yesterday afternoon, and he seemed to be pressing forward with the Lost Liberty Inn.

He said that he hasn't filed any paperwork yet because he wants it to be done right. Before he files an official notice of intent (or whatever) he wants to have a developer with hotel experience ready to go and a complete business plan drawn up with funding. Having a real plan (as opposed to what looks like a publicity stunt) will improve his chances.

He sounds legit to me. He is very up front about his intentions... for-profit advocacy. He doesn't hide that.

Cool, I want him to ... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Cool, I want him to kick Souter to the curb so bad.

one thing I noticed with Go... (Below threshold)

one thing I noticed with Google Earth is that NH has crappy images... check out TerraServer for something easier to see (http://www.terraserver.com/imagery/image_gx.asp?cpx=-71.673563&cpy=43.111191&res=8&provider_id=305)

TerraServer has been around for ever but Google sure blows it away...

Just had to show you what t... (Below threshold)

Just had to show you what the fact-checkers at local ABC station WJLA reported from the Virginia Assembly.


Yes... Imminent Domain.






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