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Geeking Out

So I've been away for a while, and I'm getting back into the swing of things. What have I been doing on my time off? Mostly geeking out...

  • First, I've switched RSS readers (something I'm loath to do) from SharpReader to JetBrains Omea Reader 2.0 (Release Candidate 2). Don't let the mindbendingly lame name fool you, Omea is, in my opinion, the best newsreader on the market. It's actually more of a personal information store on steroids, since it has features well beyond basic RSS and Atom feed reading. SharpReader users who have tired of the slow performance under load will welcome the fact that Omea natively imports your subscribed feeds. Make sure you get the 2.0 version of Omea Reader, you won't be sorry...
  • Second, I've been beta testing Movable Type 3.2. Ben, Mena, Anil, Jay, Brad, and the rest of the SixApart crew are to be commended for releasing a public beta of the product, and especially for adding features that benefit their user base. The list of new features is very long (over 100 according to SA), you can get a taste for them here. The beta is available here.
  • Third, I've been messing with the code to the Individual Archives to eliminate the delay in trackbacks showing up on posts. There's now way to do it in MT (short of converting to the archive pages to dynamic publishing), because the page rebuild process is what updates the trackback listings. Using a bit of PHP code and SQL code from ScriptyGoddess is all it takes to display trackbacks in real-time on the Individual Archive pages.
  • Fourth, I've been deeply involved in site redesign. I can't say too much more about it right now, but expect rollout near the end of August. It will be a major evolutionary step for Wizbang.
Thanks to Rob, Pennywit, Mary Katherine, and Will for guest blogging. They were all excellent!


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Comments (10)

Thanks for having me, Kevin... (Below threshold)

Thanks for having me, Kevin. It was a blast.

NOW I know why I'll never h... (Below threshold)

NOW I know why I'll never have my own blog. I didn't understand a word of what you just posted. Hell, I can't even figure out how to use the bold-face, italics and underline thingamajiggies at the bottom of the box I'm typing this in.

Welcome back, Kevin. Wow, ... (Below threshold)

Welcome back, Kevin. Wow, you were busy on your vacation! And yes, your guest bloggers were well-chosen.

Fatman, same with me - all Greek. I learned url-linking during CBSgate; bolding during Korangate; and italicizing during Plamegate. A few more "gates" and I'll be as expert as Kev :)

[Prayer to the mischievous gods of computers]: Please let the contents of the Archives and its links remain intact and available for us to read after Kevin is finished "messing" with the codes :)

Fatman, I'm on the STAFF he... (Below threshold)

Fatman, I'm on the STAFF here and I have no idea what most of what he said means. I'm just hoping that in all the other revamping and whatnot, he doesn't change the locks and keep me out...


Ditto fatman. Kevin's post ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Ditto fatman. Kevin's post seems to be in English, but then again......Oh well, I am an old coot.

Welcome back, Kevin. Hope ... (Below threshold)

Welcome back, Kevin. Hope you are well rested.
Your fill-ins did a great job, but we're glad your back.

I hope you don't change you site too much.
The current site is fast, easy to navigate, and has an attractive layout. Actually, one of the best around. Simplicity is a good thing.

(And I must really be a geek because I understand almost all of what you wrote. That's scary.)

Thanks for giving me the op... (Below threshold)

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post; it was all kinds of fun.

I noticed that the pages now appear to be PHP pages. Does that mean that the new version of MT renders pages on the fly? I remember that one of the chief complaints about MT was the incredibly slow rebuild times once a site had quite a bit of content.


Contrary to some here, I DO... (Below threshold)

Contrary to some here, I DO understand all of what you wrote and am looking forward to the newest edition of MT (licensed installation, thankyewverramuch) to nab and nip all those cruddy, faux referral sites.

If anyone doesn't understand that, what it means is that with the newest edition of MovableType, there's a method by which a site administrator using MT to publish can prevent referral links by objectionable sites (spammers are notoriously crumming up the internet with bogus sites that are cookie-cutter domains, ad infinitum, for the same spam crud, which then go about creating permanent links to sites they want to harass [and do] with 'links' to those sites and up until now all a site can do is ban an IPA but not prevent a link on someone else's 'site,' even when they're by spammer sites, however bogus those sites might be -- the new MT edition will enable a control over actual refers to your own site, which I'm looking forward to having in place and soon).

MovableType makes publishing so much more feature laden but it also requires so much more knowledge to install, deploy and use. The alternatives, however, are to assign those features to some parent organization, which I find far more difficult to sit with than trying to learn the complex.

But, anyway, glad you are back at Wizbang, Kevin. Missed your particular voice. Glad to see Paul back again, too.

Meant to include, also, tha... (Below threshold)

Meant to include, also, that the reason someone would even want to prevent/disallow/remove links to a site they manage is because the spammers, by that wasteful process, abuse a site's features (bandwidth) and also create a false sense of community -- as in, oh, look, site NiceChristianTeachers is linked to by DirtyRottenUglyperverts.com and every possible permutation of that linkage.

It creates abundant and harassing false sense of community where sites are concerned. In my experience, most blogs published by conservative authors are the target by most of the spammers, interstingly enough, which is why I describe a degree of "harassment" involved. Liberal sites get a pass by most of the worst spammers, from what I've read, while anyone who writes the word, 'spam' or "casino" or such will never see the end of the avalanche that follows. Zombie pc's with trojans running night/n/day make all that possible.

Any one of you who doesn't understand/use MT as an administrator just has no idea as to the amount of crud that most blogs receive by spammers (comments, trackbacks and referrals). It's a huge problem, really huge.

You know, if this is how ge... (Below threshold)

You know, if this is how geeks spend their vacations, it's a wonder the species manages to procreate. Or do you just replicate ala "Stargate: SG-1"?






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