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Reuters takes sides -- and it ain't ours

Meryl Yourish catches two different Reuters stories today that highlight that the news service has clearly chosen sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict -- and they like the bus bombers.

In the first story, they go into great detail about a clash between Israelis and Palestinians. They mention one Hamas leader by the name of Saeed Sayem, whose group had fired many rockets into Israeli settlements recently. According to Sayem's father, Sayem was going out to water his garden when he was struck down by a single bullet.

Later in the story, Reuters gives the death toll in the latest flareup: eight Palestinians, six Israelis. Pretty darn even, right?

Then you read a little more carefully: the six Israelis were all civilians, killed at the outset by rockets and a suicide bomber. The eight Palestinians killed were all Hamas members -- and the core purpose of Hamas is the destruction of Israel. So, according to Reuters, it looks like deliberately targeting and killing civilians with unguided rockets and suicide bombers is equivalent with selective killing of those who order and carry out those attacks.

Now, before we look at the second story, let's see what we have here. We have precise details of the killing of a terrorist leader. We have comments from his father, who proclaims that his son was acting perfectly innocently when he was struck down. We have detailed commentary from a variety of sources about how these strikes by Israel are threatening the fragile peace.

Now, it's time for the second story:

NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip (Reuters) - A mortar bomb fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip hit a house in the Neve Dekalim settlement on Sunday, causing several Israeli casualties, a rescue service said.

That is the story in its entirety, and it's six hours old as of this writing. Several questions spring to mind:
1) "Casualties?" That can mean killed or injured. Which was it?
2) "several?" How many is "several?"
3) Who were these casualties? Any names, ages, or sexes?
4) What time of day did the attack occur?
5) Was this a completely spontaneous attack, or was it part of a battle?

This is where I would fail as a journalist for Reuters. I would want just as much detail about these six (presumably) civilians as I had about the one Hamas leader. But that would be wrong. You see, in Reuters' eyes, the Palestinians are the victims, the noble wronged people, the valiant strugglers against the brutal Jewish oppression -- so they must be humanized at every opportunity. On the other hand, the Jews are the bad guys, and the're "asking for it" by their continued occupation and suppression, so anyone killed or injured on their side is just "part of the price they have to pay" for their ongoing injustices.

Hmm... a quick check of news sources finds a few more details on the attack from Reuters. They now say two were injured, and give a few details. Other sources have upped the total to four, and give the kinds of details that Reuters lavishes on the Hamasshole.

Others have problems with Israel whenever they resort to tit-for-tat moves, killing one terrorist for every innocent civilian killed by terrorists. They don't want to "perpetuate the cycle of violence."

I don't care for that tactic, either. I'd like to see Israel up the toll a bit -- 2,3 5, or a dozen or so terrorists for every single terrorist attack or victim. You can call it "The Chicago way" or "the cowboy mentality," but one thing is indisputable: a dead terrorist won't hurt anyone else ever again. A bunch of dead terrorists also won't ever get to kill or injure innocents.

And to those who say that they'll just become martyrs and inspire more terrorists, I say this: that might happen in the short term, but in the long term, it won't work. And bullets and missiles are a lot cheaper to replace than dead civilians.


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I don't think your system o... (Below threshold)

I don't think your system of retribution is good either. I mean, afterall, you're waiting for these animals to kill someone before acting. I think Israel should just declare open season on Hamas. Make no distinction between "military" and political wings. Next time you see a bunch of Paleostinians marching in Hamas garb, strafe it with a 50 cal. Hamas is an organization whose goal is the complete erradication of Israel, and membership is voluntary. Thus, there are no innocent Hamas members. They are all valid targets. Hunt them to extinction.

This seems to be Schuler da... (Below threshold)

This seems to be Schuler day at Wizbang (I doubt that I'm related to the previous commenter ;-)).

I think that the more restrained attitude that Israel is currently taking is probably the correct one. They live in a very tough neighborhood. It will continue to be a tough neighborhood for the foreseeable future regardless of what they do. And they still have to live there. As I see it The Wall is the minimalist response to a very difficult situation. A maximalist reponse (the Chicago way) or even the attack of opportunity approach suggested above seems likely to mobilize opposition to the policy not just in Gaza and the West Bank but among neighboring Arab states (where the Palestinians aren't particularly popular but there are limits, after all) and among Israelis.

It's Time to Stick It to... (Below threshold)
Ron Wright:

It's Time to Stick It to the Enemy in the GWOT!


Reuters is just symptomic of the larger MSM "rooting" for the enemy and trying very hard for the West to loose the GWOT. If they get their wish I would protect my head at all costs. You never know when you might loose it.

The LL and the MSM have lost it and are off on a crying jag on being with the ilk of the apologists. They are a big "turd" stuck in the toilet blocking and filtering info/new to the American people that is critical to hear or read.

See this post I've linked back from several sites. The last being from Red Hot Cuppa:

Red Link

[My comment is the first in the thread]


The Blogos has power to bring these messages directly to the Am people and the world.

After all this is a war of ideas and ideologies. We must confront the enemy in the war of words in CyberSpace.

You're readers can help immediately by spreading the word on another critical story that the MSM is not reporting.

Please pass this story along to everyone you know. We need to get this story out to the American people as it's critical in our strategic foreign interest in the Middle East Region.

Please go to Dr.Zin's site


and read about the brave Iranian journalist near death in prison putting his very life on the line to call the world's attention to the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom. The Iranian people will overthrow this tryannical regime if they believe they have the moral support of the American people and the free world.

Like all totalitarian regimes, the Mullahs are actively blocking and filtering sites from the outside world. Seems the "Big Lie" looses it's power to control when there are alternative informational sources available. They can't block us all.

Remember Hitler had his "final solution." The Islamofascists have their "Great and Little Satans" as scapegoats for the failures of their ideology.

The fall of the Mad Mullahs of Iran will deliver a crushing if not fatal blow to the enemy in the GWOT. This enemy must be destroyed and its ideology of hate and evil wiped from the face of this earth. The sooner this occurs this war will be won and less lives will be lost.

[Of course of your choosing or not]


It's Time to Stick It to the Enemy in the GWOT!

[LGF Post]


Sorry for being repititious here but follow this comment at The Belgravia Dispatch. There are other disucssions on this subject. This is all about a war of the validity of ideologies. Follow the links in around the Blogos.

The Belgravia Dispatch.

In scanning this thread you all are onto something . I wouldn't spend too much time debating the nits though. This is a frame of reference issue. It's the difference in how the Western world value's life and the Islamofascists rejoice in death. While Pape has taken hits for his term "rational behavior" Dean at Dean Wprld's reminds folks this is from the poltical science meaning and not that the bombers was acting rationally in the mental sense. They are robotic delivery agents of a cult.

The crux is we are dealing with a cult that sprang from the Arabian and North African deserts that predated Islam. This culture has pathological traits in terms of interactions with modern society.

Don't overlook a concealed hand of another in this strategic play either - The Chinese. China and via Norks and Dr. Kahn have provided the ME players with missile and nuke tech. This is the real enemy. The Jihadist cause is being exploited by them to take us down a notch or two so they can move into the power vacuum.


The secret is we must know our enemy [Islamofascism] and the ideology that drives it. We need to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. We need to drive a stake literally through the very heart of the enemy (e.g. the Mad Mullahs of Iran would be a close first) and wipe this cult-like religious ideology that evolved from the sands of the Arabian and North African deserts from the face of the earth.

This ideology has been brought to our world by the radical madrasses of this movement by the oil money of the House of Saud. This is the key nexus of this mess that we have ignored for all too long because of our multiculturism, political correctness, and tolerance of other religions and cultures. The enemy is exploiting this strength of the American society. It's time we awoke and ram this back down their throats.


Read More

UPDATE - To LGF Post [My Co... (Below threshold)
Ron Wright:

UPDATE - To LGF Post [My Comment above]

Where the @#$% are the feminists groups who aren't raising hell . . . . ?

HT to Charles - Great post -

Keep spreading these messages the LL and the MSM can't or won't!

The American people and the free world need to hear these messages.


This how we will destroy the enemy and wipe its ideology of hate and evil from the face of the earth. The sooner this war is won, the less lives will be lost .


The answer and solution to Islamfascism and suicidal bombers may be found in these links as a consensus is beginning to gel in the Blogos

Lizaroids - The Blogos now has the power to bring these messages directly to the people without blocking or filtering by the MSM. Please share with all of your friends and anyone who will listen. You are the troops in CyberSpace that will win this war.

This war will not be won on the ground as it is a war of ideas, culture, religion, and ideology. The message we need to bring is the ideology of Islamofascism is doomed to failure just like Nazism, Communism, and Fascism that have been discarded into history's dustbin.

The key failure of these totalitarian, repressive, and evil ideologies is that they do not recognize the universal truth of the free will of men and WOMEN!

How about an Oprah hookup to bypass the MSM with the atrocities these male dominated Islamofascist regimes commit on women like this poor Iranian women!

Modern Day Stoning and Hanging and Mullahs hang CHILDREN too!

Sorry if I'm a touch passionate here but where the @#$% are the feminists groups who aren't raising hell and bringing this to the attention of the women of the world!

"And to those who say that ... (Below threshold)

"And to those who say that they'll just become martyrs and inspire more terrorists, I say this: that might happen in the short term, but in the long term, it won't work."

The one common element of all martyrs, they're dead. As the marines have been saying lately, "They want to meet Allah, it's our job to arrange the meeting."


Toby, that's similar to wha... (Below threshold)

Toby, that's similar to what the Marines said in WWII:

"We see ourselves as a religious movement. They want to die for their emperor, and we want to help them."

"We see ourselves as a reli... (Below threshold)

"We see ourselves as a religious movement. They want to die for their emperor, and we want to help them."

The dark humor of our 'Heart breakers and life takers' is legendary. As is there ability to make it true.


Or since it was a Hammas "L... (Below threshold)

Or since it was a Hammas "Leader" and just a bunch of Israeli nobodies, they figured you wouldn't know the civilians by name so it is redundant. Or as you said, they just got the Story.

I recall 9/11 at 9:00 AM Fox news reported only that a plane had it the World Trade centers; they didn't give casualty counts, or the names of the hijackers. Oh and they also forgot to mention the 8/6/01 Bin Laden memo, and that Bush read my pet goat when he found out we were under attack.

And you're right I am tired... (Below threshold)

And you're right I am tired of the liberal media such as:

Bill Oreilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson(Family Channel), Sinclair Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Fox News, Joe Scarborough, Newsmax, The Drudge Report, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, and the Pax network.

Good news, Toad! You may no... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Good news, Toad! You may not like those 13 choices (although O'Reilly and Hannity are primarily part of Fox News, so you're kinda double-counting there), but you have a couple of others to choose from:

ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, Air America, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, AP, Reuters, UPI, BBC, AFP, Air America, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos,.. and those are just off the top of my head.

And PAT ROBERTSON? I wasn't going to put in Err America, but if you're gonna cite an ineffectual asshole of the right, I'm gonna come back with one from the left.

Hmm... you singled out Fox News, Ingraham, and Coulter. You got something against blondes?







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