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Wedding Crasher Co-Star Gets A Hand

If you rushed right out to the theater to catch Wedding Crashers, this bit of news from the Mirror is sure to disappoint you:

Former Home And Away beauty Isla Fisher is becoming a bit of a prude in her old age.

She used to be a lads' mag favourite but she insisted on a body double for her nude scene in new film Wedding Crashers - as well as a hand double to grab the crotch of co-star Vince Vaughn! Isla, 29, who's engaged to Ali G comic Sacha Baron Cohen, now regrets her flesh-flashing past.

Isla says: "I was young. You're told to pose in a bikini and it never crossed my mind you could say no."

I think I'm more disappointed she said "yes" to Cohen (last seen choking a New York Daily News photographer at premire)....

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Ah, but what of Jane Seymou... (Below threshold)

Ah, but what of Jane Seymour's "appearance" in the film?






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