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Reuters - A No Spin Zone

In followup to Jay Tea's Sunday article, Reuters takes sides -- and it ain't ours, I noticed this little graphic now featured at Reuters.com.

There's more Reuters bias coverage in our archives. This search is a good start point.

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No wonder why that Palestin... (Below threshold)

No wonder why that Palestinian terrorist was able to declare himself a bureau chief. He could easily file a report from the scene of an attack.

Reminds me of those surgeon... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of those surgeon general warnings on cigarettes that are suppose to stop you from smoking.

I expect it to be as effective here.

On 06/05/05 I found this in... (Below threshold)

On 06/05/05 I found this in the course of searching the NY Times for "Guantanamo":

"Your search for Guantanamo since 1996 returned 1198 articles"

At the top of the search page was this ad:

Disgusted by Guantanamo?
Cast your Vote! Express Yourself.
Wear your politics on your sleeve.

Reuters.com - Our Spin. Our... (Below threshold)

Reuters.com - Our Spin. Our Agenda. Our Facts. As if they happened.

Allow me to share my frustr... (Below threshold)

Allow me to share my frustrations...

See this.






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