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Kos Kid Declares Jihad on Wizbang

Oh my, but telling the truth about what California liberals think about black people is causing quite a stir. From one of the Kos Kids:

GO GET WIZBANG, what a Xenophobe!

How exactly are they going to "GO GET" Wizbang?

And Xenophobe ???? What exactly makes them think I don't like foreigners? Does this person own a dictionary?

If Kos tried to purge all the moonbats, he missed one.

Ironically most all of the comments were against ebonics including this insightful one:

The original article is damning (4.00 / 2)

It ran in the San Bernadino Sun on Sunday.

Whether the guy was serious or really unfunny-ironic in his "pick cotton" line, the premise of the debate is still very disturbing. Classifying Ebonics as a "separate language, as established by the Oakland School District in 1996", and then claiming that students must learn in Ebonics in order to preserve their "self confidence", is a recipe for disaster. (Would the 1996 Ebonics text even be useful today? What does the established curriculum look like?)

One thing is right: if we teach students Ebonics on the basis of their race, we will guarantee a steady stream of "cotton pickers" - people shut off from economic power - for the length of their lives.

by Louise on Tue Jul 19th, 2005 at 00:55:11 PDT

emphasis mine

At least one liberal gets it.


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Comments (27)

ALL of the comments at Kos ... (Below threshold)

ALL of the comments at Kos were about ebonics with most thinking it a bad idea to teach it in schools.

I didn't see one jihader there.

Oh well, you are safe Paul..... for now.

Paul's no Zinaphobe. I know... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Paul's no Zinaphobe. I know for a fact he has every episode of her show on tape!

>Paul's no Zinaphobe. I kno... (Below threshold)

>Paul's no Zinaphobe. I know for a fact he has every episode of her show on tape!

That's a damn lie Lew Clark -- I have a TiVo!

Also, on the xenophobe thin... (Below threshold)

Also, on the xenophobe thing. It's part of the new moonbat mantra. Every conservative is a facist xenophobic chimpymcbushitler neocon.

They may not know what it means, but they know it's bad so you must be one.

I saw a young mother pushing her kid in a stroller the other day. The child was wearing a t-shirt that said "Bush eats poop" with little stick figures eating little chunks of stuff.

She was in line behind me so I quietly told her that I felt sorry for her child for being used as a billboard for her hatred. She called me a "xenophobic nazi".

So much for common sense.

I think one of the Kosbats ... (Below threshold)

I think one of the Kosbats has been watching too much scifi with that xenphobe thing. Probably programs on Area 51

It has it's own blog too, s... (Below threshold)

It has it's own blog too, should you guys wish to apply a reverse blogswarm :-)


- D

'From one of the Kos Kids:<... (Below threshold)

'From one of the Kos Kids:

GO GET WIZBANG, what a Xenophobe!'

What a LOSER

Team lefty, proving once ag... (Below threshold)

Team lefty, proving once again that a sense of humor and politial correctness do not mix.

We're not xenophobes. We'r... (Below threshold)

We're not xenophobes. We're Xenuphobes!

So are anti-conservative in... (Below threshold)

So are anti-conservative insults gonna be the new trend now? They gotta come up with something new every year to keep it intersting.

"Damn neo-con Nazis!"
"What? How can you say that?"
"But, but, he's a Republican!"
"I know, but 'neo-con' and 'nazis' is so 2005. Now the hip thing to say is xenophobic cracker-jacks"
"Oh, you're right. I'm sorry, I haven't been watching MTV enough lately. That's from that new video by 'Death to the White Devil' right?"
"Yeah man. That group is totally rainbow"

Paul, Hate to sound ... (Below threshold)

Hate to sound uninformed, but who is Oliver Willis?

You have much to learn gras... (Below threshold)

You have much to learn grasshoppa...

He's like Magnets to Stupid. Basically he is the second stupidest blogger the left has to offer. If someone mentions the whitehouse he calls them racist.

I think it is oliverwillis.com but google will get you there.

Just be prepared to suspend comon sense and reason.

Reid,You mean <a h... (Below threshold)
I'm no xenophobe, I'm as mu... (Below threshold)

I'm no xenophobe, I'm as much a Xena supporter as her brassiere!

Aha, Oliver Wil... I mean <... (Below threshold)

Aha, Oliver Wil... I mean "he...im..." thanks for the info!

Funny thing is, Ollie is al... (Below threshold)
Phil Smith:

Funny thing is, Ollie is already on record as being in agreement with Paul on this issue. It won't stop him from lambasting Paul for the cotton comment, though, I imagine.

Hmmm."How exactly ... (Below threshold)


"How exactly are they going to "GO GET" Wizbang?"

Maybe by giving you more traffic?

Yeah. That'll leave a mark. :)

re: xenophobe..The... (Below threshold)

re: xenophobe..

They don't need no stinking dictionary. In politics it is impossible to err when smearing opponents.

Liberals are not alone in freeing words from the bondage of meaning.

Kos can't purge the moonbat... (Below threshold)

Kos can't purge the moonbats unless he sticks his own head in a logchipper. He cracked the whip a little and reminded them that the things they all believe can't be talked about openly, yet. It's a delicate balancing act leading a large group of people from point A to point B and the fewer that actually know what point B really is the more likely they are to get there. When you're dealing with juvenile minds you gotta take baby steps.

I thought that post was goi... (Below threshold)

I thought that post was going to get you in trouble with people with lead ears who cannot hear sarcasm. Xenophobia is a Greek workd (fear of strangers) You'd think Kos could get that one right. What a maroon!

Amusing how the Kos kid tri... (Below threshold)

Amusing how the Kos kid tries to whip up this anger and it goes in the opposite(sane) direction in comments.

joe & mesablue:Tha... (Below threshold)

joe & mesablue:

Thanks a whole heap for those links. Yessiree, real interesting reading there. (grumbles as he cleans out his browser with Tydee-Bowl)

Actually, I think I'm a <a ... (Below threshold)

Actually, I think I'm a busaphobe.

Paul:It's been a w... (Below threshold)


It's been a while since you've dropped one of these bombs...and as usual a few people got all pissed off. It's not surprising that happened, as we all know that the point of you writing in that style is to piss certain people off. Very fun I'm sure.

So the topic is quickly diverted into a flame war, where people attack you and you attack them. When will the oozers be back?

Basically, you seem to think that using "Ebonics" to teach kids is a bad idea. You seem to think that such an action is saying that the kids are too stupid to learn so-called proper English. Correct me if I have interpreted your views incorrectly.

In my view, the educators are trying to find ways to get through to kids any way they can. Some students have a strong cultural association to that dialect, and may be averse to learning Standard English. I dont really care what method educators use, it's just important to get through to students and find ways to teach them as much as possible. Incorporating that dialect in the education may be a way of decreasing the difficulty of learning.

Ebonics is just another dialect of English. English is just another language, and they all change over time. Of course, it helps alot to be able to speak Standard American English when trying to get a job or go to college. So it's in the best interests of young students to learn to speak SAE. But I dont think its necessary to characterize dialects like Ebonics as somehow inferior to SAE, since thats not the case. It's just a different dialect, and one that is spoken by fewer people. Big deal.

Ok. So you have this kid who speaks a street dialect, and associates himself with a certain street culture that is in a different socio-economic class than most other kids in school. The kid identifies with everything that he comes from, and is openly reluctant to act, speak, or look like people who are outside of his cultural group. It happens. His grades are terrible, and his interest in learning is very low. He sees school as something that is trying to erase who he is. Is there a way to teach this kid the standard American education while at the same time respecting his unique cultural differences within our society? I think there is.

Thats my view on the topic, for what its worth.

and by the way...the actual... (Below threshold)

and by the way...the actual discussion in the comments of the dkos poster were actually pretty interesting. at least they (or some of them) made an attempt to actually discuss the subject of ebonics in school, instead of getting caught up in the usual onilne bash session.

^^^crap...not only "were" t... (Below threshold)

^^^crap...not only "were" the dicussion interesting, it also WAS interesting. ha.

Just for your edification. ... (Below threshold)

Just for your edification. Should you actually want to bomb this teenagers (NOT!) site with hate filled rhetoric, feel free, since I am not a 16 year old half-wit and I write policy for a living (I bet that makes you nervous). You would know that had you spent more than 20 seconds, if at all, on my site.


But, to the point of this little comment. I would have been by sooner, but I do work for a living, and I work long long hours.......for the government..

Since I do know the meaning of the words I use, I thought you all (almost all) could use a refresher.

From Webster’s:

*xeno-pho-bia n. [ModL: see XENO- & -PHOBIA]

fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything foreign or strange xen-o’-phobe: refers to a person’s condition

synonyms :

*intolerance: n.

lack of tolerance for bogitry, esp. of others’ opinions, beliefs, etc.

*jingoism: n.

— Syn. chauvinism, superpatriotism, overpatriotism, flag-waving, ultranationalism, xenophobia, warmongering, hawkishness; see also patriotism. See Americanism, nationalism.

*prejudice: n.

judgment or opinion formed before the facts are known; preconceived idea, favorable or, more usually, unfavorable; a judgment or opinion held in disregard of facts that contradict it; unreasonable bias i.e. “prejudice against people unlike him”; the holding of such judgments or opinions; suspicion, intolerance, or irrational hatred of other races, creeds, regions, occupations, etc.; injury or harm resulting as from some judgment or action of another or others. -[diced], -[dicing]: to injure or harm, as by some judgment or action; to cause to have or show prejudice; bias

SYN.—prejudice implies a preconceived and unreasonable judgment or opinion, usually an unfavorable one marked as by suspicion, fear, or hatred [a murder motivated by race prejudice]; bias implies a mental leaning in favor of or against someone or something [few of us are without bias of any kind]; partiality implies an inclination to favor a person or thing because of strong fondness or attachment [the conductor’s partiality for the works of Brahms]; predilection implies a preconceived liking, formed as a result of one’s background, temperament, etc., that inclines one to a particular preference [Bush has a predilection for lying, obsufacation and prevaracation]

*provincialism: n.

the condition or fact of being provincial; narrowness of outlook; exclusive concern with local matters; a provincial custom, characteristic, etc.; a word, phrase, or pronunciation peculiar to a certain location or dialect

*nationalism: n.

devotion to one’s nation; patriotism b) excessive, narrow, or jingoist patriotism; chauvinism; the doctrine that national interest, security, etc. are more important than international considerations; the desire for or advocacy of national independence

*ultranationalism: n.

nationalism that is excessive or extreme

*americanism: n.

a custom, characteristic, or belief of or originating in the U.S.; a word, phrase, grammatical construction, or other feature originating in or peculiar to American English; or, devotion or loyalty to the U.S., or to its traditions, customs, institutions, etc. [Attachment to America as a place or a way of life] — Syn. patriotism, nationalism, provincialism, isolationism, flag waving, chauvinism, jingoism, America for Americans, America first.


panic refers to a frantic, unreasoning fear, often one that spreads quickly and leads to irrational, aimless action [the cry of “fire!” created a panic]

I feel better now thats all cleared up...

Jihad? What Jihader? Certainly not me.






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