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Supreme Court: Gonzales, Clement ruled out?

I just heard from Kevin; he's heard reports that Bush has ruled out both Henry Gonzalez and Judge Edith Clement for the Supreme Court nominee, and he's supposed to announce it tonight on television at 9:00 p.m.

OK, who wants to speculate on just who will be the nominee?

Updates to follow as needed.

Update: 8:40pm

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush chose federal appeals court judge John G. Roberts Jr. on Tuesday as his first nominee for the Supreme Court, selecting a rock-solid conservative who has won broad support from both parties but still faces what could be a contentious battle over the direction of the nation's highest court.

Bush offered the position to Roberts in a telephone call at 12:35 p.m. as he was hosting a luncheon for the prime minister of Australia, John Howard. He was to announce it later with a flourish in a nationally broadcast speech to the nation.

Full coverage coming in a new post later this evening...


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Comments (19)

The other Edith, Edith J... (Below threshold)

The other Edith, Edith Jones.

Not sure if you Wizbangers ... (Below threshold)

Not sure if you Wizbangers consider this an honor or a curse, but you've just been "Connected" on MSNBC. Feel free to cry tears of joy or rage, whatever works 4 u.

I'm sticking to my first gu... (Below threshold)

I'm sticking to my first guess of Luttig. It would be just like Bush to poke a stick in the eye of people saying it has to be a woman to replace a woman. SCOTUS seats are not gender/race specific.

I want Bork.... (Below threshold)

I want Bork.

I have seen quite a few Lut... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I have seen quite a few Luttig rumors with Jones or Owen in the second and third spots.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Luttig-I think he would be a great appointment.

I also can't help but suspi... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I also can't help but suspicion that maybe the White House wasn't floating Clement and Jones names to see what kind of reactin they would get from the base.

Luttig is obviously going to please the base, and make the dems froth at the mouth, but the other names floated may have been trial balloons for future appointments.

I heard a report on the rad... (Below threshold)

I heard a report on the radio that Luttig's wife and children showed up in their Sunday best to hear arguments in court today.

I don't know if it means anything but it's all I've got to go on.

Well somebody at NRO just s... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Well somebody at NRO just said it wasn't Luttig (bummer) so we may end up in the dark until then.

Own, Jones and Roberts seem to still be the names being mentioned, but I am still going to hope for Luttig.

The super double secret pro... (Below threshold)

The super double secret probation short list:

1. Bork
2. Rove
3. Bolton
4. Coulter
5. Gralia
6. Ashcroft
7. Sajak (yes, Pat Sajak, of Wheel of Fortune fame)

Mayor Rudy... (Below threshold)

Mayor Rudy

I say put Michael Savage on... (Below threshold)

I say put Michael Savage on the bench just so I can hear him talk about himself when he says...

'the stench from the bench is making me clench'

I'd also love to see him clock RB Ginsburg right in the fake teeth... anyway...

It'll wind up being another A. Kennedy or Souter... *sigh*

from cliff may at NRO:... (Below threshold)

from cliff may at NRO:

What about Dick Cheney!

Think of the uproar.

That's why they floated a f... (Below threshold)

That's why they floated a few names around. When the Dems get in a snit, we know we have the right one.

Dick is too old, even if it... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Dick is too old, even if it would be a fun way to poke a needle in the dems eyes.

A bork nomination would be the ultimate in revenge.

It's Luttig.... (Below threshold)
C. Darrow:

It's Luttig.

Ted Olsen.... (Below threshold)
W. J. Bryan:

Ted Olsen.

AP is reporting Roberts. Bu... (Below threshold)

AP is reporting Roberts. But now so is NBC, so you all know that by now.

Will, Pat Sajak would be an... (Below threshold)

Will, Pat Sajak would be an excellent choice! And wouldn't that be fun to watch play out...

Henry Gonzalez? He i... (Below threshold)

Henry Gonzalez? He is* a wacko Democratic congressman from Texas who once (as I recall) beat up an old man in a restaurant for calling him a communist, and wanted to impeach Reagan over Grenada. I think you mean Alberto Gonzalez. (Eighteen comments, and no one else noticed?)

*Or was: he may be dead or retired for all I know or care.






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