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Google Shoots the Moon

I love it....

In honor of the first manned Moon landing, which took place on July 20, 1969, we've added some NASA imagery to the Google Maps interface to help you pay your own visit to our celestial neighbor. Happy lunar surfing

Each of the push pins represents one of the Apollo landings. ... Now if Google could only zoom me in 239,000 miles it would be perfect.

Update: Hint: Pick the Apollo 11 landing site and keep zooming in... The detail at full zoom is amazing.


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Comments (17)

Does anyone know why the ma... (Below threshold)

Does anyone know why the many impact marks on the moon's surface are bevelled outward? You'd anticipate a bevelling inward from an impact...so many "bumps out" look like volcanic activity on the lunar surface, not impact craters (certainly not craters at all).

Yeah, I enjoyed that googlemap twist, too.

Craters can have central mo... (Below threshold)

Craters can have central mountains when the displaced material splashes back.

I was amazed at the detail ... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I was amazed at the detail you could see at full zoom.

Google has outdone themselves this time.

"Aaaahhhh...the power of ch... (Below threshold)

"Aaaahhhh...the power of cheese."

Paul, I'm sure if you start... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, I'm sure if you started taking up a collection to send you to the moon, you'd have countless commenters here and other bloggers who'd gladly donate.

As long as it was a one-way ticket.


It's CHEESE Grommit! CHEEEE... (Below threshold)


It's true!... (Below threshold)

It's true!

Where's the Spongmonkeys?</... (Below threshold)

Where's the Spongmonkeys?

Had a good laugh when I zoo... (Below threshold)

Had a good laugh when I zoomed in all the way. Also, did anyone else have trouble finding the Wal-Mart? (

The reason for the "bevelle... (Below threshold)
scrub oak:

The reason for the "bevelled outward" appearance of the craters is pure visual illusion. The craters do indeed protrude into the surface of the Moon. The illusion is created because of the positioning of the camera relative to the surface of the Moon. The crystaline structure of moon dust causes the Moon's surface to act as a large reflector, becoming an indirect source of light. Though the dominate light source is the sun (located behind the camera) the reflected light is strong enough to create "reverse" shadows that tricks our visual processing into thinking the craters poke out of the moon. This effect disappears as the camera moves further away from the Moon as the density of the reflected light diminishes in relationship to the Sun's light, or as the camera moves closer to the moon to where you can perceive depth. Don't feel bad, the strange lighting effects of the Moon's surface causes many of the intellectual pitfalls of the Moon Hoax community.

What Scrub Oak said. This p... (Below threshold)

What Scrub Oak said. This phenomenon is noted even in WWI and WWII aerial photography, where shell craters look like they're eruptions (they sort of are, but...)

If you turn the photo upside down, the craters tend to pop into what your brain's expecting to see.

Dammit Burgess, I just knoc... (Below threshold)

Dammit Burgess, I just knocked my monitor on the floor.

thanks a lot!

But on the way down, the craters did look right.

Ah, so now the truth comes ... (Below threshold)

Ah, so now the truth comes out! The government has been hiding the cheesy facts about the moon for decades! Thank you, Google, for being bold enough to reveal the truth!

I dunno, my mother always t... (Below threshold)

I dunno, my mother always told me it was made out of GREEN cheese, not yellow cheese, and that there is a fence around it.

"30 years ago man travelled... (Below threshold)

"30 years ago man travelled to the moon and discovered it was not made of cheese. We haven't been back since."

"Behold the power of cheese."

Geeze. Can't those idiots a... (Below threshold)

Geeze. Can't those idiots at Goo-Goo-Google get anything right.

EVERYone knows the moon is made of GREEN cheese.

Interesting...I considered ... (Below threshold)

Interesting...I considered the conditions (all) mentioned here when I first looked over those google images, Moon's surface, and still found myself not convinced of the impact characteristics, if that's what they are (and so everyone says, not that I disbelieve the going opinions, visual interpretations).

I do notice that some of the marks are obvious craters (depressions on the surface), with, even, 'splash' impressions outward from a concentrated point...so, all that's from intense layers of dust, so to speak?

I also notice that there is basically one image that google has repeated when you move the image in any direction; probably due to our limitations of images available (d'oh), but it's misleading visually on a "map" source, to our detriment.

Back to the impact demarcations on the surface...for an impact to make a circular "fall back upward" impression and quite so many of them, the impacting body would have to make it's hit directly on...which seems strange when considering the odds of so many objects impacting with such direct hits (no angles to their impacts with the surface). In other words, I realize that when an impact happens if/when there's intense surface dust or loose debris (as with the Moon's surface), that a certain amount of settling back upward in the center point of that debris will occur but it seems unusual to my view that there are quite so many of those type of direct hit impacts, with only a few angled impact craters showing...just saying, it's curious.






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