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He prayed, bag went bang

This is quite chilling when you stop to think about it....

He prayed, bag went bang
A TEENAGE Tube passenger told last night how he watched a "possessed" suicide bomber mutter a final prayer -- before his backpack exploded.

James Boampong, 19, said he saw the olive-skinned man mumble to himself on a station platform.

James said: "His face was motionless. It was like he was saying a prayer.

"I remember his eyes, it was like he was possessed.

"There was no emotion. He was nodding his head up and down. He definitely was not speaking in English."

The man, at Stockwell station, then boarded the Tube train bound for Oval and stood in the middle of a carriage.

James followed and kept watching the man "because he was suspicious".

He added: "The backpack was black and all puffed out."

Thirty seconds before the train pulled into Oval station there was an explosion.

This is the part that many people in this country, especially on the left, still just don't get. This guy thinks he's going to eternal paradise for killing people.... Promising eternal life complete with a full compliment of virgins is well- powerful mojo. Short of lethal force, how do you stop these people if it is a religious belief to them?

We really need to decided how many deaths is enough. So we let terrorists kill 100 per year? 200? We want an open society and at least some of us don't want to do anything to stop terrorism, so at some point we have to decided how many suicide bombers we accept. No, I'm not being facetious.

We accept (inventing a number) 100,000 deaths per year by automobile because the good outweighs the bad. How many suicide bombers per year is below our collective threshold of pain? Or more accurately; how many suicide bombers do we accept before the cure hurts less than the disease?

It is a question that ain't going away.


James said: "There was this loud bang, I can't describe it. Then there was a lot of smoke coming from the bag."

He said panic immediately swept through the carriage and added: "Everyone dived to try and get to the back of the carriage and into the next one, but we couldn't.

"There was this woman who was crying hysterically. Everyone was just panicking and looking at the man."

But the bomber remained where he was and DENIED he was responsible.

James said: "By now the bag was on the floor and he kept saying, 'No, it's not me, it's not me'. He was standing there all on his own in the middle of the carriage with smoke coming from his backpack. ...

James said: "It all happened about 20 seconds before we got to Oval and when we got there the doors opened and everyone ran out.

"But the bomber tried to get away and some men -- I think about three of them -- tried to jump on him and stop him getting away. They were trying to hold him down but couldn't.

"The bomber ran up the escalator -- but the one that was for people coming down to the platform -- and got away."

Yo know- We Americans consistently get belittled as being too willing to use force. And I'm not trying to insult our British friends... But (genuinely) do you see this guy getting away in New York????

Maybe my arrogant American side is showing but I wouldn't have wanted to be him for that 20 seconds before the door opened if that were here in the States. I don't know the layout of the train etc but I just think in my gut that this guy wouldn't have made it out the door except on a stretcher in this country. We would have killed the guy. I'm not saying the Brits did anything wrong - I just think it is a cultural difference. YMMV


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Comments (19)

Hmmm.Thanks for th... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the description. If I ever see something like that first hand I know that my next move won't be to run away, which would probably be futile. It'll be to stand on the guys testicles and let him experience the wonderful "72 virgins & 250lbs of really pissed off Korean".

Get away in NYC? Not a chance. There would be a lot of people running away. Then again there would be a substantial number of people tap-dancing the theme song of Moulin Rouge on the guy's head.

Just think, if it had been ... (Below threshold)

Just think, if it had been Texas, he'd have had more holes in him than John Kerry's Cambodia river run myth.

This country and the good p... (Below threshold)
casey rowell:

This country and the good people like you in it has allowed the KKK to kill blacks and have still not branded them as terrorists. So I ask you? How many blacks have to be killed per year before we get rid af the KKk and people with who pratice their kind of hate?

Nurpasha Kulayev: "Of cours... (Below threshold)
David Blue:

Nurpasha Kulayev: "Of course I pitied the children, I swear to Allah. I have children myself. I didn't shoot. I swear to Allah," he said. "I don't want to die. I swear to Allah, I want to live."

Nurpasha Kulayev is a Beslan terrorist. Apparently he thought he only needed to lie, whine and beg to overcome the initial fury of the civilians whose children and community he helped devastate; and then the law would protect him. He was right: he faces a life sentence but not a death sentence.

"By now the bag was on the floor and he kept saying, 'No, it's not me, it's not me'. He was standing there all on his own in the middle of the carriage with smoke coming from his backpack. ..."

Undoubtedly he thinks that, having done his best to slaughter as many infidels as he could, he will not be killed in turn. Having escaped the people on the spot, he expects the law to protect him. Of course he's right.

Americans in Iraq have consistently been frustrated by the fantastic dishonesty of the terrorists who are caught red-handed but shamelessly deny everything, just like this.

I think it's part of a consistent international pattern based on a common perception. They think we are soft fools.

They have a point.

Sorry to say, but yes, due ... (Below threshold)

Sorry to say, but yes, due to the gun laws, I see him getting away in NYC. Not in Dallas or Louisville, someone would have popped him.

Yogurt -- people in NYC don... (Below threshold)

Yogurt -- people in NYC don't need guns to kill people. Sheer force of numbers could smother a guy, or crush him, or we could kick his skull in. I know that in the months after Sept 2001, I felt ready to jump anybody who even dared threaten those of us on the subway.

And #2 -- there are plenty of cops in the subway system right now and on the sidewalks everywhere. If the passengers didn't beat the guy to death, the cops could shoot him.

David Blue:Your post... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

David Blue:
Your post and pointed characterization of these people reminded me of an old story: A kid wanted to go the Orphan's Picnic so badly that he killed his parents in order to qualify. When brought before the judge the youth begged for legal protection because he was an orphan!
I guess we shouldn't be so shocked or surprised by the actions/reactions of these people,they have been very consistent in their cowardice. What WILL be interesting will be the inevitable backlash from those who will decry unfair treatment from police/gov't agencies. Once the "profiling",in search for these thugs begins...hang on.

Casey - you are right about... (Below threshold)

Casey - you are right about the KKK. We should start by getting rid of Robert Byrd.

casey rowell:I don... (Below threshold)

casey rowell:

I don't know your background, but I grew up in the South when the KKK was a real force. It WAS branded a terrorist organization, and a great deal of time, energy, and money was spent prosecuting KKK members. And the results have been very good: the KKK today is a shadow of what it once was.


Could they get away in New York? I would hope not. Meep is right: sheer force of numbers really counts.

casey rowell:How m... (Below threshold)

casey rowell:

How many do you think are killed per year by the KKK? Almost zero, with a huge effort towards making it zero.

A controversial public service announcement from a few years back went like this:
"If they gave medals out for killing black people, this guy would get a bronze."
(A stereotypical Nazi skinhead gives the Hitler salute. A subtitle says 13 dead in the last decade or so.)
"This guy would get a silver."
(KKK dude in full robes. Similar subtitle says 20 dead over same period.)
"But this guy would win the gold."
(Stereotypical black gangbanger with gun. Subtitle says several THOUSAND dead in the same period.)
"If you're in a gang, you're with the enemy."
(Last shot shows the three together.)

The number of automobile de... (Below threshold)

The number of automobile deaths per year is more like 35,000,
but of course this quibble does not contradict the point you're making. I see it as a sacrifice to Chevy, the God of Transportation.

"But (genuinely) do you see... (Below threshold)
Josh Davenport:

"But (genuinely) do you see this guy getting away in New York????"

That is the first thing I said to my wife when I heard this.

Yes, most people would run away in New York. But not all. No way. That guy would be in custody, or dead, in 2 minutes.

"people in this country, es... (Below threshold)

"people in this country, especially on the left"

Are you suggesting that people on the right better understand the value of killing one's self and others in defense of their religion? As a lefty, I can proudly exclaim my inability to understand why anyone would do such a thing.

And I think it's rather presumptuous of you to discard their religious beliefs as rediculous. Surely you understand that most people in the world do not believe that Jesus Christ is their savior.

To those of you who are debating vigilante justice against such bombers, I argue that in their eyes, they are the vigilantes who are reaping justice for the misdeeds done to their people. Rather than contribute to the environment of vigilante justice, we, the "civil" westerners should lead by example and settle our differences in the court rooms rather than with large mobs of New Yorkers.

I have lots of problems with the article's author's statements. Comparitivly we Americans are not very willing to use force. We were late into the WWII party, and after Vietnam, we have been very reluctant to use force. I would hope that, in this country, someone who comitted a crime, no matter how cruel, would be able to live long enough to have a fair trial. I'd be ashamed to live in a country where vigilante justice was tolerated.

Imagine for a minute that your college student daughter, in a lapse of judgement, accepted $50 to deliver a bag of what she thought was weed to someone on a subway train and when she got there the bag exploded. She survives, but the furious crowd around her mobs her and violently beats her to death. This is why we have trials. People who look guilty aren't always.

Actaully Jared, I don't qui... (Below threshold)

Actaully Jared, I don't quite get it. If she's stupid enough to carry a bag when she doesn't look to see whats in it and people are killed, the let the crowd do as they may I say.

The United States is THE mo... (Below threshold)

The United States is THE most powerful country in the world. People on the left realize that. They don't think they're too weak to confront the issue, and they don't want to confront it. The problem is in the DECIDED METHOD of confronting it. Why would Kerry or anyone on the left even be afraid of dealing with terrorism? This is not the old days. If Napoleon was too afraid of dying he'd not fight wars. The modern system: politicians won't be hurt a cent if they did chose violence.

More terror attacks have occured since the Iraq War. More, not the same or less. MORE. And they're finding out that many of these people willing to participate in the attack had no history of being a terrorist whatsoever. That means that the Iraq war is breeding more terrorists.

As Bush said, if someone invades our country, we WILL confront them. Guess what? The US invaded Iraq and destroyed everything they had. Believe it or not it was a very civilized and progressed country, not some savages living in huts in some desert. They KNOW what has been done to them and feel as deeply about it as we would if we were attacked by another country. Why were they attacked you ask? For nonexistent WMD.

So why do you think there are so many suicide bombers now? Well just MAYBE they're angry that we're blowing them up for no reason!

REcap: Iraq = not the same as AL QAIDA.


They don't think they're to... (Below threshold)

They don't think they're too weak to confront the issue, and they don't want to ESCAPE it.


epador, you're not very goo... (Below threshold)

epador, you're not very good at this imagination stuff, are you? Didn't you ever watch Reading Rainbow?

Just a follow to demonstrat... (Below threshold)

Just a follow to demonstrate what happens when you shoot first and ask questions later.


"I saw these police officer... (Below threshold)
Yusoff Gazee:

"I saw these police officers in uniform and out of uniform shouting 'get down, get down', and I saw this guy who appeared to have a bomb belt and wires coming out and people were panicking and I heard two shots being fired….” An eye witness quoted as saying to a police brutality in the tube by BBC news London.
My comment was a simple question: what would an electricians wear on his way to work? Should he wears transparent clothing’s in a 2in1 girdle and noodles wrapped around his waist? Like it or not its pure murder and everybody responsible should be brought to justice instantaneously and no excuses in the name of justifications should be tolerated.






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