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London Bombing Alert Update

Tony Blair just finished addressing the British public, there were no casualties and citizens were urged to go about their normal activities.

LONDON (Reuters) - Four small explosions hit London's bus and underground train network on Thursday, without causing major casualties, exactly 2 weeks after bombers killed more than 50 people in the capital.

London's police chief Ian Blair told reporters: "We know that we've had four explosions or attempts at explosions. It is still pretty unclear as to what's happened.

Following on Paul's speculation from this morning, the report continues.
"The worst-case scenario with the non-explosions or minor explosions would be that these are devices that haven't triggered properly. Beyond that, it looks like it may be people messing around, copycat-type stuff," said analyst Shane Brighton of the Royal United Services Institute, a London think-tank.

Robert Ayers of the Chatham House institute said it appeared that Britain now had to deal with a concerted militant campaign.

"You had four guys that died (on July 7), but the infrastructure that trained them, equipped them, funded them, pointed them at the right target -- the infrastructure's still in place, still here.

"There's no evidence that the infrastructure has left, which would suggest that all they need are four more stupid, young men who are willing to go off and die for a cause to do it all over again."

BBC reporters notes are available, which makes for an interesting way of following the story.

An Asian man carrying a rupesack was arrested outside 10 Downing street, as shown below.


A suspect was also said to be being pursed at University Hospital. New Scotland Yard has confirmed that 2 people have been detained and an unknown number of others are wanted as fugitves from justice.


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Comments (10)

Grrrrr...get.these.fools.of... (Below threshold)

Grrrrr...get.these.fools.off.the.streets. Fools, stupid jerks. Grrr...

get out of iraq now!... (Below threshold)

get out of iraq now!

No, you! Get out of your h... (Below threshold)

No, you! Get out of your house, now! Just do it! Just run awaaaayyyy!

/ end sarcasm.

Now, are the suspects being... (Below threshold)

Now, are the suspects being "pursed," or are they being "pursued?"

As Islamofascists do seem to have issues with their manhood giving them purses may be appropriate, but that episode of " Queer Eye for the Terrorist Guy" should wait until sentencing.

Will someone please suggest... (Below threshold)

Will someone please suggest to the President that we close our borders now. Deport all illegals and protect our citizens from "copycats"? Sheesh.

Some type of blogswarm on that theme would be appropriate right about now.

Will someone please sugg... (Below threshold)

Will someone please suggest to the President that we close our borders now. Deport all illegals and protect our citizens from "copycats"?

I can't really tell if you're serious, but the London bombings last week were committed by British citizens. Is your next suggestion martial law?

I just have one question, W... (Below threshold)

I just have one question, WTF is a rupesack?

Has anyone stopped to consi... (Below threshold)

Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe, just maybe, these London transit bombings aren't really al-queda islamo-fascist terror bombings? I know Al-queda claimed responsibility, but they seem like sophomorish attempts by people who HAVEN'T been extensivley trained in terror camps in the mideast. I think one should not ignore that Al-queda benefits from any bomb going off anywhere in the west, and claiming reponsibility merely adds to their world-wide influence, even if they didn't really have anything to do with it. These bombings look a lot more like angry soccer hooligan antics. And why would some every-day Britons want to hurt London's mass-transit system? Maybe they're pissed at the new $10.00 "tax" that car drivers have to pay just to enter the city's inner business circle. If I was an average oe Brit, who worked in London, and who didn't have loads of extra cash sitting around, I'd be pissed too. Shutting down the busses and tubes might get parlaiment to address the issue when average people can't afford to get to work when the tubes are out of service.

bullwinkle: do you really ... (Below threshold)

bullwinkle: do you really want to know?!? I know I don't. Sounds uncomfortable.

Kevin isn't talking so I we... (Below threshold)

Kevin isn't talking so I went looking and I think I found it. And you're right -S-, it is painful for the bull. I wonder how many guys kiss their ladies after they've carrying their lipstick around in this...







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