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More Trouble in the London Underground (w/MORE updates)

[Note: This report is being updated and covers (so far) a period of over 30 minutes. Chronologically from top down.]

Details are few but apparently there is more trouble in the London underground. Potentially 3 bombs this time. Scotland Yard confirms 3 stations closed.

OK looks like 3 in the tube one in the bus. Here we go again.

Developing Obviously

- For those of you familiar with the area, the stations at The Oval, Warren Street and Shepherds Bush are closed and evacuated.

Warren Street apparently was a nail bomb. -- These people are so vile.

- Starting to hit the wires now-

Three London Underground stations evacuated
July 21, 2005, 8:45 AM EDT

LONDON -- Three London Underground stations were evacuated at midday Thursday following reports of incidents, British Transport Police said. The Fire Brigade was investigating a report of smoke at one station.

Emergency services also were responding to a report of an incident on a bus in east London, police said.

A London Underground spokesman said there were no reports of casualties in the unspecified incidents.

The reports came two weeks to the day after attackers bombed three subway stations and a double-decker bus, killing 56, including four suicide bombers.

On Thursday, the Warren Street, Shepherds Bush and Oval stations were evacuated. Emergency services personnel were called to the stations, police said.

"People were panicking. But very fortunately the train was only 15 seconds from the station," witness Ivan McCracken told Sky news.

McCracken said he smelled smoke at the Warren Street station, and people were panicking and coming into his carriage. He said he spoke to an Italian man who was comforting a woman after the evacuation.

"He said that a man was carrying a rucksack and the rucksack suddenly exploded. It was a minor explosion but enough to blow open the rucksack," McCracken said.

In a statement that would cost someone their job here in the States, someone from Scotland Yard has apparently said they are NOT considering this a major event at this time. -- So far, only 1 reported injury.

BTW It was 2 weeks ago today that the last attack happened.

(Speculation Alert) I wonder if this is not the work of a group of lesser trained copy cats. FoxNews is running their sister network Sky News and they have live coverage obviously. From listening to the reports, "something ain't right." I'm giving you my gut hunch not hard facts to paint as accurate a picture as possible. Maybe if we are lucky this whole thing is a false alarm-- people being gun shy. I can't put my finger on it but (for example) they say a bus has exploded but we don't have video yet? Maybe we are just on the story early. (close wild speculation)

Nearly an hour after initial reports and (so far) we have emergency services vehicle all over London, helicopters in the air, all the tubes are closed and he have one reported injury. We also have reports that the windows of the bus were blown out but there were no injuries? Huh?

My fingers are crossed that the people of London were just twitchy and initial reports were over blown.

9:33 Eastern 2:33pm London - Still nothing new of note. Unconfirmed report of an arrest at a London hospital... I dunno sounds more like Urban Legend stuff than news. (IOW- Everyone knows somebody who saw something happened but nobody saw it firsthand.)

9:45 Eastern- London Police confirm 4 bombs 3 in the tube and one in bus -however- all the hospitals say they have no injuries and the bus that is supposedly blown up, Sky news has a guy (on the phone) in a building a block away who says he went down there and the windows are in tact. If I heard him right, he even offered to email them pictures. Curiouser and curiouser.

Kevin sends along this link to first person accounts - To someone who has spent way too many hours studying Urban legends, it will be interesting to see how these account hold up in a few days when we get the facts. My gut hunch is a whole bunch of people will have "seen" things that did not happen.

Skynews has live footage of London police with a guy spread-eagle up against a wall frisking him... His only crime appears to be that he put on mismatched socks this morning and he was eating that sandwich way too fast. (It was quite funny really) The one day he couldn't find clean socks and it made international news. -- His mother was right.

OK on that note, I'll take my leave. Kevin is in the office and digging up the "real" side of this story.... I'll hand the story back to him. The latest rumor is that it was detonators and not bombs... I've heard/read a whole bunch of theories but none of them seemed to hold water so I did not report each and every one.... Tony Blair speaks in about 5 minutes and we'll know more.

OK I never know when to say good-bye... One of the Skynews guys is now saying that there was probably 1 explosion... That seems to fit the other facts we have.

Police have apparently sectioned off part of London and are apparently looking for a man with a backpack with wires hanging from it. iPod owners everywhere suddenly become suspects.

OK now this is serious... London police have a guy at gunpoint -- They hauled him away from 10 Downing street. No word on what sized iPod he had. (If I'm being irreverent, the media is struggling really hard to make this whole event dramatic and so far it just isn't.)

Tony Blair said: "Talk to the police, I'm busy." But of course he said it for more Britishly than I paraphrased.

[Kevin Adds]: Assuming Paul is really done updating this post, I've started a new post with updates here.


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Comments (6)

More speculation... this is... (Below threshold)

More speculation... this is a desperate act by people who are in fear of getting rolled up in the very near future. They didn't have a solid plan, but figured they'd go with what they had, while they could still do it.

On "not a major event": I suspect that this is understood, at least in the UK, to mean that it wasn't on the scale of 7/7. Worrisome, but not worth panic.

It was not a major event on... (Below threshold)

It was not a major event only because they failed, not because they didn't try. Those animals are only limited by the quality and quantity of the materials they can get their hands on, not by any concern for the number of deaths and damage they can cause.

I keep reading that there w... (Below threshold)

I keep reading that there were backpacks that failed to explode with any force - any news on the perps being taken alive? That would be the best outcome of this scenario.

wot kind of STUPID people l... (Below threshold)

wot kind of STUPID people let of 4 more bombs when London is on a HIGH SECURITY ALERT?????????? And again it woz 1 on a bus and 3 on a tube. So origianal, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

pls i want to know if there... (Below threshold)
Abraham Brawn:

pls i want to know if there has been bomb blast in london taday

What *is* it with these peo... (Below threshold)

What *is* it with these people? Do they actually think this is going to accomplish something besides pissing off the people who are starting to feel complacent?






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