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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow -- Or maybe not

The following is complete inside baseball stuff for the hard core Wizbang commenters.

I'm sure many of you will lose sleep, go on a hunger strike or otherwise be devastated by this news...

But long term Jay and Paul fan "frameone" has asked that I post telling everyone is is "resigning" from the Wizbang comments section. I didn't know that if a reader quit reading that it should be site news but he asked me to post it so I did. I gave him a few days to reconsider but I don't see him around so I guess he means it.

Apparently Jay was a pathetic loser with no life and I was a hopeless idiot... or maybe it was vice versa, I forget.

At any rate, I spoke to Kevin and grief councilors will be available via email to try and get you thru.

Jay Tea adds: With the double whammy of this news and the fact that Frame chose to send it to Paul and not me, I have to confess that I feel positively sick. My stomach's all clenched up and I don't know if I can continue to post here with the knowledge that I drove away Frame...


Oh, PARDON ME! My mistake; it was just gas. Never mind.

Paul, I think you got the insults in the right order. I just recently mentioned my lack of a life, so I think that gives me dibs on "pathetic loser with no life." By the process of elimination, that makes you the "hopeless loser." But if you'd like to trade, I think we can come to some kind of arrangement...

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