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A little name-dropping

Earlier today, Michelle Malkin was a guest on the Howie Carr Show to discuss her latest column, about the "random searches" policy the NYPD is doing on commuters. They took callers, and I was the second one.

After I identified myself (and she said very kind things about Wizbang!), I gave her a quick laugh, then suggested that the policy just needs a little expanding. Now that we have random searches, with the presumptive analysis of subjects by age, race, color, and other factors to make sure no one's being singled out, why don't we move on to random arrests, convictions, and sentencing? We could make sure that our prison population, much like Clinton's cabinet, "looks like America."

And once inmates (I'm sorry -- "convict-Americans") are a truer representative of a cross-section of America, I'm sure we'll all be much safer.

At least those of us not locked up to meet quotas.

(Now I've spoken to Michelle Malkin TWICE via talk radio, as well as scoring several trackbacks from her. Poor Paul must be ready to gnaw off his own arm in envy. Eat hearty, colleague o' mine. Would you like some salt for that open wound?)

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I sense another set up...</... (Below threshold)

I sense another set up...

How's this for un-pc. If t... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

How's this for un-pc. If the London transit police had done a strip search of every passenger that fit the profile for a terriorist, there wouldn't have been a second bombing.

There still would have, onl... (Below threshold)

There still would have, only it would have been at the strip-search checkpoint. (As often happens in Israel)

Sniffer dogs are the way to... (Below threshold)

Sniffer dogs are the way to go.

Or maybe resort to nude travelling with all luggage having to be see-through and no more than 2" thick (think plastic folders with clasps, as long as they were all made of plastic).

I don't know but about everyone else but the whole "I'm outraged you would search me" thing seems self defeating. I'd rather everyone be searched (that includes me) without much objection as to time involved, etc., than see even one more of these terrorist acts against the public.

Also, it makes no sense to search grandma from Minnesota when all the terrorists are males from LandOTerroristsInIdeology.

I realize that terrorists are trying their best to assimilate (clothing, grooming, etc.) in cultures upon which they intend to predate, but there's still that shared cultural and, yes, racial characteristic. At least, so far. Thus, seems pretty stupid to avoid making those observations, given that the point in civilized societies should now be on preventing terrorism and nabbing terrorists, not debating stereotypes.

I wonder if we could... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

I wonder if we could just convince the moonbats that profiling is really an affimative action program.

If racial profiling is what... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

If racial profiling is what it takes to protect the safety of citizens? So be it and so what!... Do what ever it takes! Most of these people are not citizens anyway so they do not have the same rights as those who are!... If you don't have anything to hide then what is the problem? ...If those Non-Citizens don't like it? They can go back to where they came from! It is as easy as that!... Political correctness must take on a different meaning when it comes to the safety and protection of innocent civilians! The path of destruction these terrorists leave is devastating and concerns all of us!

Hmmm.Sniffer dogs ... (Below threshold)


Sniffer dogs aren't able to detect that form of explosives.

"Sniffer dog, eh? Pull my f... (Below threshold)

"Sniffer dog, eh? Pull my finger and detect this!"

These are just stop-gap mea... (Below threshold)

These are just stop-gap measures. No security procedure less than unacceptable draconian ones can be 100% successful, just as ordinary crime occurs every day.

Too bad there are innocents that have the misfortune to share demographic characteristics with the world's leading terrorists. If close to 100% of the recent worldwide bombings were being done by a bunch of 40-something y/o soccer moms of the pale persuasion in support of Beserker Baptist tenets of Xtian theocracy and Temperance, I'd just suck it up that I'd be more likely than not to be searched.

Life is inherently unfair, and the carping, whining and rending of garments from the Party of the Easily Offended should stop. Now. Butch up, guys.

Let me see now--if I want t... (Below threshold)

Let me see now--if I want to buy a green car I go to a lot that has all red cars.

No racial profiling? ... (Below threshold)

No racial profiling?

My father, a frequent traveller, gets "profiled" all the time. He's become an expert at packing his bags to make them quick and easy to search, so he doens't miss his plane.

Why do they single him out? Because he's a well-dressed, middle-aged white man, of course! After all, he can't really complain that they're singling him out as a minority, can he?






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