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The 5 Spot

No time to do a 10 Spot, but here's 5 stories you may not have seen today...

  1. Extremely bad home makeovers. Family suing reality TV show over repairs. - [Daily Herald]
  2. Just in time for the weekend - a trip down the Internet's memory lane. It's the Top 10 Web Fads of All-Time [CNet]

  3. Not to be outdone, American diver Chelsea Davis makes her own mark at the World Swimming Championships. [AP/Yahoo! News]
  4. In case the Chelsea Davis story isn't graphic enough for you you can get a couple more graphic pictures from the pool here and here
  5. Convicted child rapist director Roman Polanski won a libel suit in Britain against Vogue. Even child molesting international fugitives have rights... [EW]
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Comments (2)

I guess CNET never got the ... (Below threshold)

I guess CNET never got the memo that Goatse Always Wins . That list is seriously lacking.

The only problem with that,... (Below threshold)

The only problem with that, Gabriel, is the fact that it's Goatse. I don't think a list including a link to such a graphic image would be... appreciated.






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