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Originality is overrated

Spotted outside a cinema in Bedford, New Hampshire this fine Saturday morning:



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Comments (26)

Just FYI- The new Bad News ... (Below threshold)

Just FYI- The new Bad News Bears is actually just as funny as the original one, albeit in a meaner sort of way.

I had to IMDb the last one ... (Below threshold)

I had to IMDb the last one to check, and... yup, a remake.

lol the sad thing is my kid... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

lol the sad thing is my kids want to see all those movies (other than WOTW and Dark Water-I don't even know what dark water is).

I want to see the Willie Wonka remake though.

Bad News Bears looks like a... (Below threshold)

Bad News Bears looks like a cross between the original and Bad Santa. If you think you might like the new BNBs. I'd recommend Bad Santa instead. I liked it, but its definitely not for the kids.

Charlie is actually alot di... (Below threshold)

Charlie is actually alot different from the original- more like the book. Actually, it's a lot like the book. Pretty good movie, so long as you think of it on those terms. Depp is as creepy as always.

Not interested in BNB, will rent Bewitched.

WOTW- meh... kay, I might go see it. I have a hard time watching Cruise do anything lately tho.

but, hey, at least Dark Wat... (Below threshold)

but, hey, at least Dark Water's just a remake of a foreign language film! that's what I keep telling myself...

and they wonder why people don't get all excited about the movies any more?

Dark Water was pretty weird... (Below threshold)

Dark Water was pretty weird. But then again, what would you expect from something based off of a Japanese novel? I just wish they had said that at the beginning of the movie, rather than the end. Oh well. I think it's still worth watching, especially if you like Jennifer Connelly.

I'll have them all download... (Below threshold)

I'll have them all downloaded before the DVD comes out but I don't think any of them will merit buning a copy to disc. I already have War of the Worlds and Dark Water, got them both before they hit the theaters and since I wasn't expecting much they weren't too disappointing. it looks like the only thing you're missing up there on the unoriginal tour is Michael Bolton singing everyone else's songs live.

I think Jay's opinion of To... (Below threshold)
Lanny N:

I think Jay's opinion of Tom Cruise in World of Wars is a bunch of Herbie Fully Loaded in Dark Water

Herbie ~= herpes... (Below threshold)
Lanny N:

Herbie ~= herpes

Herbie is not recommended (... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Herbie is not recommended (we already wasted money on that one given the rating and the kids).

And you must suspend all belief is you even remotely follow NASCAR.

You would do better to rent the originals.

I would rather watch the original BNB's too.

We are saving our money for some of the other kid movies coming out later (yes, movie choices are greatly reduced when one must haul four kids with them-and opportunities for adults only nights out are fairly infrequent).

I for one am sick of these ... (Below threshold)

I for one am sick of these Hollywood remakes, done chiefly because of existing name recognition so they can do marketing on the cheap. I will take the road less traveled.

They say the Hollywood elit... (Below threshold)
John S.:

They say the Hollywood elite are all liberal Democrats. Well, there goes your proof. (No new ideas in politics either.)

I think this rash of remake... (Below threshold)

I think this rash of remakes is indicative of the shrinking talent pool in Hollywood - the shrinking talent pool in writing in any commercial format.

It is far and few between that a movie is based on a great script. Hollywood churns out fluff and eye candy. And don't get me started on these vapid talentless stars they fit lame scripts around.

I miss the Ivory-Merchant renditions of classic novels.

Hollywood, the MSM, and the clueless Dems can't disappear fast enough from the American scene. All three, just using the present as a starting point, have to be replaced by something better.

Ha! Wasn't Michele just ma... (Below threshold)

Ha! Wasn't Michele just making this point at ASV???

indicative of the shrink... (Below threshold)

indicative of the shrinking talent pool in Hollywood

Agreed - another indicicator is that we all have to endure months - months of advertising for these trainwrecks. Also, most of this screenwipe is preceded by some meaningless entertainment news about some bullshit relationship.

I remember when there would be an ad for a movie with a "starts Friday" or whatever.

snowballsYou naile... (Below threshold)


You nailed it.

The pc correctness permeating the lame scripts makes me gag too.

The bastards can't just entertain us. They feel compelled to educate us.

And add the gouged ticket prices and grossly over-priced stale popcorn.

Why bother?

Snowballs we not only have ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Snowballs we not only have to endure months of advertising, but marketing of crap to our children.

I am quite tired of every kids movie, and not so kiddie movie that comes out having a line of action figures, blankets, dishes, and other toys associated with it. Disney started this trend and I wish they would stop it.

The word for that is "toyet... (Below threshold)

The word for that is "toyetic." It was skewered in an episode of *Freakazoid.*

There are plenty of talented writers in H-wood. They aren't getting hired, because studio execs travel in packs and try to play it safe.

Managing creative people is different from managing people in a factory, but they don't teach that at B-school.

.. we not only have to e... (Below threshold)

.. we not only have to endure months of advertising, but marketing of crap to our children.

Yes - you most definitely have that one right.

I was also thinking about how recent movies also try to market music, brands and other unrelated bullshit.

It's shameless - I started to notice this in "Demolition Man" - when there was an unneeded description about how Taco Bell owned everything, but not being a moviegoer, it probably started long before that.

I saw for the first time last night "The life Aquatic". It was wired for sure, but the originality was fantastic and the one liners were very very good.

I'm a huge fan of Bill Murray, and "Lost in Translation" was awesome in my book. Again, a good, original story where the subtle conflict came from the most imaginative place of all - self.

Pearl Harbor and The Italian Job are just two that I can think of off the top of my head that were embarassing insults to the originals.

"The life Aquatic" actually... (Below threshold)

"The life Aquatic" actually wasn't ^ wired but weird - like my spelling.

Hollywood just doen't have ... (Below threshold)
Anthony Jagers:

Hollywood just doen't have any ideas.
They must be losing money big time.
If they keep it up the public will lose
interest in movies.

WHAT?They're not s... (Below threshold)


They're not showing the "Dukes of Hazzard"??????

how about the remake of the... (Below threshold)

how about the remake of the Fog that they are already starting to promote? That movie isn't even 25 years old, and the original was great - a rare original horror movie that didn't get a bad sequel. Well, the producers probably figured out that it hadn't been ruined yet, so they've commissioned a remake.

Cool picture!... (Below threshold)

Cool picture!

Hi Jay, I came ac... (Below threshold)

Hi Jay,

I came accross your post while doing research for one of my projects. I am working on motion picture ideation and I absolutely loved your poster since it relates to my project.

Can I use it in my article? I am a PhD student in the field of Marketing, so if the article is to be published, it will be in on of the academic marketing journals.

If you don't mind sharing the image, how would you like the credit to appear. "Image is provided by Jay ???" or something like that.

Let me know, if you want to take if offline, my email is [email protected]

Thanks, Kate.






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