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Quote Of The Day - Nanny State Edition

"The day a politician wants to tell me I can't smoke in my car, that's the day he takes over my lease payments."
John Cito, a financial planner from Hackensack with a taste for $20 cigars, commenting on a bill introduced by New Jersey Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex) that would ban smoking in automobiles. [AP/MSNBC]

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Holy crap -- that a politic... (Below threshold)

Holy crap -- that a politician even thinks it's OK to SUGGEST something as idiotic and wrong as this is just downright creepy...

If we're going to go this f... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

If we're going to go this far, we should ban wearing a hat while behind the wheel, as that's been the best predictor of lousy driving that I've ever found.

Does anybody see the irony ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Does anybody see the irony in the fact that the verypoliticians who want to protect him from himself by banning smoking in his car, are the very poltiicians that would argue a woman should be able to have an abortion.

coule anyone tell me how this magic right to privacy covers your right to kill your child in the womb, but somehow doesn't protect your right to smoke in your own car?

What's funny is that many l... (Below threshold)

What's funny is that many leases now prohibit smoking and/or impose penalties for smoking in vehicles because of the costs of cleaning the vehicle in the after-lease market.

The marketplace has already figured things out. No need for this BS legislation that stands zero chance of passing. And we wonder why NJ's budget situation is in the crapper? It's because the legislators think that this is what the state needs (more nanny statism), not a sane fiscal approach.

This is absurd. Next thing ... (Below threshold)

This is absurd. Next thing you know, smoking will be banned in private businesses, bars, outdoor arenas & stadiums . . .

Oh, nevermind.

As we move closer and close... (Below threshold)

As we move closer and closer to a police state, people need to look at the history of such entities. They fall. They fall rather quickly in a historical context. As our government grows and grows its life expectancy becomes shorter and shorter, just as obesity threatens us as individuals.

'If we're going to go this ... (Below threshold)

'If we're going to go this far, we should ban wearing a hat while behind the wheel'

No it's when you see chicks snapping there fingers over their heads to the song on the radio. LOSERS

Thought: Cars release far, ... (Below threshold)

Thought: Cars release far, far more carbon monoxide than any one cigarette, or even a 100 packs of cigarettes. Shouldn't we ban them first? (I'm not for this, by any means, but I loved using this argument against my holier-than-thou, anti-smoking friends...back when I smoked. Of course, when I realized than many on the Apoplectic Left, if they had their way, would ban cars if they could, I stopped using this argument. Even though it's still valid.)

What we SHOULD ban, or at least pass out hefty tickets to, are the people who drive with the seat way back and low so they can barely see over the steering wheel (a practice employed by many a teenager and drivers of Honda Rice Rockets). It's like driving in a Lazy Boy; a completely unathletic way to operate a 2-ton vehicle. Drives me nuts....

This clown's idea to ban sm... (Below threshold)

This clown's idea to ban smoking in your own car is nothing. A few months back when a town near where I live enacted a ban on smoking in most public places, one councilwoman regretted the ban didn't extend into people's own homes.

My post on that, back when it happened, followed her quote with my own comment: "And with that, she goose-stepped out of the room."

The next thing ya know they... (Below threshold)

The next thing ya know they'll ban knitting while driving...da bastards!! I once knit 2 mittens, 4 Xmas stockings and a cock-sock while driving from Wichitah, KA to Richmond, VA...dammit!!

Ah, good ole New Jersey; tr... (Below threshold)

Ah, good ole New Jersey; trying to set up a whole new class of criminals. Will it ever stop?

Boy, do I agree with that s... (Below threshold)

Boy, do I agree with that statement, Kevin.







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