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The Legend Of Al Gore Grows

Rarely immodest former veep, Al Gore, has a new whooper to add to his illustrious collection of tall tales.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 23 - As vice president, Al Gore learned that the most disarming way to counter his wooden image was to tell better jokes about himself than the late-night comedians did. Mr. Gore now says he received occasional tutoring on those one-liners from the master of the television monologue, Johnny Carson.

Mr. Gore said he had telephoned Mr. Carson on several occasions in the mid-1990's to seek his guidance on "timing and delivery."

"He let me call him up and bounce jokes off him and he would give me advice on the presentation of gags," said Mr. Gore, who said he had initially approached the retired "Tonight Show" host through a mutual friend. "It was such a privilege."

Mr. Gore said that Mr. Carson, who died in January, had even given him a couple of jokes.

Much like his waistline, the self told legend of Al Gore, Creator Of The Internet and inspiration for the movie "Love Story," continues to grow...

Update: Since the Gore Internet story is already ground well sown here I assumed that we didn't need to reopen that discussion. Apparently I was wrong...

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Let's just hope that "gore ... (Below threshold)

Let's just hope that "gore da bore" will have no trouble finding a bigger rock to crawl back under--and SOON!

Carson had a hand in Gore's... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

Carson had a hand in Gore's 'Funny?'

How dare Gore slander the dead... make such a charge against a man unable to defend himself against such a cruel accusation. For shame.

And to think the lefties in... (Below threshold)

And to think the lefties in here complain when I say that liberalism is dishonesty. Where, oh where could I come up with something like that?

This is like an F-student p... (Below threshold)

This is like an F-student praising his teachers at their funerals.

I could've sworn he has get... (Below threshold)

I could've sworn he has getting his jokes from Carrot Top.

Wow, Carson was so clever i... (Below threshold)

Wow, Carson was so clever in his instruction on delivery that he turned Gore into a joke.

Karnac strikes from beyond the grave. Long live Karnac!

and we all know how well it... (Below threshold)

and we all know how well it worked out for Al...

In general politicians are really bad at trying to be funny, they just tell the same jokes over and over. GW, on the other hand, really is funny, he doesn't have to fall back on an inventory of old jokes told many times over.

gore has taken up kerry's t... (Below threshold)

gore has taken up kerry's trick of using the dead to push his own image. Remember when kerry told the lie about talking with christorpher reeve while reeve was in a coma?

lol! I can't believe the s... (Below threshold)

lol! I can't believe the some of the things that make "news" now days.

How long will it be before ... (Below threshold)

How long will it be before Howard Dean admits he got some pointers from Sam Kinison? We all know Ted Kennedy got his from Foster Brooks...

Let's face it, the funniest... (Below threshold)

Let's face it, the funniest Gore can be is when he's being himself, lol.

I'd say there's a little di... (Below threshold)

I'd say there's a little dishonesty as well in accusing Gore of saying things he didn't say (e.g. he said an article claimed he and Tipper were the inspiration for Love Story, when, actually, he and Tommy Lee Jones were the inspiration for the protagonist, and assuming that "I took the initiative in creating the Internet" is the same thing as "I invented the Internet").

No, I didn't vote for Gore, don't particularly care for the man, but also grow weary of seeing lies passed off to make a liar out of him.

I expect that, say, from Hannity, but maybe something more from Wizbang.

Andy,and assumi... (Below threshold)


and assuming that "I took the initiative in creating the Internet" is the same thing as "I invented the Internet").

One needn't assume any such thing to find that Gore was lying when he said this. He didn't take the initiative in "creating" the Internet, he had nothing to do with it.

If you want to debunk claims about Gore saying things he didn't, go after the widely e-mailed list of things that had previously been attributed (almost as falsely) to Dan Quayle.

It would be funny if it was... (Below threshold)

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad...

First, all the complains about the "left wing moonbats" and such. Then the comments posted above. Are you becoming caricatures of yourselves?

If you're going to take the high moral ground then you should be above petty character assassination. It seems you don't even have to know anything about the guy. Anyone who does would know that he was involved in DARPA funding - and guess who really did invent the internet?

McGehee - Given Gore's supp... (Below threshold)

McGehee - Given Gore's support since the 80s of government research into high-performance computing and networks, I'd say he did have something to do with bringing what we know as the Internet to life.

I'd recommend that when it comes to Gore the Republicans take the same advice they like to give to Democrat kooks decrying the 2000 election: get over it.

One of these days, ... (Below threshold)

One of these days, we’ll hear how Al chatted with Tom Hanks, and got advice on pulling off the Forest Gump persona.

Well, fwiw, I'll share a st... (Below threshold)

Well, fwiw, I'll share a story from '95 (approx) with the crew here at Wizbang!

Basically, Gore was a guest on Letterman one evening and made the following quip:

"Some say I'm only a heartbeat away from the Vice Presidency."

Now, believe it or not, he pulled of this self-deprecating joke with perfect timing, and a wonderfully deadpan expression.

I was shocked. Al Gore had just made me chuckle. It was so shocking I remember it to this day (not because it was that funny, of course, but because he actually told a scripted joke that wasn't a total groaner). So, I'm liable to think that was a Carson joke which Gore dutifully practiced 1000 times prior to his appearance. It certainly sounds like a Carson joke.

Anyway, I thought I'd share that. (When else could I?)

Some readers may find Somerby's analysis worth reading on the whole "Creator of the internet" thing.

Nicholas and andy,... (Below threshold)

Nicholas and andy,

Which version of the internet? The late '60s ARPANET/DARPA is really the functional kernel though it has had some significant evolutions. To say that Mr. Gore was integral is a bit of a stretch. He may have been an advocate though I don't remember his advocacy until well after the modern WWW version of the internet was already accepted into our culture. Was he being one of the thousand fathers of success? I really didn't follow his policy until he ran for the Presidency.

This is completely and utte... (Below threshold)

This is completely and utterly off topic but is the name of this site anything to do with Roald Dahl? Because I was babysitting earlier and we watched The BFG.

Regarding Gore and the inte... (Below threshold)

Regarding Gore and the internet, government creates nothing, they just fund things.

I think the reason Gore was hacked to death over this is that he tried to pass off his involvement as being more than it was, like he was sat at a computer night after night being productive. He didn't create anything, he proposed a bill for funding a network that would provide federal information.

If he had said 'I took the initiative in getting funding for the internet' I don't think anyone would have said a thing beyond quibbling over the minute detail. However, he tried to pass it off as something more, something that many people knew not to be true, and he got called on it.

Al Gore is simply exhibitin... (Below threshold)

Al Gore is simply exhibiting the irresistible compulsion of a politician to bullshit -- he's just not very good at it. But as Professor Frankfurt says (see link), the bulshitter doesn't know or care that what he is saying is not the truth.

why are you all so angry ab... (Below threshold)

why are you all so angry about someone who doesn't really matter.

why are you all so angry... (Below threshold)

why are you all so angry about someone who doesn't really matter.

Who's angry?

Andy seems to think we're angry at Al too, but the sense I get is that we're laughing at him.

Gore is the one who still hasn't gotten over it, and is going around reinventing himself. Even if the claims he's making are true, the fact he insists on talking about what an influential person he is, is just downright pathetic.

Bless his wooden little heart.

Nicholas and Andy:... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Nicholas and Andy:

To add to what AnonymousDrivel said, I was heavily involved in the Internet in the early/mid-'80s. The net at that point consisted of the Arpanet, basically in the form of a late-'70s spec, a collection of corporate internetworks (some piggybacking on HDLC/SDLC networks, which were based on IBM research from the mid-'50s), and UUCP store-and-forward networking which stemmed from mid-'70s Bell Labs work. All of this occurred before Al Gore ever set foot in Washington. Further, I can tell you some of the names that were highly regarded in the Internet community back then (such as Jon Postel), and I never once heard Al Gore's name mentioned. Further, I lived in Tennessee in the '70s when Gore was getting his start in politics. He never would have gotten where he was if it hadn't been for his family paying for his every move. Around the state, he was regarded as a tyro and a wannabe, and a person who had a hugely inflated opinion of himself. The statements that we are discussing are perfectly in line with his public persona. To this day it still stuns me that he came so close to the Presidency.

And while we're talking about Gore: Don't forget Triana, the homage to himself that Gore forced NASA to waste $400M of its funding on (about the same as the cost of one of the Mars rovers). I could rant all day on that topic alone.

I took the initiative in cr... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

I took the initiative in creating Ethernet and the graphical user interface - I bought products from Xerox in the 1970s.

I also invented the loose leaf binder and pig Latin.

I hope you have the copyrig... (Below threshold)

I hope you have the copyrights to those, Sue. Then you could have invented the internet with the milkmoney you'd have netted from gradeschoolers everywhere.

Al Gore would need Carson to make him funny. He'd also need a listener. Ah, the privileges of politics that provide both to the undeserving.

Political <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

Political clowns...

"I took the initiative in c... (Below threshold)

"I took the initiative in creating the airplane."

"I invented the airplane."

Gosh. Big difference... *rolls eyes*

And don't forget he discove... (Below threshold)

And don't forget he discovered the Love Canal, and when he was a "journalist" in Tennessee in his youth he had some people jailed (huge lie) and his mom sang him the Union Label song when he was young (oops that didn't come out till he was in his 20s)

Sorry to all the Gore apologists, but he's King of the Whoppers. Period.






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