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Whitewashing murderers

Via the inestimable Meryl Yourish, we have this photo from the AP. It shows two happy, brave, noble, enthusiastic young men about to set forth on a great adventure.

You see, these two young men are freedom fighters, struggling to "strike a blow" for their people against the brutal oppressor.

The AP doesn't go into much detail as to just what sort of blow they intended to strike, describing it first as "a target." Later, it's called "an Israeli vehicle." At the end, they say that the two young men killed "two Israelis" and wounded "four others."

I read a lot. My initial interpretation was that the young men shown struck at a military transport, while wearing their combat fatigues -- all in rough accordance with the Geneva Conventions. They weren't exactly wearing uniforms, but their clothing clearly indicated their military intent. And a military transport is a valid target.

But Meryl (and her colleague) did a bit more digging. This "target" that these two valiant warriors attacked?

This couple, in their 50's, returning home in their car after visiting family.

One last point, before I make myself sick: kindly note that the AP refers to the two men as "activists." More specifically, "Islamic Jihad activist Yahea Abu Taha" and "Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades activist Tareq Yassin." Both are on the State Department list of terrorist organizations. Here are two avowed members of those groups, dressed in combat fatigues and carrying automatic weapons, who are boasting of having killed a middle-aged couple in their car.

What the HELL does it take before the AP will use the term "terrorists?"

You know, we have a lot of "activists" here in the US. If a bunch of "activists" sick of the AP's bias were to show up at their headquarters to protest dressed in combat fatigues and carrying automatic weapons, would the AP just mention it in passing in a bulletin? Send out photographers to cover it?

My ass. They'd be on the phone to the cops faster than they can kiss Islamist asses.

Maybe I'm behind the curve here. Maybe the word "activist" is an "evolving paradigm." Rapists are becoming "sexual liberation activists." Bank robbers can be "economic activists." Carjackers are "driving activists." Drug dealers can be "pharmaceutical reform activists."

Nah. Words mean something -- a fact that's apparently escaped the AP. There's a perfectly serviceable word for people who murder innocent people in order to frighten others into getting their way. It's called "terrorists," AP. Go ahead and use it.


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Comments (11)

After 1,100 years of killin... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

After 1,100 years of killing the weak, mostly children and women, the Islamofascists are still at it and still favored by the MSM. There is not so blind (MSM) as those who will not see.

Even if not "terrorists," a... (Below threshold)

Even if not "terrorists," anyone with an iota of decency should at least be willing to call them murderers.

Hitler was an activist for ... (Below threshold)

Hitler was an activist for German recovery, Mussolini was a rail-travel logistics activist, Stalin was a proletarian activist, Mao was an activist for agrarian reform, and Pol Pot was an activist with the Cambodian "Back to Nature" movement. One thing is for sure: the nihilist left, in its attitude toward islamic terror, consists mostly of inactivists.

You know, one of the city c... (Below threshold)

You know, one of the city council members here in Houston calls herself a "community activist" on her city profile page (among other things).

I wonder what council meetings would be like if she were the kind of Arab-style "activist" that the AP, Al-Reuters, AFP, CNN, and Al-Jazeerah keep mentioning.

I'd certainly fear for her fellow councilmembers Miss Wiseman's safety in that regard.

Write to the paper that car... (Below threshold)

Write to the paper that carries this report and state that you are cancelling your subscription unless its editorial policy is to edit AP & Reuters reports to use the word "terrorist" where appropriate.

What the HELL does it ta... (Below threshold)

What the HELL does it take before the AP will use the term "terrorists?"

Won't happen until after their headquarters in every nation are ordered closed under Sharia law, and their chief editors are tried and executed. In other words, never.

Bias? I see no bias here.<... (Below threshold)

Bias? I see no bias here.

There's also a perfectly se... (Below threshold)

There's also a perfectly serviceable word for alleged journalists that refer to terrorists as activists. Assholes pretty much sums it up.

"Terrorists". "Islamofaasci... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Terrorists". "Islamofaascists". "Murderous thugs". "Psychopaths". "Deranged zealots". "Vermin". "Pond scum". "Ratf***ers".

Yes, any one of those names would have sufficed. But "activists"? I didn't think it was possible, but that beats "insurgents", hands down.

My guess is that if the sou... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

My guess is that if the source of the story referred to them as terrorists or in a bad light, then that source would soon be dead. It is likely a deal between the "activists" and the "journalists" - access for good press.

My response would be "no press." But that doesn't put food on the table for the "journalists."

Or you could use the spoof ... (Below threshold)

Or you could use the spoof I found calling the London terrorists "explosives ethusiasts." Heh.






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