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Brother, can you spare an endorsement?

This morning's Boston Globe featured the story of a guy named Cameron. Cam is a Boston attorney whose closest brush with politics was when he was helping a guy run for Congress back in 1972. Cam and another guy were arrested breaking into their guy's opponent's office. The charges were dropped a year later, but apparently it left a bad taste in Cam's mouth for politics.

But 33 years is a long time, and now Cam wants to get back into politics. He's starting off slow, though -- he's considering a run for Secretary of State in Massachusetts.

He's already lining up support from his old candidate buddy back from '72. He figures he's got a lock on the endorsement for two reasons: 1) the guy he took the rap for is now Massachusetts' Junior Senator and 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry, and 2) He's Kerry's younger brother.

Perennial Boston gadfly Howie Carr has a picture of the newspaper announcing Kerry's arrest up on his home page. It's definitely worth a couple of giggles.

I guess some things just do breed true. And more's the pity.


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Comments (11)

I guess Whitey Bulger wasn'... (Below threshold)

I guess Whitey Bulger wasn't available to run.

How the hell did tha... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

How the hell did that not come out in the election?

If Rove missed that little tidbit maybe he does need to be canned.

It came out. The MSM cover... (Below threshold)

It came out. The MSM covered it up nicely though; something about the ends justifying the means...or some such.

He was set up.It w... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

He was set up.

It was all a plot by Karl Rove and the evil Bushhitler Vast Right Wing Conspiracy loving Repubs......eeeiiiiiighhh!


They should get the Kennedy... (Below threshold)

They should get the Kennedy Smith guy to run on the same slate with him.

Howie opines that Cam's run... (Below threshold)

Howie opines that Cam's run for SOS is just to warm him up for a run to take Jawn's seat WHEN he runs again for POTUS in 2008 (and Jawn's term is up). He called Cam "the Ben Smith of the Kerry clan." [N.B. Ben Smith was the "seat holder" who was appointed to JFK's Senate seat after his death to hold the spot for Teddy, who was too young to be appointed at the time.]


That is a real hoot. Hanoi ... (Below threshold)

That is a real hoot. Hanoi John is not only a traitor to the country, but he also has a mini-watergate in his past. It has to be a mini-watergate since it involved Mini-brains.

If anything this will help ... (Below threshold)

If anything this will help John Kerry's career, or what's left of it. Remember Billy Carter? The left will have little brother set up as a folk hero in no time at all. It's the kind of dishonesty they deny but deep down inside they expect and admire.

Bulwinkle - I even bought s... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Bulwinkle - I even bought some Billy Beer 26 years ago. It was as bad as Jimmy was crooked.

Is it a coincidence that Cam and crooked both start with C?

Lemmee guess...cam is as li... (Below threshold)

Lemmee guess...cam is as lifeless and artificial as his cold fish of a brother. Good for you, massachusetts, good for you....

From Bullwinkle:"I... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

From Bullwinkle:

"If anything this will help John Kerry's career, or what's left of it."

Pun intended? (can't get much more 'left'?)






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