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Police Focused On New Witnesses In The Natalee Holloway

Police in Aruba have a few new witnesses from the late evening hours of the night Natalee Holloway disappeared, which appears to be guiding new search efforts.

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - July 27, 2005 (AP) - ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Investigators trying to determine what happened to Natalee Holloway focused their search efforts Wednesday on a pond near where the U.S. teen was last seen nearly two months ago.

Authorities used a large pump to drain the pond across from the Marriott Hotel while investigators await the results of DNA analysis from labs in the Netherlands and the United States.

Authorities declined to discuss the exact purpose of draining the pond, but confirmed it was part of the investigation into Holloway's disappearance on May 30 - the final night of a high school graduation trip to the Dutch Caribbean island. The job was expected to be finished later Wednesday.

Holloway's stepfather, George Twitty, who was at a nearby hotel waiting for results of the search, said police asked the family not to watch as they worked behind a fence to clear the water. "It's the first time the fire department, the police and other authorities have collaborated on such a huge search," the stepfather said Wednesday. "So they must know something. ... There's so much commotion, they must have a lead."

More information and speculation at Riehl World View and Scared Monkeys.

A bit of a row has broken out among the bloggers who've basically become Natalee Holloway blogs.


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Comments (12)

How come this "new" witness... (Below threshold)
Janie S:

How come this "new" witness is just now coming forward? WHat in the world am I missing that he hadn't come forward before???

The latest news is the emer... (Below threshold)

The latest news is the emerging feud between Riehl and Scared Monkeys.

Her friends should be asham... (Below threshold)

Her friends should be ashamed of themselves for letting her go off with three men she didn't really know, and being waisted none the less!!
Hopefully this has opened the eyes of young women everywhere.

Not a surprise, Melissa. G... (Below threshold)

Not a surprise, Melissa. Guys should be treated as amoral scum until proven otherwise.

For some reason, people think trips like this are a good idea. Then they let the kids run off to wherever they want. Is it any wonder some choose to have sex with the locals?

School trips like this are purposeless. It's as if the parents can't be bothered to take the kids on trips. Not to mention the irresponsibility of sending your kid to a place with a low drinking age and not bothering to make sure that the kids aren't up to all hours.

Hmmm.I really wond... (Below threshold)


I really wonder how much the Aruban police chief had been mucking up this investigation. First the police didn't impound the kid's car for forensic investigation. Then they arrested two guys who were completely unconnected with this case.

Considering Paul Van Der Sloot was studying to be a judge and well known to law enforcement officials, I really wonder how well connected he was. It's one thing for his kid to spend a few weeks in jail, before having the case dismissed. And it's quite another to get 25 years to life.

Perhaps things are happening now because the FBI has more influence.

The incompetence of the Aru... (Below threshold)

The incompetence of the Aruban authorities is boundless. Why are these witnesses only just coming forward? Since they know Natalee might have disappeared in the area of the Marriott, why was this pond not checked before?

ed, from what I heard yeste... (Below threshold)

ed, from what I heard yesterday (FOX News), the current Chief of Police used to work for Paul Van Der Sloot as an underling of some sort...and remains in close contact with him now that he's Chief. The guy (Chief) should have immediately removed himself from having anything to do with the investigation, but unfortunately for Natalee and her family and justice, he remained commander of the works, probably out of concern for his friend and not so much as to ethics (at least, that last part is what it looks like).

joe...Natalee was eighteen ... (Below threshold)

joe...Natalee was eighteen years old...most parents set their children/young adult children somewhat loose by that age, allow them to travel wherever on their own, with only brief call-ins.

Natalee, to my hunch, PROBABLY was drugged and otherwise under more of an influence than she anticipated...but I agree that it's a terrible error of judgement to hookup with a stranger in a new locale, whatever the appearances are, and that her friends on that last night should never have let her go, at least not without a lot of protest, off with someone else. The friends say they weren't drunk or otherwise incapacitated and that Natalee wanted to ride with the local guys and it seemed harmless, routine, like they were all riding somewhere and they just divied up into which cars they all went...mistake.

The girls should never, never have gotten into anyone's car, regardless of how appealing someone was. Rule No. 1 of "Don't Be A Victim" is never, ever let someone transport you if/when there's the slightest tad of intuitive doubt. Never, ever allow yourself to be transported, since the transport is the first act of murder for those so inclined...allows them to take you to where they want/need to to do whatever else. Very bad judgement call by Natalee, who, if under the influence by then and incapacitated to any degree, her friends should have stopped from leaving with anyone.

Like many victims, unfortunately, they failed to perceive the danger and didn't exercise survival behavior because their guards were down.

Because, the girls who were... (Below threshold)

Because, the girls who were with Natalee, along with Natalee and her parents and family, are all victims along with Natalee. Not to blame them, not in any way, but everyone now can easily see where their judgement was poor, to the terrible result.

Not to blame them?--Get ser... (Below threshold)

Not to blame them?--Get serious! Natalee's friends are DIRECTLY responsible for what happened to her, the same as they would be if they had knowingly let her get in a car and drive drunk. They showed that they are really NO friends at all.
And what about the adult chaperones that were supposed to be watching these kids? At the very least they should all be charged with reckless endangerment because of their incompetetence

My gosh Chad, that is prett... (Below threshold)

My gosh Chad, that is pretty harsh. You can not alway "control" your friends. Granted, her friends should have seen the warning flags when she wanted to go, but to put pretty much all the blame on them is not right. She should have some blame in this to. From the way her friend talked about it, she wanted to go, why are you not blaming her? If she is the same age as her friends, they all have the same ideas, but it is her friends fault and not hers?? That is not right!

I personally think the faul... (Below threshold)

I personally think the fault lies with the one who harmed her. She is 18, she did make a bad desicion but it should not have cost her, her life. As far as her friends, family, ect. like I said she was 18, and an 18 year old is an adult, we can warn, advise, beg, and even threaten, them but they are 18 and will do what they want to do in the end, we can't force them. I have read the timeline page and from what I read at least one of her friends did try to talk her out of going, more than once, but she said she would go with a different set of the kids from her group, then the next thing you know she was in the kalpoe car. Maybe she was forced to go and didn't protest for the saftey of her friends, we don't know if she was threatened into getting in the car. Even if she wasn't I don't see where it is the parents or the friends fault. It is the sick person who harmed her, that is in the wrong.






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