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So Quotable

That's from today's Washington Post. Alas it's in the Washington Post Express (the free edition distributed at Metro stations and and locations throughout DC), and misidentifies which part of the Gore legacy I was actually discussing...

Still, who can complain about minor details like that when it looks so damn good in tabloid style print.

Update: Perhaps they had me confused with Ray Siller, the former head writer for Johnny Carson, who recently had plenty to say about Gore's new cable channel.

When he heard about Al Gore launching a cable channel, Current, on Aug. 1, the one-liners started flowing. Siller told pals at Zocalo: "Gore figures if the ratings suck, he can always demand a recount . . . He's targeting that elusive 57-year-old anal-retentive, sour grapes, fat loser demographic."

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Beautiful....... (Below threshold)


Imagine, MSM media getting ... (Below threshold)

Imagine, MSM media getting details wrong! Amazing with all their staff and professionalism.........

Wow! Headline above the fo... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Wow! Headline above the fold! You are established MSM now!

Oops, sorry for the insult.

Alas it's in the Washin... (Below threshold)

Alas it's in the Washington Post Express (the free edition distributed at Metro stations and and locations throughout DC)

Which means that your quote will have wider circulation since the paid-for fish wraps circulation numbers are failing.

Somewhat OT, is anybody else noticing that the dead tree media are giving away more and more papers for free? I subscribe to the Dallas Morning News for Sunday only, but, in recent months, I have been finding the paper on my lawn Mondays and Tuesdays also. Getting kind of desparate aren't they?

Just wondering if there isn... (Below threshold)

Just wondering if there isn't a comma missing from the Siller quote in the update. Should it be sour grapes, fat loser demographic as written, or sour grapes, fat, (comma) loser demographic?


Wow! Someday Wizbanged migh... (Below threshold)

Wow! Someday Wizbanged might become part the language like Googled has. Hey, it could happen, it's unlikey as hell, but it could happen.

Congrats to our host!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Congrats to our host!

bRight & Early:

Grammatically speaking, "sour grapes", "fat loser" "anal-retentive" and so on, are all compound modifiers of the noun "demographic" and, therefore, should all contain hyphens (i.e., sour-grapes) per AP style guide. Being anal, there should also be a comma after "elusive".

But in short: Who the hell cares? It's a damn funny description of Gore's potential audience. :-)

Sorry, I guess it's the grammarian troll in me. :-) No offense intended.

Could you make your blog lo... (Below threshold)

Could you make your blog look like that? It's a bit over the top, but the general style is kinda neat.

What OC Chuck wrote (^^).</... (Below threshold)

What OC Chuck wrote (^^).

About the WAPO look (someone mentions it), those giant leading quote marks look like two sixes, and/or well, clubs. I'd find some other graphic emphasis other than giant yellow "hey, we're clubbing cowards over here" blaring annoyance at the top o' any page.

A lot of times, people just enlarge type elements and think that's design. It isn't.

And that's (^^) my clean de... (Below threshold)

And that's (^^) my clean description, as to the dubdubs.

of Al Gore never said he in... (Below threshold)

of Al Gore never said he invented the internet. But hey liars will lie. You guys have too much time on your hands.

Joker,Or is it Jos... (Below threshold)


Or is it Joser? You are a little late to the party.

And yes, liars will lie -- "seared, seared into my memory".

I hear that the new channel... (Below threshold)

I hear that the new channel will have a Steve-Irwin-Crocodile-Hunter-like show about millipedes, earwigs, al gore, salamanders, pillbugs and other such creatures that live under rocks.

"Lookit 'at one...a rotundus goreus...eating those shadfly eggs...a REAL BEAUTY ain't 'e?"






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